MGT 670F: Contemporary Issues in Worldwide Business.

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MGT 670F: Contemporary Issues in Global Business. Arranging Japan. Ryan Armstrong Gregory Kelly Kazuo Miura Jamie Ortiz Jeremy O'Brien. We all think about Japan… . We've examined – Bowing with Effortlessness Showing Regard The Meishi Pass Merriments
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MGT 670F: Contemporary Issues in International Business Negotiating Japan Ryan Armstrong Gregory Kelly Kazuo Miura Jamie Ortiz Jeremy O’Brien

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We all think about Japan… We’ve contemplated – Bowing with Grace Displaying Respect The Meishi Pass Pleasantries Never-completion Spiral of Gift Giving

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However, what kind of challenges do we confront? On the Home Front? Protection Garbage Friendship Communication

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In the Work Place? Working Hours (zangyou) Vacation (paid leave versus wiped out days) Parties Vagueness (contracts, hush, attitudes…) Certainly we have a Love/Hate Relationship

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Indeed,not just do we battle with the high-setting society…

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But additionally with…

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The Two-Faces of Japan

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Chrysanthemum and the Sword Old versus New Ise Jingu Traditional versus Ultra-Modern Temple and the Skyscraper Self-censuring versus Ethnocentric Harmonious versus Relentless Senpai versus Kohai Isshoukenmei versus Gamman “I need to appear as something else simply like all my friends”

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Negotiating Japan Provide a system for Negotiating Japan Ishida Takeshi 1984 "Conflict and its accomodation: Omote-ura and uchi-soto relations"

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Negotiating in Japan Omote: Public setting (outside) Ura: Private setting (back) Uchi: In-gathering Soto: Out-gathering Tatemae: Person’s open position Honne: Person’s genuine goal

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The Uchi-Soto Dimension In-Group versus Out-Group A progression of concentric circles

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Maintaining Social Integrity and Avoiding Conflict The outskirt\'s adaptability in the middle of uchi and soto Village Head Secton Chief

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Problems “ We” and amae Not all individuals feel the same Owners versus laborers Not “we” yet “they”

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Dependent Revolts Motivated by the longing for amae Attract consideration for more generous treatment Expression of undecided emotions Exclude focus of assault Dependent on and in mental sense attempting to incorporate

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Conflict Can be stayed away from Enlarge in-gathering Absorb restricting gatherings Common foe “Conflict without-gatherings increments inner cohesion”

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Omote-Ura Front Region Public Formal Arena On Stage Back Region Private Informal Arena Backstage

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Example At the Office A gathering assembled at an Izakaiya Individuals at an Izakaiya

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Omote “Dignified Part ” Ura “Efficient Part” Walter Bagehot

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Omote Publicly Legitimate Dramatized and Dignified Element Formal and Rigid

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Ura Privately Allowed Practical and Efficient Elements Informal and Flexible

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Hierarchy The predominant chooses the amount Ura is allowed Even those at the same level utilization Omote-Ura 2 JCHEMBAs at The Shack + An Outsider

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Another Management Tool Grid

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OMOTE - SOTO Setting: Formal meeting without-gathering gatherings Conflict shirking - save amicability No concessions ought to be made Partial data trade - tatemae

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OMOTE - UCHI Setting: Surface meeting with in-gathering individuals just (interior) No contention ought to exist, some may Preserve tateshakai practices Increased enlightening trade May talk about honne to focus tatemae

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URA - SOTO Setting: Informal meeting in broad daylight setting (Golf, supper) No contention No data trade concerning transaction subjects More data trade to create relationship

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URA - UCHI Setting: Informal meeting in a private setting (izakaya, private room) Open clash reasonable Full data trade - Honne The genuine article – open clash/debate determination

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If you are a nonnative in Japan... Need to determine strife inside of the association; or Need to determine struggle with an outside association.

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Dispute determination inside of your association

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Dispute determination with an outside association

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Negotiating in Japan Goo

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