Members in the " System of L procuring C ommunities " venture.

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Vesna is music educator at music school
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Members in the " Network of L winning C ommunities " venture

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Vesna Šimić –teacher Vesna is instructor in little town Klakar. She shows her nine and ten years of age understudies and in the same time gains from them (especially how to utilize PC). Her kids distribute their online journal which name is Klik-klak, (see at She took an interest in a few activity research ventures with principle question: \'How to incite kids\' inventiveness in school conditions?\' She is exceptionally innovative and excited individual who appreciate in painting, singing and taking photographs by her computerized camera. Her school (where she has flat) is goal for some visitors who could appreciate in her accommodation and household specialities.

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Marica Zovko - instructor Marica Zovko is educator in little place Mihaljevci. She is pioneer of learining group at her school. A year ago Marica\'s kids understood their own particular activity research extends and demonstrated that even little kids could be activity scientists (see at research&T=0&O=A&P=18045 ). She is exceptionally dynamic and connected with individual in her nearby group, so she was chosen to be agent around the local area chamber. A year ago visitor in her school was our leader Stipe Mesić. Marica\'s youngsters educated th e m about their philanthropic activity and activity research ventures.

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Biserka Halavanja - instructor Biserka is for the time being one and only pioneer of learning groups who is utilized at optional school. She is new colleague. Biserka coordinat e proficient advancement of educators who are utilized at auxiliary schools in region Brodsko-posavska . She is extremely dynamic in participation with non-government affiliation European House where she drives training for human rights. Her school coordinate with a few European schools.

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Marina Žitković - educator Marina is new colleague. She is instructor at the elementary school Pantovčak in Zagreb. She is facilitator of expert improvement of educators who are utilized in grade schools in Zagreb. She is exceptionally witty. When she recount to her entertaining story all look s are altered on her. She is additionally skilful pioneer of instructive workshops for youngsters and for grown-up.

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Željko Klindžić – PC software engineer Željko is stand out colleague is not utilized at instructive organization. He is PC software engineer and he keeps up servers at the media transmission organization. Željko created framework for virtual participation which he liberally gave us away. He established a few Internet entries in eastern piece of Croatia and he is proprietor of one and only educational entryway in our town (see at Through our collaboration he turned out to be energetically associated with instruction and he adds to creating of our undertaking with his thoughts and mechanical items.

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Ružica Pažin Ilakovac – higher guide Ružica is educator who is utilized in foundation which deals with expert improvement of teachers in eastern piece of Croatia. She helped us that our task got proposal of instructive powers and to end up authority undertaking of Institution for training of Republic Croatia.

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Jasna Zubčić - instructor Jasna is educator at elementary school "Blaž Tadijanović" in Podvinje. She understood her activity research venture where she planned to enhance her showing hone through group learning. She had been pioneer of learning groups until she chose to acquire high er proficient degree. She learns at Techers\' Academy in Zagreb. She is still basic companion in our continuous activity research ventures.

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Danijela Ljubac Mec - instructor Danijela is individual from learning group at grade school " Vladimir Nazor" in Slavonski Brod. She is instructor in little town Gornja Bebrina. She understood one activity research task and she began with new one with primary inquiry \'How to enhance youngsters\' reasoning?\' Danijela acknowledges said activity research venture inside her MA study.

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Sanja Španja – consultant Sanja was educator at elementary school for a long time. She coordinates with a few non-government affiliations. From January to December 2004 she worked at Nansen Dialog Center as Project Coordinator for the \'New School\' - venture with plan to addresses the issue of isolation of youngsters in essential instruction foundations in multicultural, multiethnic and post – war groups of Vukovar and Baranja locale. The training in the task \'New School\' comprise of workshops for educators, study visits to different nations and schools, customary gatherings of little strong instructors bunches (learning groups) and down to earth work in the classroom with understudies and with guardians. Among others Sanja was visitor speaker on International Conference in Rome, Italy i n May of 2002 , which was sorted out by World Bank and UNICEF . In September of 2003. she was one of the visitor speakers and one of the workshops pioneers on International Conference in Belfast ( Youth Work in Contested Space, Models of practice ) .In July of 2004 she took an interest at course \'Confronting History and Ourselves\'.

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Vesna Svalina – music educator Vesna is music instructor at music school "Franjo Kuhač" in Osijek. She is pioneer of learning group at her school. She understands her activity research venture inside her postgraduate study. Principle point of her exploration is prompting youngsters\' music inventiveness. Vesna drives task at her school and she has increased amazing triumphs on different music rivalries .

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Zlatko Bagarić - dean Zlatko is superintendent of grade school "Ivan Goran Kovačić" in Slavonski Brod (see at He was for a considerable length of time instructor of informatics. Zlatko went along with us as pioneer of his school group for execution of our subproject \'S-gateway\' (school\'s Internet entrance). Zlatko is writer of a few books about PC programming and instructing informatics. He was exceptionally fruitful coach to numerous understudies whom he showed PC programming.

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Mato Rakić, dean Mato is superintendent of grade school "Vladimir Nazor" in Slavonski Brod. He was for a long time elementary teacher and couple of years he was instructor. Mato tries to cover budgetary asset required for the task. Learning people group in our school has all specialized bolster (video and sound types of gear, PCs, LCD projector etc). We purchased numerous books which we could use for educators\' expert advancement. He chose to help us in supported of new venture - s-gateway in hierarchical, proficient and monetary sense.

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Milan Polić, educator Milan Polić PhD is educator of rationality at Teachers\' Academy in Zagreb. He is originator and supervisor of the diary for the logic of instruction \'Metodički ogledi\'. He distributed six books and all the more then hundred philosophical writings in various diaries. He likewise has private distributer organization and he will distribute book with reports of our activity research es .

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Teachers – members of learning groups, deans and kids are likewise colleagues

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