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Program de soutien aux événements sportifs internationaux ou pancanadiens Congrès de l'Alliance canadienne du tourisme sportif Gatineau, 15 mai 2009 Eric Pilote, Québec MELS Occasions PROGRAMS 1) Game occasions financing program 2) Improvement of game and physical action Asset .
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Program de soutien aux évã©nements sportifs internationaux ou pancanadiens Congrã¨s de l’Alliance canadienne du tourisme sportif Gatineau, 15 mai 2009 Eric Pilote, Quã©bec

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MELS EVENTS PROGRAMS 1) Sport occasions subsidizing system 2) Development of game and physical movement Fund .

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OTHER QC EVENTS PROGRAMS Department of Tourism Department of Municipal Affairs , Regions and Land Occupancy (Montrã©al locale occasions ) Bureau de la Capitale-Nationale (Quã©bec district occasions )

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Regular system 4 classes : 1) National occasions (1 K$-7.5 K$) 2) International welcome occasions (1 K$-12.5 K$) 3) International occasions non qualified in the Funds (5 K$-25 K$) 4) Sport for All occasions (1 K$-7.5 K$) Categories 1, 2, 3 open just to PSOs Category 4 open to PSOs and Non-benefit associations 2009-2010: 533 000 $

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Development of game and physical action Fund (DSPAF) Created in 2006 under MP Jean-Marc Fournier % of the tobacco charge ( once in the past for O. Stadium) Two projects : 1) Infrastructures, 2) Events 30 M$/yr until 2020 : 24 M$ Infrastructures ( spent in this way: 263,2 M$/365 M$) 6 M$ Events

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OBJECTIVE OF THE DSPAF Foster the improvement of an attracting so as to brand society among Quebeckers to Quã©bec global game occasions that will :

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OBJECTIVE OF THE DSPAF Promote : - Sports - Expertise Development of games and recreational offices Athlete’s bolster/Training focuses

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FOLLOW-UP TO THE LAUNCH OF THE DSPAF Register of offer/association ventures for worldwide game occasions Multiyear reference arrangement for offering and sorting out universal game occasions in Quã©bec (> 2010)

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CONTENT OF THE PROGRAM Two sections : 1) Support for offer for occasions 2) Support for the association of occasions

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ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA 1. Demographic Municipal bodies Educational establishments Non benefit associations Grouping of these associations

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ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA 2. Qualified EVENTS Support for offers : Large-scale non-repeating multisport occasions (ex. : OG/PG, PanAm, Commonwealth, Universiade) Large-scale single-game occasions (ex. : World Championship , FIFA World Cup , and so forth.)

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ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA 2. Qualified EVENTS Support for the association : Projects qualified for help to offer for an occasion far reaching multisport occasions (Canada Games ) or Team Canada olympic choice (ex. swimming , plunging ) Non-repeating global single-game occasions of moderate size (Panam title , Americas zone capability) International multisport occasions of moderate size ( Special Olympics , Jeux de la Francophonie, Winter Arctic Games , NAIG) Major repeating occasions that meet certain particular criteria (World Cup , IFs first level occasions )

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FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE May not surpass 35 % of the qualified expenses The aggregate sum of $ gave by QC may not surpass 50 % of the qualified expenses Any venture more than 5 M$ must be connected with help from the central government No due date for application/Date of gathering

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Summary of utilizations got Since October 2006, the DSPAF has gotten 82 applications : Non-qualified : 19 In treatment (Cabinet) : 8 Analysis : 4 Canceled : 3 ( losing offers or rejected by MELS) Funded : 48 [ 9,385 M$ ] (2 connected with a WC offer )

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Example of late subsidized occasions Summer Canada Games - Sherbrooke 2013: 8 M$ FIS Snowboard World Championship 2013: 1.145 M$ + 70 K$ ( Bid ) UCI Mountain Bike & Trial World Championship 2010: 1.075 M$ ISU Short Track Speed-Skating World Jr Championship 2009: 122.4 K$ Dã©fi Sportif 2009 (handisport occasions ): 200 K$ Americas Cup of Boccia 2009: 53.5 K$ FIS Snowboard World Cup 2009: 500 K$ FIG Artistic Gymnastics World Cup 2009: 142.5 K$ Fed Cup 2009 ( ladies tennis): 40 K$

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Example of occasions under examination FINA Open Water World Championship 2010 FINA 4 th World Trophy Synchonized Swimming 2009 UCI Women’s Road Cycling World Cup 2009 Gymnastics Panam Selection for 2010 Youth Olympic Games UCI Moutain Bike World Cups 2009 ( Bromont & MSA) FITT Table Tennis Jr World Cup 2009 UCI U23 & Juniors Nations Cup 2009 (street cycling )

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Challenges Reinforce the connection between frameworks & occasions programs insufficient applications in a year to spend all the cash assigned Motivate our PSOs to compose major worldwide occasions and assisting them with persuading their NSOs to post offers including urban communities in Quebec Keeping the NSOs educated of our system

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Wrap-up Sport society Infrastructures: 26 M$/yr Events : 4 M$/yr High execution/Training focuses Partnership

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