Microsoft GOLD Guaranteed Accomplice.

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Microsoft GOLD Confirmed Accomplice e5 Advantages 1/4 of the expense of conventional frameworks Arrangement not customisation permits persistent business change activities IT and Business have motivation to cooperate Influences your current programming and information resources
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Microsoft GOLD CERTIFIED Partner

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e5 Benefits 1/4 of the expense of customary frameworks Configuration not customisation permits nonstop business change activities IT & Business have motivation to cooperate Leverages your current programming & information resources Minimal end client preparing obliged Auditability and Compliance is standard Activity Based Costing is standard SLA/KPI checking and reporting are standard Exception Reporting and Alerts are standard Small tasks are adequate to accomplish most extreme ROI

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Process Worker Correspond Process Processes Monitor Call Center Multiple Tools e5 Capabilities Scan/Fax/Email Integrate Trading Partners Trading Partners Automate Internal Triggers Compliance Capture Process Respond

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e5 grasps Microsoft Information Worker Platform Services e5 BI depends on Reporting Services & Server side Excel e5 consolidates value-based handling with the coordinated effort Platform including MS Instant Messaging and existing MS email and cell phones Business Intelligence Collaboration e5 influences MOSS web authorizing for part and counselor entries e5 uses Forms Server for Internal and External structures Business Forms Portal Content Management Search e5 interfaces straightforwardly to MOSS content for Policies and Procedures e5 Single Enterprise hunt over all email, intranet, archives, and records

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Automate Compliance through Workflow

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User Influenced & Automated Decision Paths The choice made by the client in e5 decides the procedure stream in WinWF

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e5 Workflow

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Provide Traffic Light Reporting

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Drill through point by point reporting

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Activity Cost & Cycle Time Reporting

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e5 Integrated MOSS Document Management

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e5 Configuration

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The creative arrangement that gives 100% Fit to process style – arrangement fits the issue Rapid Implementation – Lower undertaking expense Flexibility and Change – Promotes steady change Human work process improvement – QA and operational proficiency Maximize Current IT Infrastructure Investment – Lower aggregate proprietorship cost Unrivaled Project Success Rate – low venture danger Joint IT & Business Delivery – revive vital estimation of IT

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Microsoft GOLD CERTIFIED Partner .:tsli

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