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2006-2007: Windows Vista. MSN to end up Windows Live. Conceivable association with Eurekster. ... Windows History: Windows Desktop Products History. Recovered April 10, ...
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Microsoft Stephanie White

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Contents What is Microsoft? Charge Gates Founding of Microsoft Divisions of Microsoft History of Microsoft Future of Microsoft Awards/Criticisms

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What is Microsoft? Situated in Redmond, Washington 64,000 workers in 85 nations/districts International Computer Technology Program $40 Billion a year Also claims some portion of TV system, Internet, Magazine, Encyclopedia "MicroSoft"

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Bill Gates October 28, 1955 Born William Henry Gates III Advanced rapidly in school, math and science Lakeside Dad legal advisor, family history of achievement in business, legislative issues, and group benefit First acquainted with PCs at Lakeside

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Founding of Microsoft Bill Gates and Paul Allen Gates once in a while concentrated on learns at Lakeside and Harvard December 1974 MITS (Micro Instrumental and Telemetry Systems) Altair 8080, BASIC Gates, Allen, and MITS bargain for privileges of their BASIC

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Divisions of Microsoft: Platform Products and Services Division Windows working framework MSN MSNBC Slate magazine Hotmail MSN Messenger Microsoft Visual Studio (GUI –centered)

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Business Division Microsoft Office Microsoft Office 2003 Focus of Division Navision 1999photos/office2000_big.jpg

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Entertainment and Devices Division Mobile Market MSN TV (Web TV) Ultimate TV Computer Games Encyclopedias Microsoft Zone Xbox/Xbox 360 Other PC gadgets

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History of Microsoft 1975-1981 Founding of Microsoft Japan 1978 Headquarters move 1979 1980 Steve Ballmer 1981 Company makeover, "Microsoft, Inc." 1980 OS Xenix 1983 Microsoft Word 1981 makes DOS working framework 1983 MSX 1986 organization migration 1989 and 1991 "head-fake"

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History Continued March 1992: Windows 3.1 more than 3 million sold in initial two months 1994 Microsoft Encarta 1995 shaped Dreamworks 1995: Windows 95 and MSN 1996: Creates MSNBC and Slate 1997: Microsoft Office 97 and Internet Explorer 4.0 1998: Power switch, Windows 98, and Explorer 4.0 SP1 2000: Windows 2000, Millennium Edition, and CE 3.0 2001: Windows XP 2004: XP Media Edition 2005: MSN web crawler

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Future 2006-2007: Windows Vista MSN to end up Windows Live Possible association with

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Awards/Criticisms Unstable items "Blue Screen of Death" Products excessively convoluted: "wizards" required U.S. Division of Justice sues Insecure items "1993 Most Innovative Company Operating in the U.S." Fortune 500 rundown Microsoft Bob

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