Microsoft ISA Server H.323 Portal and Watchman.

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Microsoft ISA Server H.323 Portal and Guard. Review of IP Telephony, H.323, and ISA Server H.323 Support. Presentation Plan. IP Telephony Review The ITU H.323 Detail Microsoft ISA Server H.323 Door Microsoft ISA Server H.323 Watchman Microsoft ISA Server Situations.
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Microsoft ISA Server H.323 Gateway and Gatekeeper Overview of IP Telephony, H.323, and ISA Server H.323 Support

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Presentation Agenda IP Telephony Overview The ITU H.323 Specification Microsoft ISA Server H.323 Gateway Microsoft ISA Server H.323 Gatekeeper Microsoft ISA Server Scenarios

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IP Telephony Overview Definition IP Telephony alludes to the equipment and programming innovations that give the capacity to place phone brings over IP based systems.

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IP Telephony Overview Traditional Voice Networks – PSTN The Public Switched Telephone Network The accumulation of systems administration hardware that has a place with the bearers included in giving phone administration. The PSTN is a Circuit Switched Network A virtual circuit is made in the PSTN “Cloud” for every phone call. The circuit is apportioned (64k bps) and kept up for the call\'s term, paying little respect to the measure of activity streaming over the circuit.

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IP Telephony Overview PSTN - Basic Network Topology

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IP Telephony Overview Traditional IP Networks – The Internet Packet Switched Networks Separate parcels from the same correspondence may take diverse ways through the cloud. More proficient utilization of system assets No inalienable QoS or Security, without uncommon an exceptional usage to address these issues. Flagging and Media utilize the same system

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IP Telephony Overview Standards Bodies International Telecommunications Union (ITU) ITU-T division’s H SERIES specs characterize the Transmission of non-phone signals. Determinations must be authorized from the ITU Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) RFC and Internet-Draft particulars are understood to most IT experts Available in general society area :

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IP Telephony Overview The 3 contending flagging conventions H.323 (ITU) Umbrella detail characterizing the conventions and codecs to be utilized by H.323 agreeable gadgets. Taste (IETF) Session Initiation Protocol. New, cutting-edge standard. Like H323 mechanically, yet content based and less complex. All the more firmly identified with HTTP “on the wire.” S/MGCP (IETF) Signaling Gateway Control Protocol/Media Gateway Control Protocol.

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IP Telephony Overview Media Protocols RTP/RTCP (IETF) Real-Time Protocol/Real-Time Control Protocol. This is utilized generally for media transport. Both H.323 and SIP determine RTP as the media transport convention of decision

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IP Telephony Overview Basic VoIP system graph

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The ITU H.323 Specification H.323 Specification Title: Visual phone frameworks and hardware for neighborhood which give a non‑guaranteed nature of administration

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The ITU H.323 Specification Important Terms H.323 Entity: Any H.323 part, including Terminals Gateways Gatekeepers MCs, MPs, and MCUs. Endpoint : A Terminal, Gateway, or MCU. Call: Point-to-point sight and sound correspondence between two H.323 endpoints Multipoint Conference: A gathering between three or more terminals

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The ITU H.323 Specification H.323 Protocol Stack

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The ITU H.323 Specification Basic Call Model A common H.323 Call comprises of 5 stages: Call Setup (Phase An) Initial correspondence in the middle of endpoints and terminal capacity trade (Phase B) Establishment of Audio/Visual correspondence between endpoints (Phase C) Request and arrangement of Call Services (Phase D) Call Termination (Phase E)

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The ITU H.323 Specification Basic Call in real life

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ISA Server H.323 Gateway Introduction The ISA Server H.323 Gateway is an application layer H.323 Proxy. Conventional circuit-layer intermediaries (Winsock Proxy, ISA Firewall Service) and straightforward intermediaries (NAT, SecureNAT) don\'t appropriately handle H.323 movement in light of the Protocol’s intricacy.

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ISA Server H.323 Gateway Proxy History Proxy Server 2.0 Winsock Proxy could deal with one and only outbound H.323 call at once. No inbound H.323 calls were conceivable (No Server Proxy) Windows 2000 NAT H.323/LDAP Protocol Editor permits outbound H.323 Calls (LDAP is required for ILS lookup) ISA H.323 Gateway bolsters outbound H.323 calls and inbound calls with Gatekeeper help

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ISA Server H.323 Gateway H.323 Gateway Implementation The ISA H.323 Proxy is actualized as an ISA Application Filter. Application Filters can be remotely created utilizing the ISA SDK. Application channels module to the ISA Firewall Service Application channels can perform convention altering, e.g., H.323 channel Content assessment, e.g., SMTP channel Virus checking, e.g., 3 rd Party channel Other exercises empowered by access to the application information stream Both SecureNAT Clients and Firewall (WSP) Clients can utilize the H.323 Gateway

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ISA Server H.323 Gateway H.323 Gateway Implementation (cont.)

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ISA Server H.323 Gatekeeper Introduction ISA Gatekeeper Functionality Register Users (registry) The GK characterizes a H.323 zone and is referenced when endeavoring to find a client or terminal. The GK gives nom de plume to IP address determination. Course Calls Terminals indicate a GK if one exists for their zone. The GK will course calls to the suitable destinations in view of directing standards made by a manager.

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ISA Server H.323 Gatekeeper Scenario Example

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ISA Server H.323 Gatekeeper Server Properties

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ISA Server H.323 Gatekeeper Server Properties (cont.)

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ISA Server H.323 Gatekeeper Registering Users

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ISA Server H.323 Gatekeeper Call Routing - Destinations

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ISA Server H.323 Gatekeeper Call Routing Rules are utilized to decide how a GK ought to help the guest course the call. 3 Types of Call Routing Rules Phone Number Rules Email Address Rules IP Address Rules By coordinating the ID sort to a destination, Phone# calls can be directed to a PSTN Gateway External IP Addresses, Email addresses, or Names can be steered to outer endpoints or GK’s.

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ISA Server H.323 Gatekeeper Routing Rule Precedence GK discovers coordinating standards for every destination sort. Coordinating guidelines are then sorted by Quality of match (additionally coordinating components) If Quality of match is equivalent, “exact” standard sorts have priority over “prefix” (ph#) or “suffix” (area/IP) tenet sorts. On the off chance that Quality and Type match, principle priority number is utilized.

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ISA Server H.323 Gatekeeper Routing Rule Precedence (cont) Now that standards have been sorted in light of coordinating, there may be equivalent guidelines with distinctive destinations. Every destination ought to be attempted for the situation that a past reaction is negative. e.g., If ILS lookup falls flat, we ought to attempt Active Directory for a match also (accepting there are standards for each of these destinations)

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ISA Server H.323 Gatekeeper Routing Rule Precedence (cont) Destinations are reached in the accompanying request: None. This is a “deny rule” and reasons handling to stop. Neighborhood Registration Database Gateway/Proxy Internet Locator Service (ILS) Gatekeeper Multicast Gatekeeper DNS Active Directory Local Network

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ISA Server H.323 Gatekeeper Routing Rule Precedence (cont) Which Rules get connected? What request are the connected tenets prepared?

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Resources and References Books IP Telephony. (Bill Douskalis) Much of the VoIP and H.323 data in this presentation originated from this book IP Telephony: Packet-Based Multimedia Communications Systems (Hersent, Gurle, Petit) Web Sites Databeam. This site has a decent introduction on H.323 and T.120 Intel. This page portrays the issues and pitfalls of getting H.323 through Firewalls

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Resources and References (cont.) Specs ITU-T: H.323 T.120 IETF: RTP (RFC 1889)

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