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... Paco, Popy, Tim Mee Toys, Lincoln International, Shindana, Bikin, ... different organizations like Mego (Tim Mee Toys, Lili Ledy, Cipsa) Articulation great, for the most part ...
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Mego Knockoffs: Insert Product Photograph Here "The Other White Meat"

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Imitation: The Sincerest Form of Flattery… Usually these items demonstrated some different organizations better-known product(s) with some sharp resemblances. Are made of lesser materials. May be checked or unmarked. Forego most permitting, lawful or not. Normally sold in 5 & 10 sort stores

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Some of the better known… AHI, Tomland (Combex), Cipsa, Lili Ledi, Funworld, Paco, Popy, Tim Mee Toys, Lincoln International, Shindana, Bikin, Bogi, Kidbiz, LJN, Rainfall, Durham, Wee Win Toys…

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Riding their coatails… and the sky is the limit from there… . They utilized another person\'s imagination and thoughts to offer their items, as a rule of a lesser quality, yet not so much. Some had some expertise specifically territories, for example, beasts, space animals, religious figures, sports figures, ethnic gatherings, military figures, western saints, etc.etc..

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"Quality" Knockoffs… AHI, Lincoln International, Popy, LJN Nicer bundling/craftsmanship/back of cards May have been under permit/utilized molds from different organizations like Mego (Tim Mee Toys, Lili Ledy, Cipsa) Articulation great, normally more than 5 focuses, body markings "Not really Quality" Knockoffs… Tomland, Larami, Astro Apes Packaging typically lesser quality/back of card clear, some of the time just sacks with header cards. May be stamped "Made in Hong Kong" just on bundling Articulation typically poor, no body markings.

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Tomland 8 Inchers: Star Raiders (taken from Star Wars): 16 figs. In addition Glow in the Dark variants. Animals from Other Worlds: 4 figs. Well known Monsters of Legends: 6+ figs. Star Command: 16 figs. Made 4 Inchers also.

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Famous Monsters of Legend Star Raiders: Star Command: Creatures from Other Worlds

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Who Inspired Us? Streak

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Now for the Brain Teaser… . DRAL

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Azrak-Hamway International Knocked off Mego again and again bringing about a claim and in the end settling. Ripped off different organizations too including bundling outlines/work of art Adventure Man versus, Action Jackson Action Apeman versus POTA Official World Famous Supermonsters versus The Mad Monster Series

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Dr. Zorma (Astro Apes) Planet of the Apes Zaius Dr. Zaius (Mego) Star Ape Man (AHI) TONG

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Planet of the Apes Cornelius/Galen Tong AHI Artemis (AstroApes) Mego

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Planet of the Apes Zira Only Female POTA Knockoff???? Myra:

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Planet of the Apes Soldiers Mego Warrior Ape (Astro Apes) Tong AHI

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Don\'t overlook these… ..

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AHI Official World Famous Super Monsters!

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The Kresge Card  AHI MEGO 

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Lincoln International

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Calling Mr. Rock!! Coherently, I am certain you can make sense of who he should be… It\'s a ton less demanding than discovering one. "I see the likeness… "

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Go West!!! Tim Mee Toys-(notice Mego fine art!)

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AHI versus AHI Rip-offs! Propelled by… .

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Some Made New Themes.. U.S. Progressive War Universal Company RT Toys Spirit of \'76

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Americana… Fun World

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Some worked in ethnicities… Shindana KTAV Publ. House

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Wee Win Toys Others in religions… Rainfall

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Some other intriguing things…

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Thank You… . Please send all checked Romulans to: lmelogra@optonline. net

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