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Chocolate Chunk Cookies, Lemon Chess Pie*, S-F Ranger Cookies ... Jack-o-Lantern Teeth (Corn on the Cob) Goblin Fists (Corn Muffins) Dragon Jewels (Fresh ...
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MENU - - OCT 25 – 29 th Service Hours (for Dining Hall) MON-FRI Breakfast 7 – 9 a.m. Lunch 11 a.m. – 1:15 p.m. Dinner 4:30 – 6:30 p.m. FRI Dinner, SAT & SUN Closed "Hang tight, man.  We don\'t run anyplace with "unnerving," "spooky," "frequented," or "taboo" in the title."  ~Scooby-Doo *STUDENT-REQUESTED MENU ITEMS MON, OCT 25 LUNCH Chicken Noodle Soup Meatball Subs Meatloaf Grilled Chicken Breasts* Broccoli Rice Casserole Parsley Potatoes Green Beans w Bacon Buttered Yellow Squash Dinner Rolls Corn Muffins White Chocolate Cherry Cookies, Orange Cake, S-F Apple Cobbler DINNER Burgers & Buns Bratwurst on Roll Chicken Alfredo Baked Beans Steak Fries Onion Rings* Mixed Vegetables Sugar Cookies TUE, OCT 26 LUNCH Vegetable Soup Boneless Wings* Carved Pork Roast BBQ Beef on Bun w Potato Chips Macaroni & Cheese Mashed Potatoes Gravy Buttered Asparagus Beets Dinner Rolls Corn Muffins Chocolate Chunk Cookies, Lemon Chess Pie* , S-F Ranger Cookies DINNER Egg moves, Rice & Sauce Chicken Strips* BLT Sandwiches* Broccoli Bow-tie Pasta Tater Tots Green Beans w Garlic M & M Cookies WED, OCT 27 LUNCH Navy Bean & Ham Soup Nachos & Cheese Chicken Fajitas* Smothered Beef Burrito* Stuffed Poblano Peppers Spanish Rice Bermuda Vegetables Fire-Roasted Corn Taquitos* Mexican Corn Bread* Sugar Cookies, Chocolate Dessert, S-F Cake DINNER Mozzarella Sticks w Marinara Pepperoni Pizza* Chicken Patties Vegetarian Bean Chili Cheesy Fries* Peas & Carrots Oatmeal Raisin Cookies THU, OCT 28 LUNCH Creamy Potato Bacon Soup Beef Tacos Carved Beef Brisket Turkey & Rice Casserole Cheese Tortellini Baked Potatoes Buttered Broccoli Spears Honey-Glazed Carrots Garlic Breadsticks Corn Muffins Brownies Cherry Cobbler S-F Chocolate Cookies DINNER Fried Meat Pies Honey BBQ Drumsticks Cajun Shrimp* Cheese Quesadillas Dirty Rice Prince Edward Vegetables Chocolate Chunk Cookies Pick up your Treat Bag! FRI, OCT 29 LUNCH Vampire Brew (Tomato Basil Soup) Caterpillars (Hot Dogs)* Giant\'s Fingers (Fried Catfish) Bat Wings (Spicy Chicken Wings)* Witch\'s Potion (Cook\'s Choice) Zombie Crutches (Steak Fries) Troll Eye\'s (Pinto Beans w Ham) Eye of Newt (Fried Okra) Jack-o-Lantern Teeth (Corn on the Cob) Goblin Fists (Corn Muffins) Dragon Jewels (Fresh Fruit) Ghostly Delights (Baker\'s Choice) NEW on the Salad Bar at understudy demand: Deli sandwich meat and chicken bosom strips!

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