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Utilization of Humor in influence. Walk 21: Personal Influence. Utilization of games stars, or motion picture ... Bernard Cohen, political researcher. April 30: Violence in the Media ...
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Media Effects Group Presentation and Paper Ideas Media Effects

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Presentation & Paper Ideas February 5: Effects of Movies on Children/Adults Effects of Horror or Scary Movies Why are individuals attracted to these? Ethnic and Cultural Images & Entertainment Hollywood\'s depiction of minorities (or a particular minority) on TV and/or in Movies Past? Present? Correlation between the two? Impact of Comic Books on Youth February 12: Media\'s Role in a Political Campaign 2000 Presidential Campaign Media\'s error in calling the victor of the Florida electorate Upcoming Elections in Hawaii All 76 congressional seats up for race Effect of daily paper supports of competitors Media Effects

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Presentation & Paper Ideas February 19: Daytime Radio Serials Effects of Soap Operas Effects of Talk Shows Oprah, Jerry Springer, Montel Effects of Courtroom Shows Judge Judy February 28: Adoption of Innovation The Impact of New Technologies Internet Pagers and Cell Phones PDA\'s Downloadable Music (MP3 & Napster) Media Effects

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Presentation & Paper Ideas March 7 & 14: Communication and Persuasion Subliminal Advertising TV plugs, magazine commercials Tobacco advertisements, alcohol promotions, sex offers Analysis of convincing discourse What makes certain individuals more influential than others? Utilization of Humor in influence March 21: Personal Influence Use of games stars, or film stars for item underwriting Media Effects

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Presentation & Paper Ideas April 4: Use of Leaflets dropped amid WWII, Viet Nam struggle, Gulf war, Afghanistan & War on Terrorism Purpose? Effective? Wording? Content? What number of? Where? How regularly? April 16: Television and Children Any association between what is seen and conduct? Normal number of hours watched versus playing? Association amongst kid\'s shows, and toy showcasing? Impact of MTV\'s Jackass Media Effects

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Presentation & Paper Ideas April 23: Agenda-Setting Function of the Press "The press may not be fruitful a significant part of the time in advising individuals what to think , however it is stunningly effective in informing its perusers what to think concerning ." Bernard Cohen, political researcher April 30: Violence in the Media Connection between review brutality and forceful conduct? Desensitization? Impact of media and/or music verses on the secondary school shootings? Colorado?, Arkansas? Copycat Phenomenon Wife murders oppressive spouse by pouring gas on quaint little inn it ablaze. Media Effects

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Resources On-line (start seek with Google or other internet searcher),, 20-20, Nightline files Bibliography toward the end of the applicable section in the content Hamilton Library Wong AV Center School of Communications Library George Hall 301 back room Brent\'s Office Media Effects

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