Medicinal Store Corps Presentation April 20, 2005 Dallas, Texas.

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Therapeutic Reserve Corps Presentation April 20, 2005 Dallas, Texas Department of Health and Human Services Office of Public Health Emergency Preparedness Jean M Bennett, MSM, MSN, RN Senior Regional Emergency Coordinator for Region VI in Dallas Creativity and an Action Plan
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Therapeutic Reserve Corps Presentation April 20, 2005 Dallas, Texas Department of Health and Human Services Office of Public Health Emergency Preparedness Jean M Bennett, MSM, MSN, RN Senior Regional Emergency Coordinator for Region VI in Dallas

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Creativity and an Action Plan Pulling it all together

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Ground Rules and Goals Cowboy Hat Help Common Sense Solutions A Challenge for you… .

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Audience Assessment? Who are you? What is your main concern? - Routinely -Related to Medical Reserve Corps Top three smoldering issues???

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Leading America to better Health, Safety and Well-Being

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Myth Busters and Quiz Panic? Confirm based examination is key What do you truly think About HHS About ESF # 8 as a rule – a little learning = lotsa solace

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What We Do: The Department of Health and Human Services is the administration\'s primary office for securing the soundness of all Americans and giving key human administrations, particularly for the individuals who are slightest ready to help themselves. Secretary Mike Leavitt FY 2005 - $581 billion HHS representatives – 67,444 U.S. General HEALTH SERVICE COMMISSIONED CORPS is a formally dressed administration of more than 6,000 wellbeing experts who serve in numerous HHS and other government offices. MISSION

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Agencies of HHS Public Health Service Agencies: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention National Institutes of Health Food and Drug Administration Health Resources and Services Administration Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality Indian Health Service Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration Other HHS Agencies: Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services Administration for Children and Families Administration on Aging

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Overall Goals of HHS Emergency Preparedness Program To guarantee maintained general wellbeing and restorative status for our groups and our country for Natural and man-made fiascos; Terrorist dangers or occurrences; Infectious malady flare-ups and pandemics; Special Events; Animal wellbeing crises; or Any other condition that makes a genuine or potential general wellbeing or therapeutic crisis where Federal help might be fundamental.

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HHS Primary Federal Agency Role HHS is the essential Federal Agency in charge of general wellbeing and restorative crisis arranging, arrangements, reaction, and recuperation in the accompanying situations: The Secretary of HHS, utilizing his powers, pronounces a general wellbeing crisis HHS help has been asked for by the proper State, nearby or Tribal powers A Federal Department or organization acting under its own power has asked for the help of HHS (counting the Robert T. Stafford Act).

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HHS & Homeland Security Relationship HHS is signatory on NRP alongside all offices in the arrangement HHS has Key Emergency Preparedness & Response Role: Office of Public Health Emergency Preparedness is lead Concept of Operations: HHS part in Rapid Needs Assessment, ERT-A/State EOC, NRCC, RRCC HHS is lead for Emergency Support Function (ESF) #8 which incorporates JRMPO, NDMS ECs, DMAT, VA, CCRF Plans and facilitates with State Emergency Managers, State Health Department Personnel, CDC and HRSA, State and Local Government associations, Hospital/EMS offices

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HHS Planning Assistance $ Billions since 2001 for state, nearby and clinic readiness through two Key Grant Awards Programs: CDC: update state and neighborhood limit ($2 billion to date) HRSA: program for doctor\'s facility readiness ($650 million to date) Funds go by means of state general wellbeing offices 75 percent for direct/circuitous backing of nearby general wellbeing offices and doctor\'s facilities For Region VI Grant Info Contact your state wellbeing dept or CDC Project Officer Keith Williams

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Authorities of the HHS Secretary Declare a general wellbeing crisis. Direct the sending of the U.S. General Health Service Commissioned Corps. Give general wellbeing and restorative administrations. Make and implement directions concerning seclusion and isolate. Conducts/underpins exploration and examinations concerning the cause, treatment, or counteractive action of illnesses/issue. Accommodate the licensure of natural items.

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Office of Public Health Emergency Preparedness (OPHEP) Mission : in the interest of the HHS Secretary, the Office of Public Health Emergency Preparedness (OPHEP) : directs and facilitates far reaching endeavors as for readiness for and reaction to bioterrorism and other general wellbeing and therapeutic crises.

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Office of Public Health Emergency Preparedness Responsibilities Prevent, get ready for, react to and recoup from demonstrations of bioterrorism and other general wellbeing crises Act as the Department\'s contact with the Department of Homeland Security and other Federal organizations HHS Secretary\'s standard counsel on issues identifying with knowledge matters, bioterrorism, and other general wellbeing crises

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HHS OPHEP Program segments Enhancement of State and nearby Public Health and therapeutic readiness; Development and utilization of National and Departmental strategies and arrangements identifying with the reaction to general wellbeing and restorative dangers and crises; Coordination with important HHS, State, neighborhood and Tribal general wellbeing and medicinal authorities, Federal ESF 8 accomplices and others inside the National security group; and Rapid general wellbeing and restorative backing to Federal, State, nearby and Tribal governments who might react to episodes of national centrality or general wellbeing crises.

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HHS Concept of Operations Plan for Public Health & Medical Emergencies Sets forward standard working techniques for HHS to oversee general wellbeing and restorative crises The HHS CONOPS traces usage of crisis readiness and reaction powers and sets up the Department\'s approaches for crisis readiness and reaction Serves as a premise for enhancing coordination inside HHS, with other Federal Agencies, and with State and neighborhood accomplices Consistent with the National Incident Management System (NIMS) and the National Response Plan

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Emergency Support Function #8 Provides facilitated Federal help to supplement State, nearby, and Tribal assets in light of general wellbeing and medicinal tend to potential or genuine Incidents of National Significance and/or amid a creating potential wellbeing and therapeutic circumstances.

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ESF #8 - Continued ESF #8 assets can be enacted when: The assets of State, nearby, or Tribal general wellbeing and/or medicinal powers are overpowered and Federal help has been asked for by the proper powers; Impending Incidents of National Significance require pre-organization of ESF #8 resources; or The Federal Government has the lead obligation under pertinent law.

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ESF #8 - Continued ESF #8 includes supplemental help to State, nearby, and Tribal governments in recognizing and meeting the general wellbeing and restorative needs of casualties of an Incident of National Significance. This backing is arranged in the accompanying center useful territories: Assessment of general wellbeing/therapeutic needs; Public wellbeing observation; Definitive consideration and restorative staff; and Medical hardware and supplies.

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HHS Secretary " s Emergency Response Team (SERT) Activated for episodes that are of National effect and require the more extensive assets of HHS or ESF #8. Normally drove by a HHS Regional Emergency Coordinator (REC) who will facilitate intimately with HHS territorial work force and other Federal resources (e.g. Main Federal Official). Incorporates with the nearby occurrence supervisors and encourages support as asked for by State and Tribal powers. Give facilitated Federal administration of HHS and ESF #8 resources amid a noteworthy general wellbeing and therapeutic crisis. SERT Structure is ICS Based, grows as required: Command Staff, General Staff & SMEs

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HHS Commissioned Corps Readiness Force (CCRF) Office of Force Readiness and Deployment Provides a unit of PHS Officers particularly qualified by training and abilities to be assembled: In times of phenomenal need amid calamity, strife, or other general wellbeing crises; because of household and worldwide solicitations, to give administration and aptitude by coordinating, improving, and supporting administrations of HHS, DHHS OPDIVs, DHS, different U.S. Government organizations, and/or respondents.

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CDC Resources BioSense – Early Event Detection Epidemiology Field Officer Program (CEFO) CDC Intranet, Internet and Event-Specific Websites Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH) Chemical Demilitarization Program Countermeasure and Response Administration System (CRA) Electronic Communications Technology Platform (ECTP). Electronic Communications Technology Platform (ECTP). Plague Information Exchange (Epi-X) Geographic Information System Hazardous Substances Emergency Events Surveillance (HSEES) Health Alert Network (HAN) High Frequency (HF) Radio Operator Team Incident Support Team (1ST) International Emergency and Refugee Health Branch (IERHB)

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CDC Resources (proceeded with) Medical Epidemiologist Outbreak Management System (OMS) Preparedness Data Warehouse (PDW) Private Sector Pharmaceutical Tracking (SPARx) Public Health Advisor (PHA) Public Health Emergency Response Guide for State, Local, and Tribal Public Health Directors The Public Health Directory (phDir) Public Health Rapid Needs Assessment Rapid Toxin Screen/Chemical Laboratory Rapid Response Team Regional Operations (DRO) Tracking and Results Reporting System ( STARRS) Toxic Exposure Surveillance System (TESS) Vessel Sanitation Program Mass Trauma Preparedness and Response Program

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CDC Bioterrorism Preparedness Goal of Bioterrorism Coopera

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