Metropolitan Transportation Power.

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MTA 2006 Last Proposed Spending plan November Money related Arrangement 2006 – 2009. DJC. November 16, 2005. Metropolitan Transportation Power. February versus July Arranges Shutting Money Equalizations Before Hole Shutting and Different Activities ($ in millions). 2009. 2005. 2006. 2008. 2007.
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MTA 2006 Final Proposed Budget November Financial Plan 2006 – 2009 DJC November 16, 2005 Metropolitan Transportation Authority

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February versus July Plans Closing Cash Balances Before Gap Closing and Other Actions ($ in millions) 2009 2005 2006 2008 2007

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Three Main Drivers for Baseline Net Improvement from February Plan to July Plan ($ in millions)

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Non-Recurring Portion of the 2005 Surplus ($ in millions)

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July Financial Plan Closing Cash Balance After Gap Closing and Other Actions* ($ in millions) * Includes extra 5% income increments in 2007 and 2009, reliable with earlier plans.

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Update of Non-Recurring Funds ($ in millions)

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2005 Monthly Real Estate Transaction Tax Receipts* Includes State MRT and 90% of Urban Tax (avoids paratransit and CDOT parts). Extra 1/8% in MRT-1 rate is reflected in Mid-Year Update conjecture and Actual starting with July money, however is not reflected in Adopted Budget figure.

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November Financial Plan Reasons for Baseline Net Improvements ($ in millions)

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Recommendations for the Non-Recurring $700 million Address Needs in MTA Capital Security Program ($100 million) Provide Agency Service Enhancements ($50 million) Provide Half Fare Initiative and Holiday Promotions ($50 million in 2005/$50 million in 2006) Reduce Unfunded Pension Liabilities ($450 million)

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November Financial Plan With Policy and Gap Closing Actions ($ in millions)

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November Financial Plan Closing Cash Balance After Policy and Gap Closing Actions* ($ in millions) * Includes extra 5% income increments in 2007 and 2009, steady with former arrangements.

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