MEDM Is Not Dead, Yet.

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MEDM Is Not Dead, Yet. Kenneth Evans, Jr. Introduced at the Stories Joint effort Meeting April 27 - 29, 2005 Stanford Straight Quickening agent, Menlo Park, CA. Points Secured. History Highlights Logic The Future The short MEDM redesign is that it keeps on functioning admirably. Authentic Actualities.
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MEDM Is Not Dead, Yet Kenneth Evans, Jr. Introduced at the EPICS Collaboration Meeting April 27 - 29, 2005 Stanford Linear Accelerator, Menlo Park, CA

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Topics Covered History Features Philosophy The Future The short MEDM redesign is that it keeps on functioning admirably

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Historical Facts MEDM was begun by Mark Anderson at Argonne in 1990 It depended on DM and EDD It utilized Motif, which was new around then MEDM remains for M otif E ditor and D isplay M anager Fred Vong kept up MEDM from 1994 – 1996 Ken Evans assumed control in 1996 Many others have contributed There has been no less than one noteworthy subordinate, DM2K

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MEDM Design Philosophy Performance, heartiness, and viability start things out KISS [Keep It Simple Stupid] tends to function admirably Features are vital yet highlight bloat is disproportionate with strength and practicality MEDM tries to strike a parity Robustness and practicality start things out MEDM tries to empower, not confine, the client You are in charge of not shooting yourself in the foot This theory has been fruitful in that MEDM is, actually, extremely hearty and stable today And still has enough elements to run an expansive control framework

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What MEDM Has Going for It is an experienced system Robust: Hardly ever crashes or gets into mischief Powerful: Is the key control strategy for some offices Efficient: Is improved for pace and execution Tens of a great many screens have been intended for MEDM It is and has been utilized worldwide at numerous destinations Over a drawn out stretch of time There has been an ideal opportunity to find and fix bugs that just happen occasionally or in exceptional circumstances It is tried and keeps running on all the real stages Solaris, Linux, HPUX, Mac OS X, Windows It scarcely ever crashes or gets out of hand regardless of touching each gadget in the office Rather, it is depended upon to analyze different issues

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MEDM Has Substantial Power A deck of cards has 52 cards That has lead to unlimited amusements MEDM has 24 Objects All of these have various elements and alternatives That is sufficient to outline a huge number of screens It is sufficient for the fundamental control of a huge office It doesn\'t have each component you may need or need No project does It doesn\'t do everything the way you may like No project does

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MEDM Is Capable of Impressive Screens And a huge number of others

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MEDM Runs on Microsoft Windows Is an EPICS\'s piece WIN32 Extensions Many exploratory groups use Windows Home and note pad clients tend to utilize Windows

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The E in MEDM Does Not Mean Extensibility MEDM is not effortlessly extensible Owing to its unique configuration Started before the times of institutionalized C++ Could have been, yet was not Object Oriented Extensibility is best included with extra applications StripTool is a decent case As are all the Tcl/Tk applications at the APS or XAL at SNS Can be coded with the developer’s dialect of decision They can be made to do whatever the designer needs If these accident or utilization assets, they don\'t cut down MEDM is allowed to do the couple of things it does quickly and productively This logic has worked out well at the APS

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There Should Only Be One DM Many offer the feeling that there ought to be one DM As with most different parts of EPICS Except that there are presently CA and CAJ and this is great I don\'t impart this insight There is a huge point of preference to having the DM engineer “In House” He/she will be more receptive to your needs Communication is limitlessly better Problems will be settled much quicker New thoughts will be actualized Duplication of exertion need not be an issue DMs, alongside EPICS when all is said in done, are Open Source There is no reason not to duplicate elements or utilization code from a current DM (if credit is suitably given)

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The Future MEDM is not being effectively created There are no arranged major new elements However, elements will be included if there is a need and assets allow A WheelSwitch Object is as of now being included MEDM will be kept up Because it is key to the APS

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Thank You This has been an APS Controls Presentation

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Thank You This has been an APS Controls Presentation

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