Medium Light Plants.

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Care & Handling of Houseplants. Interiorscaping. Medium Light Plants ... Mealybugs, arachnid parasites, scale, thrips, aphids. No cool water on leaves reasons spots. http: ...
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Medium Light Plants Interiorscaping Care & Handling of Houseplants

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Dracaena Ribbon Plant Swedish Ivy Arrowhead Vine Medium Light Plants

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Malaysian Dracaena reflexa 6-7 feet tall Needs some pruning Air layering Also variegated sort

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Ribbon Plant Dracaena sanderana Ribbon plant 3 feet tall White stripes on leaves

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Swedish Ivy Plectranthus australis White or purple variegation sort accessible 6-8 inches tall White blooms Mint family Native to Australia

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Nephthytis Arrowhead Vine Syngoium podophyllum Variegated white or silver leaves Cuttings Mealybugs, arachnid bugs, scale, thrips, aphids No frosty water on leaves causes spots

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Conclusion Medium light plants should be adjusted to less light than in nature Variegation will lessen if light quality is brought down

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