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Michigan Steps Up. Kimberlydawn Wisdom, MD, MS Michigan Surgeon General National Conference on Tobacco Or Health May 5, 2005. The Surgeon General’s Roles. Serve as Chief Public Health Advocate Rebuild the Public Health System Develop public health policy
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Michigan Steps Up Kimberlydawn Wisdom, MD, MS Michigan Surgeon General National Conference on Tobacco Or Health May 5, 2005

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The Surgeon General\'s Roles Serve as Chief Public Health Advocate Rebuild the Public Health System Develop general wellbeing arrangement Build shared associations

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United States Surgeons General

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U.P. On the Move and All Ears Mackinac Island Traverse City Cadillac Bellaire Saginaw Muskegon Flint Grand Rapids Lansing Port Huron Battle Creek Kalamazoo Detroit Benton Harbor

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Governor Jennifer Granholm\'s State of the State Address January 27, 2004 Our Determination, Our Destination: A 21st Century Economy Photo: www.michigan.gov/gov ( obligingness of Gary Shrewsbury ) Physical Health = Fiscal Health

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Where did we begin?

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Step 1 Promoting Healthy Lifestyles Prescription for a Healthier Michigan Healthy Michigan 2010: Surgeon General\'s Health Status Report

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Healthy Michigan 2010: Michigan Surgeon General\'s Health Status Report A portrayal of need wellbeing issues in Michigan 10 driving wellbeing markers perpetual ailment, ways of life, tobacco, substance mishandle, psychological well-being, maternal and youngster wellbeing, inoculations, wounds and brutality, sound situations, and irresistible and developing illnesses www.michigan.gov/mdch

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Tobacco Use Michigan versus Joined States 23.1% 25.7%

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Causes of Preventable Death Michigan Residents, 2003 Tobacco slaughters a bigger number of individuals in Michigan than AIDS, liquor, car accidents, fires, cocaine, heroin, homicides and suicides-consolidated Deaths/Year MDCH, Vital Records & Health Data Development, SAMMEC 3..1

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Healthcare Costs & Premiums in Michigan Altarum Report: Major Findings Michigan\'s high rate of weight, smoking, coronary illness passing, and diabetes are no doubt expanding medicinal services expenses and premiums Michigan\'s per capita utilization of physician recommended medications is high Michigan representatives are probably going to pick family scope Michigan bosses pay a more noteworthy share of the premium/cost of medical coverage (particularly for families)

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Healthcare Costs & Premiums in Michigan Altarum Report: Recommendations Expand ebb and flow state endeavors to support sound sans tobacco ways of life, anticipate infection, and advance wellbeing Reform protection industry structure to manage the degree to which organizations can change premiums Reduce doctor prescribed medication uses Increase government repayment for low-salary populaces

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Tobacco Climate in Michigan Tobacco Tax Weyco sans smoke Legislation

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The Economic Toll of Tobacco in Michigan\'s aggregate smoking costs, including human services expenses and efficiency misfortunes, are more than $6 billion yearly 16% of all Medicaid consumptions are spent on smoking-related sicknesses and maladies $881 million The cost to Michigan for each and every pack of cigarettes sold likens to $7.70 in therapeutic care expenses and lost profitability The normal express family unit\'s yearly smoking-brought on taxation rate is $532

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Economic Burden of Tobacco Use in Michigan Direct Health Care Costs $4.35 $138.94 Price per pack Medicaid cost per individual

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Governor Granholm Provides Leadership In Raising the Tobacco Tax Public Message: We have an open door and an obligation to shield youngsters from cigarettes, and to help other people to stop, while raising income for the state spending plan. Expanded income is assigned for social insurance programs. This is one expense that the residents of Michigan can pick NOT to pay. Picture Source: www.michigan.gov

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Governor Granholm\'s Proposal Increase the Cigarette Tax 75 pennies Conservatively, this will raise $295 million The main $30 million goes to general wellbeing avoidance programs, including tobacco discontinuance, endless malady counteractive action and maternal and youngster wellbeing programs $265 million goes to Medicaid

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Legislative Action A Republican official presented HB 5632, March 10, 2004 Proposed a $.75 impose increment on cigarettes, from $1.25 to $2.00/pack Proposed charge increment on other tobacco items from 20% to 32% of the discount cost. 7.275% of the expansion is reserved for the Healthy Michigan Fund; a bit of this would bolster tobacco diminishment and anticipation programs.

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"Climb It for Health" Campaign Education and Advocacy March 21, 2004 – Poll comes about on Tobacco Tax Survey (600 enrolled voters) were discharged Resolution of Support – accessible on the site April – June 2004, group gatherings were held with administrators in their home areas PowerPoint presentation for open conveyance

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Opposition Tactics The Michigan Business Alliance for Fair Taxes was framed to restrict the duty increment activity Key individuals from the Alliance incorporated the tobacco business, assembly of trade, and retailers and food merchants (The site is still dynamic: www.saynotounfairtaxes.com ) The Alliance enlisted its own particular PR firm and led significant oppositional media and promotion exercises

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Outcomes The Good… The $.75 assessment was affirmed by the lawmaking body in May and June, marked by the Governor and became effective July 1, 2004 A 32% extract expense was forced on other tobacco items, barring stogies Cessation rates are up – quitline rings are six crease Tobacco deals are down Medicaid spending plan profited from expanded financing

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Outcomes The unforeseen… The bill was at first crushed in the Senate; bargain was required on distribution of incomes The new law gives that until October 2005, all expense increment continues go to the Medicaid Fund On October 1, 2005, 75% of the returns go to Medicaid with the staying 25% reserved for the General Fund Prevention projects were subsidized at $12M instead of the $30M proposed by the Governor Michigan Steps Up battle included tobacco end/counteractive action as a noteworthy subject

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The Weyco Case Medical advantages organization situated in Okemos, Michigan (only outside of Lansing) In January, 2005 the organization fired 4 representatives after they declined to submit to a smoking breath test in light of the organization\'s new approach that bans tobacco utilize A media furor took after… … We are stating individuals can smoke in the event that they smoke. That is their decision… .But they can\'t work for us." - Gary Climes, Weyco\'s CFO Source: Detroit News (on the web) 27 January 2005

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Source: Lansing State Journal (on the web) 2 October 2004

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Source: Detroit News (on the web) 27 January 2005

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Weyco Inc. made a decide that everybody who is going to work at Weyco must be a nonsmoker. Representatives can\'t smoke at work or at home, not even in the midst of a furlough. Weyco will test workers to ensure they are not smoking. I believe Weyco\'s lead is unreasonable. The reality of the matter is that one of our center popularity based qualities is basic great. This govern holds protection costs down. That is useful for everybody. Be that as it may, smokers surrender their entitlement to smoke, even at their homes. Weyco can\'t circumvent testing workers and attacking their security. Shouldn\'t something be said about individuals who are overweight? Is Weyco going to make a manage about them, as well? I trust this run is not reasonable in light of the fact that the smokers need to surrender their entitlement to smoke at work or wherever else. The individual\'s rights are, for this situation, more essential. (composed by an eighth grade understudy) I have perused a few conclusions for the Weyco\'s terminating of representatives for smoking. In what manner would one be able to have such exclusive focus? Yes, smoking is terrible, so is elevated cholesterol, eating fast food, and so on. Established rights are not rights if a subject is denied them. I know, smoking is not an established right, but rather the quest for bliss is, which is difficult to achieve while being let go for a legitimate movement outside the working environment. I trust individuals for Weyco live as great residents as well as like holy people, in which case they could at present wind up being terminated - perhaps to pray at home?

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Source: Lansing State Journal (on the web) 7 February 2005

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Source: MSNBC (on the web) 26 January 2005

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Smokefree Legislation Bills presented on April 19, 2005: SB 394 (Sen. Beam Basham, D-Taylor)/HB 4624 (Rep. Point Vander Veen, R-Allendale): Amend the Public Health code and guarantee that all eateries and bars in Michigan are smokefree SB 395 (Sen. Tom George, R-Kalamazoo Twp)/HB 4625 (Rep. Brenda Clack, D-Flint): Prevents smoking in all other Michigan work environments Opposition from Michigan Restaurant Association, Michigan Licensed Beverage Association, others Over 3500 smokefree eateries and diners in the condition of Michigan

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Source: Detroit News online 24 April 2005

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Step 2 Promoting Healthy Lifestyles Prescription for a Healthier Michigan Healthy Michigan 2010: Surgeon General\'s Health Status Report

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Prescription For A Healthier Michigan www.michigan.gov/gov

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Prescription for a Healthier Michigan Components: 1) Strategic Priorities Promoting sound ways of life Protecting families Protecting people group Eliminating wellbeing inconsistencies 2) Recommendations http://www.michigan.gov/mdch

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Step 3 Promoting Healthy Lifestyles Prescription for a Healthier Michigan Healthy Michigan 2010: Surgeon General\'s Health Status Report

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Focus on physical action, adhering to a good diet, and diminishing tobacco utilization

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Goals: Build people group limit Share assets Reduce wellbeing hazard variables Improve wellbeing results Campaign Components: Website Media Campaign Healthy Lifestyle Challenges Stakeholder Groups Other (e.g. Looking for stipends for a group segment and different ventures) Michigan Steps Up

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