Media proficiency In The Social Studies Classroom: Applying 21 st Century Education and Request.

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Impact of pictures.
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Media proficiency In The Social Studies Classroom: Applying 21 st Century Literacy & Inquiry Frank W. Cook Media teacher

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Influence of pictures "Still photographs and TV pictures are what influence individuals… ..toward the day\'s end, individuals hold exceptionally straightforward pictures in their psyches when they\'re not by any means connected with or concentrated on an issue." Jane Arraf , previous CNN Bureau Chief

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What\'s truly imperative Nearly 77% of those surveyed could name each of the Seven Dwarfs Only 24% could name 2 of the 9 US Supreme Court judges Zogby Poll Week of August 12, 2006

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New media & governmental issues User-driven group destinations (MySpace; FaceBook; You Tube) are to the current year\'s races what online journals were to crusades two years prior. They are not swaps for customary staples like TV advertisements and direct mailings, however they offer the most recent venues for crusades to achieve more youthful voters and prepare them to volunteer. Source AP News Story August 20

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Media education In The Social Studies Classroom: Applying 21 st Century Literacy & Inquiry What do we need understudies to think about the media?

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Media education In The Social Studies Classroom: Applying 21 st Century Literacy & Inquiry 87% of U.S. youngsters somewhere around 12 and 17 years old utilize the Internet; 81% of teenager Internet clients play diversions online; 76% get news online ; 51% of adolescent Internet clients say they go online once a day; 43% have made buys online; and 31% utilize the Internet to get wellbeing data

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Media Literacy "Our Founding Fathers comprehended that a just republic couldn\'t make due without an educated and participatory citizenry… .It is fundamental in our citizenship part to see basically, examine ask effective inquiries and make our own particular determinations. Media proficiency, then, is vital to the citizenship part." Denee Mattioli , past president, NCSS

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Ideas for incorporating media education in social studies Analyzing article kid\'s shows Examining verifiable photos Studying past/present purposeful publicity Understanding predisposition/generalizations History of American telecom Understanding US correspondences approach Analyzing political publicizing

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Media proficiency Draft your own particular meaning of what "media proficiency" implies..

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Media Literacy Media education is worried with helping understudies build up an educated and basic comprehension of the nature of broad communications, the systems utilized by them, and the effect of these methods . More specifically, it is instruction that intends to build the understudies\' understanding and delight in how the media work, how they deliver meaning, how they are sorted out, and how they develop reality . Media education likewise plans to give understudies the capacity to make media items .

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ML in SC SS Standards Grade 5 : the essentialness of popular culture and broad communications Grade 7 : the part of TV satellites , PCs, and the Internet; the part of purposeful publicity in impacting the US to enter WWI Grade 8 : the ascent of broad communications ..... Grade 9 : rise of the customer society Economics : the impact of publicizing on shopper decisions

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Framework for concentrating on Media organizations : who conveys & why Media classifications : what kind of content (types) Media advances : how it is created? Media dialects : implications Media groups of onlookers : who gets it Media representations : how is it exhibited

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Core Concepts of ML All media are built Media use interesting dialects with their own arrangement of tenets Media pass on qualities and perspectives Audiences arrange meaning Media = power + benefit Source: Center for Media Literacy

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All media are developed

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Media use one of a kind dialects Language of film Camera work Lighting Editing Sets Sound/music Costumes Expressions

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Media pass on qualities & perspectives

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Audiences arrange meaning

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ABC (Disney) CNN (AOL/Time Warner) CBS FOX (News Corp) (NBC/Universal) VIACOM Media= Power + Profit

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Critical Inquiry Who made/paid for the message? Why was it delivered? (reason) For whom? (target gathering of people) What systems are utilized? What ways of life are advanced? Who benefits? What does it mean? Who/what may be excluded and why? Does it contain inclination/generalizations?

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One of the losses of war is truth Author obscure

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Reuters Recalls Altered Photo & Fires the Photographer PhotoShop Original

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Edward R. Murrow in the classroom

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Political Advertising Research appears (voters) get more data on the issues from political advertisements on TV spots than they get from TV news or the open deliberations

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Ads= Votes + Money Presidential Campaign TV Ad Spending, 2004

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Ads= Money Political publicizing is on the ascent, as per a report issued from BIA Financial Network. Specialists foresee about $22.2 billion will originate from political advertisement income, an expansion of 7-percent.

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Language of TV Cameras Lighting Set Design Sound & Music Editing ( after generation) Makeup, Wardrobe, Expressions

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Let\'s watch a few advertisements: Focus for review: Setting Target gathering of people

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Unspinning the promotions

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TV Market Sizes 139. Wilmington NC 115. Augusta, GA 107. Florence/Myrtle Beach 101. Charleston 97. Savannah GA (Hilton Head) 83. Columbia 35. Greenville/Spartanburg/Asheville NC 27. Charlotte NC/Rock Hill

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Newspaper Activity Each gathering gets a daily paper Using TV news script design, compose a 30 second news advancement utilizing: 1 universal news story 1 national news story 1 provincial or neighborhood news story 1 climate or games

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Media proficiency In The Social Studies Classroom: Applying 21 st Century Literacy & Inquiry Frank W. Bread cook Media teacher

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