Microsoft Frameworks Administration Server Topaz Programming Appropriation Wally Mead Program Director Undertaking Group.

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Microsoft Frameworks Administration Server Topaz Programming Appropriation Wally Mead Program Director Endeavor Group Microsoft Organization. Session Motivation. Changes to SMS 2.0 programming appropriation highlights Expelled usefulness from SMS 2.0 programming conveyance
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Microsoft Systems Management Server Topaz Software Distribution Wally Mead Program Manager Enterprise Team Microsoft Corporation

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Session Agenda Changes to SMS 2.0 programming circulation elements Removed usefulness from SMS 2.0 programming conveyance New elements in Topaz programming dissemination

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Overview of Changes to SMS 2.0 Software Distribution Features Functionality changes to a component that was available in SMS 2.0 Quickly halting and restarting notices Ability to re-run ads Maximum permitted run time Advertisement commencement show Additional status informing

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Stopping and Restarting Advertisements Topaz menu alternative determination to: Stop existing notice Restart an impaired promotion Re-run existing commercial Stopping existing ad debilitates the project being publicized Enabling the system makes the ad dynamic again Re-running existing notice adds another calendar to the current timetable of assignments

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Overview of Removed Functionality from SMS 2.0 Functionality that was available in SMS 2.0 and is not present in Topaz No more a “Remove programming when it is no more advertised” project choice Used to consequently deinstall the system if the ad was no more substantial Mobile customers don\'t bolster Windows customers programming establishment record Use signed on client or Local System accounts Desktops still backing “Software Installation Account”

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Overview of New Features in Topaz Software Distribution Active Directory ™ combination Microsoft ® Windows ® XP stage focusing on Notification concealment Add/Remove Programs coordination Program class bolster Delta replication MSI bolster upgrades Mobile customer bolster Roaming, BITS, MSMQ, and administration focuses

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Topaz Active Directory Targeting PCs Active Directory System Discovery accumulates space, OU, AD website, and Active Directory security bunches for PCs Targeting clients Active Directory User Discovery assembles space, OU, and Active Directory security bunches for clients Global, all inclusive, settled gatherings, and non-security gatherings upheld

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Topaz Active Directory Targeting (2) Any of these properties can be utilized to question and produce accumulations Can incorporate with SMS equipment or programming stock also Allows more mind boggling focusing on by means of accumulations: All clients in the Finance OU and the Remote User worldwide gathering All PCs in the Servers OU, in the Redmond webpage, in the SMS Servers widespread gathering, and having no less than 512 MB of RAM

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Add/Remove Programs Integration In SMS 2.0, notices were run physically in the Advertised Programs Wizard Users must be prepared to utilize two unique techniques for running projects: Add/Remove Programs and Advertised Programs Wizard With Topaz, ads can be shown in the Add/Remove Programs system Single spot for clients to run programs Optional on per-program premise Program classifications upheld Single class per program

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Delta Replication In SMS 2.0, bundle redesigns are extravagant The whole bundle is sent down to fitting youngster destinations The whole bundle is sent to every dispersion point With Topaz, just the overhauled documents are circulated To suitable kid locales To each appointed appropriation point Network movement can be lessened essentially much of the time

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Delta Replication (2) Supports destinations not utilizing delta replication SMS 2.0 kid locales Supports five deltas for each bundle Configurable If obliged redesign delta form not accessible at a kid webpage, Topaz resends whole bundle Self-recuperating if a kid webpage gets degenerate bundle information

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Delta Replication Example Sample bundle is Office XP Professional CD size was 450 MB Administrative offer was 629 MB The SMS compacted record size was 350 MB It took two hours to pack by regional standards, send to kid website, and decompress at tyke website When including another record (.mst) of 78 KB Update record size to tyke website was 30 KB It took two minutes to pack mainly, send to kid webpage, and decompress at kid webpage Only the 78 KB document was sent to neighborhood dissemination point

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MSI File Support Improvements Improved MSI record support in three ranges: SMS Installer can compose local MSI documents Package creation from MSI documents Elevated rights for MSI programs No more oblige Installer Step-Up utility to make MSI records from SMS Installer Easy specify choice in SMS Installer MSI documents contain all fundamental information to be utilized as bundle definition document Just search to the MSI document rather than a .sms document when making a bundle

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SMS Installer MSI File Creation Screen Shot

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MSI Package Elevation MSI bundles can keep running under flow client or Local System connection Current client to overhaul client information Local System to introduce documents A solitary MSI can run parts in every setting Topaz customer procedures screen SMS notices to be run, and if MSI program, Topaz solicitations raised rights Gives hoisted rights to keep running under Local System for segments of system that oblige it Automated procedure through Topaz

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Overview of Mobile Client Software Distribution Support SMS portable customers have uncommon elements to bolster remote, moderate, conflicting associations with SMS servers BITS (Background Intelligent Transfer Service) MSMQ (Microsoft Message Queue) Roaming The Topaz desktop customer does not contain any of these extraordinary elements Basically SMS 2.0, with upgrades officially specified in this presentation

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SMS Mobile Client Software Distribution BITS permits download and execute model for bundle execution Local reserve of put away projects Program downloads amid associations Byte-level checkpoints in project downloads Bandwidth delicate to client transmission capacity necessities After full program downloaded, nearby execution can happen Distribution guides must be arranged toward bolster BITS

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Enabling BITS on a Distribution Point Screen Shot

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SMS Mobile Client Roaming SMS versatile customers discover an administration point for the neighborhood webpage from Active Directory Knows it allocated site’s administration point from the Active Directory When wandering to different locales, utilizes Active Directory to discover an administration guide nearby toward the meandered website This permits revelation of nearby appropriation focuses for publicized projects Site properties direct which limits are neighborhood versus remote If no neighborhood administration point, utilizes administration point from relegated webpage

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Mobile Client Roaming Screen Shot

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SMS Mobile Client Roaming (2) Roaming permits approaches from alloted webpage, however content from nearby website MSMQ utilized for strategy downloads Policies originate from nearby website Regional versus worldwide wandering If accessible, the customer discovers an administration indicate in meandered webpage discover conveyance point for substance Each notice designs neighborhood versus remote dissemination point taking care of for project After full program downloaded, execution can happen MP tells customer if DP underpins BITS

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Session Summary Topaz enhances the product appropriation usefulness of SMS 2.0 Many changes to improve organization encounter New elements to add to the usefulness Support for portable customers is a key option Delta replication decreases data transfer capacity utilization for bundle upgrades Active Directory reconciliation gives extra focusing on abilities Add/Remove Programs bolster facilitates end-client perplexity MSI document backing is enhanced

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