Mediterranean Living Legacy (MedLiHer) Executing the Tradition for the Protecting of the Immaterial Social Legacy.

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Mediterranean Living Legacy (MedLiHer) Executing the Tradition for the Protecting of the Elusive Social Legacy in Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon and the Syria Paris, 25 and 26 May 2009 Fernando Brugman UNESCO Impalpable Social Legacy Area The ICH Tradition
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Mediterranean Living Heritage (MedLiHer) Implementing the Convention for the Intangible\'s Safeguarding Cultural Heritage in Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon and the Syria Paris, 25 and 26 May 2009 Fernando Brugman UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage Section

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The ICH Convention Adopted: October 2003 Open for endorsement since November 2003 Ratified by 30 States: 20 January 2006 Entered into power: 20 April 2006 Ratified now by 112 States: Egypt: 03.08.08 (sanction) Jordan: 24.03.06 (confirmation) Lebanon: 08.01.07 (acknowledgment) Syria: 11.03.05 (sanction) The Al-Sirah Al-Hilaliyyah Epic , Egypt Vietnamese Court Music Nha Nhac The Cultural Space of Sosso-Bala in Nyagassola , Guinea

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Defining ICH: Expressions and practices, information and abilities that are perceived by groups, bunches, and at times people, as shaping piece of their social legacy are living , transmitted from era to era and continually reproduced are pivotal for the feeling of character and progression of groups and gatherings are in congruity with human rights (+ reasonable improvement) (have a place with one or a greater amount of the pertinent areas) The definition likewise incorporates questions and spaces that are connected with signs of ICH

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Domains Oral customs and expressions, including dialect as a vehicle of the ICH Performing expressions Social practices, rituals and merry occasions Knowledge and works on concerning nature and the universe Traditional craftsmanship The Traditional Music of Morin Khuur Mongolia

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Goals Safeguarding ICH: guaranteeing its suitability (proceeded with order and transmission) inside of groups/gatherings Awareness-raising Sharing and observing Dialog, regard for social differences International collaboration and help

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Role of States Parties Take vital measures to guarantee protecting (= guarantee the feasibility of ICH) Identify and characterize components of impalpable legacy, with support of groups, gatherings and NGO’s The Garifuna Language, Dance and Music , Nicaragua

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National Safeguarding Measures Inventory making Adopt a general defending approach Establish able shielding bodies Foster studies and examination philosophies Adopt legitimate, specialized, authoritative and money related measures Education, mindfulness raising and advancement Shashmaqom Music Tajikistan - Uzbekistan

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Mechanism of the Convention General Assembly of States Parties Intergovernmental Committee for the Intangible\'s Safeguarding Cultural Heritage Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity List of Intangible Cultural Heritage in Need of Urgent Safeguarding Programs, tasks and exercises mirroring the standards and destinations of the Convention Fund for the Intangible\'s Safeguarding Cultural Heritage International help and participation

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General Assembly Sovereign Body of the Convention normal session like clockwork, and in exceptional sessions Elects the individuals from the Committee Approves the Operational Directives for the Convention\'s execution 27-29 June 2006: 1 GA 9 November: 1 EXT GA 16-19 June 2008: 2 GA The Al-Sirah Al-Hilaliyyah Epic , Egypt

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Intergovernmental Committee 24 Members 4-year term, reestablishment of a large portion of the individuals at regular intervals Membership: controlled by evenhanded land representation and turn Members to send specialists as their delegates Algeria: 1 COM (Nov.2006) China: 1 EXT COM (May 2007) Japan: 2 COM (Sept. 2007) Bulgaria: 2 EXT COM (Feb. 2008) Istanbul: 3 EXT COM (Nov. 2008) ABU DHABI: 28/9-2/10 2009 The Art of Akyns, Kyrgyz Epic Tellers Kyrgyzstan

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Functions of the Committee Prepare Operational Directives for execution Implement the Convention Examine asks for: engraving on the Lists Article 18 global help Make proposals on protecting measures Seek method for expanding its assets Examine intermittent reports of States Parties The Pansori Epic Chant Republic o f Korea

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International Assistance: Safeguarding of legacy recorded on the Urgent Safeguarding List Preparation of inventories Programs, ventures and different exercises in the States Parties (incl. limit building) Preparatory help The Fund: International Assistance Congos of Villa Mella Dominican Republic

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Features of the Convention Introduces a rundown framework for perceivability and defending; other principle concentrate on projects and activities Deals with legacy delegate for groups (not of exceptional widespread worth) Emphasis on living legacy, ordered by individuals, regularly all in all, for the most part transmitted orally Attention for procedures/conditions as opposed to items Role of groups/gatherings Contribution to advancement of innovativeness and assorted qualities, to prosperity (of groups and gatherings and social orders everywhere) and quiet improvement

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Implementation: Operational Directives The Convention makes new systems for the shielding of ICH, however does not give particular guidelines on the most proficient method to actualize them. The Operational Directives serve as direction for actualizing the Convention The Convention asks for the Committee to get ready operational mandates for the Convention\'s execution and submit them to the General Assembly for its approbation First set embraced by the General Assembly in June 2008

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Operational Directives Contents Safeguarding immaterial social legacy Urgent Safeguarding List Representative List Incorporation “Masterpieces” into the Representative List Programs, ventures and exercises that best mirror the standards and destinations of the Convention Intangible Cultural Heritage Fund and International Assistance Guidelines for the assets\' utilization of the Fund International help Participation in the Convention\'s usage Participation of groups, gatherings and, where material, people, and additionally specialists, focuses of ability and examination foundations Non-administrative associations and the Convention Reports by States Parties on the Convention\'s usage

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Urgent Safeguarding List Representative List No concurrent engraving on the Urgent Safeguarding List and Representative List A component could be exchanged from one List to the next when agreeing to all criteria of that List and taking after the assignment system A component should be expelled from the Lists when it doesn\'t any more fulfill criteria Urgent Safeguarding List Representative List Take proper defending measures for ICH in risk Ensure better perceivability of the ICH and familiarity with its noteworthiness Encourage dialog which regards social differing qualities

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Criteria Adopted by the General Assembly at its second session (June 2008)

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Two Lists: Nomination strategy Urgent Safeguarding List Representative List 1. Preliminary Assistance Deadline: 1 September 2. Planning/Submission Community association in the arrangement of their designation Multi-national selections Evaluate the assignment as fast as could reasonably be expected after its accommodation May be conveyed to the consideration by whatever other State Party, by the group concerned or by a consultative association. Compelling direness 3. Examination/Recommendation Conformity with the engraving criteria The component\'s suitability and the achievability and adequacy of the defending arrangement. The danger of its vanishing Subsidiary body Conformity with the engraving criteria 4. Assessment/Decision No resubmision: 4 years If not recorded

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Two Lists For engraving in 2009 Urgent Safeguarding List Deadline for the accommodation 15 Mar 2009 Number of documents got 15 Representative List Deadline for the accommodation 30 Sep 2008 Number of documents got 111 Number of States submitting records 35 Number of multinational records 4

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Article 18: Programs, tasks and exercises for the shielding of ICH National, subregional and provincial projects, ventures and exercises best mirroring the standards and goals of this Convention will be chosen and advanced Special consideration is given to: the needs of creating nations the rule of fair geographic dispersion Encourage accommodation of: subregional or territorial projects, activities and exercises projects, activities and exercises attempted together by States Parties in geologically irregular zones Proposals described by global collaboration and/or concentrating on particular need parts of protecting.

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Programs, tasks and exercises Criteria Defined in Article 2.3 of the Convention Promote the coordination at provincial, subregional and/or universal levels Reflect the standards and destinations of the Convention Demonstrate adequacy in adding to the reasonability of the ICH concerned (finished) Demonstrate sensible desire for the commitment to generously to the suitability (in progress or arranged) Implemented with the group\'s investment, bunch or, if material, people concerned Serve as a subregional, territorial or global model Willing to participate in the dispersal of best practices Feature encounters that are defenseless to an evaluation of their outcomes Applicable to the specific needs of creating nations

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Timeframe Article 18 USL RL Preparatory Assistance 1 Oct 2008 (2009) 1 Sep 2009 (2010) 1 Sep 2010 (2011) 1 Oct 2008 (2009) 1 Oct 2008 (2010) 1 Sep 2009 (2011) Deadline for accommodation 1 Mar (2009) 1 Mar (2010) 1 Mar (2011) 15 Mar (2009) 31 Mar 2009 (2010) 31 Mar 2010 (2011) 30 Sep 2008 31 Aug 2009 31 Aug 2010 Decisions to be taken September 2009 September 2010 September 2

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