Media Preparing 101.

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Media Preparing 101. 3 Anderson Path, Robbinsville, NJ 08691 Tel: 800.357.0393 Objective. To see how the media functions and how to function with the media. Control Believability Solace. What You Need. To be quotable To comprehend the genuine inquiry To be cleaned
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Media Training 101 3 Anderson Lane, Robbinsville, NJ 08691 Tel: 800.357.0393

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Objective To see how the media functions and how to function with the media. Control Credibility Comfort

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What You Want To be quotable To comprehend the genuine inquiry To be cleaned To separate from contenders To “guard” oneself To strategically handle troublesome inquiries To edge items inside of a corporate umbrella To comprehend what the media are searching for To learn little-known techniques

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Media 101: How the Media Works Who they are What they do How would they do it

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Who They Are MACHINE GUNNING – quickly shooting a progression of inquiries at you. Trap – attempting to answer every one of the inquiries Technique – Choose the inquiry that will permit you to seize control and convey a message.

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Who They Are INTERRUPTING – never giving you a chance to complete an idea. Cutting you off mid-sentence. Trap – You assent and the meeting falls into an inquiry/answer/inquiry/answer interrogative example Technique – Politely proceed with your announcement

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Who They Are DART THROWING – Attacking you with antagonistic negative dialect. Sticking negative names on you, the organization or its items. Trap – You respond furiously and rehash negative dialect, missing a chance to convey a positive message point. Procedure – Remain quiet, stop before you react, disregard the assault and extension to a message point.

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Media Myths …Don’t abhor everybody on the planet But they don’t cherish you either …Aren’t out to make you look terrible But they don’t get paid to make you look great …Don’t have a shrouded motivation But they think they know what news is, and what their readers and viewer need …Don’t try to misrepresent you But they won’t change an awful quote into a decent one …Don’t deliberately cite you outside of any relevant connection to the subject at hand But their setting frequently originates from you

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Media Personality Matrix

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Media Personality Matrix

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Media 101: What Do They Do It? Channel of data for your key gatherings of people “Stand in” for viewers or perusers Public channels Want a decent story Breaking Feature Trend Trained to be wary and curious Bearers of news and data

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Media 101: What Do They Do It? “The essential undertaking of the expert columnists is to build up request from the bedlam of certainty emerging from any given occasion so that data may be presented…to readers” - Everyman’s Encyclopedia

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Media 101: How Do They Do It? Supply and Demand Business We supply and they request Want Supply Press units News discharges Events Background gatherings They Demand Breaking news Features Trends

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Media 101: How Do They Do It? It’s about the significance Your Story The Market Relevance Media

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Media 101: What Do They Do It? Significance drives Breaking news Trends Features/profiles Tougher offers incorporate Product declarations and new offerings Executive changes Charity Sneezes, burps, knocks, and torments

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Media 101: What Do They Do It? Examination market information Past stories Friends Foes Luminaries Gut intuition Interviews In-individual Phone

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How They Do It: The Interview Verbal… Vocal… Visual… 7% 38% 55%

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Media 101: How to Work with the Media? It’s about procedure, making correspondences a direct, controlled capacity. Informing Targeting Training Interviewing

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Media 101: Messaging Messages are the heart, soul and pith of ALL interchanges, composed and spoken The “content base” The foot shaped impression of technique and strategies An equation based arrangement of succinct, particular explanations Statements altered by gathering of people They guide, teach and channel our correspondences They’re assembled by accord

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Media 101: Messaging Problem/Need Solution/Remedy Credentials/Expertise Compelling-Credible-Different-Defensible

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Media 101: Messaging UMBRELLA MESSAGE Problem Solution Expertise Media Analysts Employees Customers Shareholders Partners

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Media 101: Messaging Think of messages as “Islands of Safety” Commit them to memory; come back to them reliably They are more than elegantly composed composition; they’re well-talked musings They ought to be repeating, liquid No message is finished without steady data Examples, figures, accounts, outsider supports

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Media 101: Targeting Determine which media most adequately and effectively achieve your key groups of onlookers Insurance Technology Business Finance Healthcare View every distribution as a few; portion segments and story thoughts Find out who the right correspondent is to contact, generally you’re squandering your time

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Media 101: Targeting Initiate contact and build up a relationship Background meeting Source Ongoing data sharing Editorial schedules Sounding load up Treat the relationship by and by and professionally

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Media 101: The “Pitch” What’s the news? Who’s going to convey it? When?....Tuesday or Friday? How?...Press discharge or press occasion? Why?...What’s the centrality? What do you would like to achieve? Business objective? Authoritative goal? Market objective?

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Media 101: Training Prepare yourself Rehearse yourself Rehearse until you are totally alright with substance and key message focuses!

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Training Preparation Make beyond any doubt your messages are impenetrable and you know them frosty Prepare extreme inquiries and answers Know the media – production, columnist, history and expect points (instructions book) Pre-select an area that functions admirably for you, not them Limit probability of intrusions

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Training Preparation Check your appearance (prepping, clothing, and so forth.) Watch TV, listen to the radio, read the paper, and so forth. Work on grinning, tuning in, and eye contact Practice saying your organization name (no joking)

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Training Rehearsal Role play the planned meetings with a partner, companion, or coach Practice spanning, hailing and moves Bridging: But… In the meantime… However… Our genuine center is… The main problem is… What I’d like to call attention to is… More importantly…

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Training Rehearsal Flagging: “I’ve said it before…” “Let me stress that…” “Don’t dismiss the fact…” “It’s critical to understand…” “What I’m most amped up for is…”

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Training Rehearsal Transitions: That’s a fascinating inquiry, it helps me to remember Before it slips my mind, I need to let you know gathering of people Let me place it in context What’s imperative to recollect, however… What I truly need to converse with you about is… That’s not my range of mastery but rather what I can let you know is…

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Training Rehearsal That’s a decent point, yet I think your group of onlookers would be keen on knowing that… What I’m truly here to converse with you about is… Let me just add… Let me give you some foundation information… Let’s examine at… That’s an essential point because… What that implies is…

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