Microsoft .Net Innovation Sachin Shetty Vimal Amin Thomas Mullasaril Vinutna Pulavarti Programming Building CS616 Instru.

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Microsoft .Net Technology. Sachin Shetty. Vimal Amin. Thomas Mullasaril ... By what means can the Microsoft .net innovation be connected to Software Engineering? ...
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Microsoft .Net Technology Sachin Shetty Vimal Amin Thomas Mullasaril Vinutna Pulavarti Software Engineering CS616 Instructor:Dr.Tappert

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Microsoft Vision Empower individuals through extraordinary programming, whenever, wherever, and on any gadget.

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Microsoft .NET Topics What is Microsoft .net? What is the Microsoft .net Framework? Meaning of .net Framework Elements contained in the Microsoft .NET structure Common Language Runtime (CLR) ASP .net ADO .net Visual Studio .net C#

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Microsoft .net Topics Continued Why utilize Microsoft\'s .net innovation? In what manner can the Microsoft .net innovation be connected to Software Engineering? Conclusion Web Resources

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What is Microsoft .net? Item Overview (From Microsoft) Microsoft .NET is a thorough group of item based on industry and Internet benchmarks that accommodate every part of creating, overseeing, utilizing and encountering XML administrations. Formal Definition .NET is an arrangement of Microsoft programming innovations that interface data, individuals, frameworks, and gadgets, by and large through the Web.

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What is Microsoft .net? Formal Definition (Continued) There are four classifications into which Microsoft .NET advancements are incorporated: 1. Shrewd Clients - Smart telephones, PDAs, Smart Appliances 2. Web Services – UDDI, SOAP 3. Servers - NET Standard Server, .NET Web Server, Windows Server 2003 4. Advancement Tools – Visual studio .net, ASP .net, ADO .net Microsoft .NET interfaces IT Professionals to an expansive assortment of customized .NET encounters, utilizing industry measures and innovations as a part of the .NET system

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What is the .Net Framework ? The .Net system is an indispensable Windows part that backings building and running applications and XML web administrations created inside the .net environment. Net structure works much like the java J2EE .Net system incorporates Common Language Runtime (CLR) Visual Studio .net Framework Classes (Class Libraries) ASP .net ADO .net Support for up to 20 OO, Markup, and Scripting Languages

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Web Services Web Forms Controls Drawing System.Web System.WinForms ASP.NET Application Services Windows Application Services Data and System Base Classes ADO.NET XML SQL Threading IO Net Security Service Process Microsoft.Net Framework Common Language Specification Common Language Runtime Security Engine Thread Support Exception Handler IL to Native Compiler Type System Garbage Collector

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Common Language Runtime The CLR gives a run-time environment that deals with the execution of code and gives administrations. Gives profound cross-dialect interoperability between programming dialects and handles exemptions crosswise over dialects. Enhances programs in Performance, Scalability, and Availability.

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Visual Studio .NET IDE that has a complete arrangement of advancement devices for building desktop applications, ASP Web applications, XML web administrations, and portable administrations. An expansion of Visual Studio 6.0, likewise contains J# and C# Visual Studio 6.0 activities are effortlessly moved up to Visual Studio .net tasks

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Microsoft .Net Framework Classes Microsoft .net structure gives an API to all programming dialects incorporated into .NET bundles. All libraries are Object-Oriented Extensible libraries like the java API Increases designer efficiency by decreasing the quantity of APIs to learn Enables cross dialect legacy and troubleshooting Allows production of secure applications

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ASP .NET Provides libraries and administrations that permit the creation, organization, and execution of Web Applications and Web Services. ( Aids in making Web Forms and GUIs utilizing ASP .net makes building web applications less demanding. Regularly utilized with ADO .net to interface with databases.

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ADO .NET Collection of classes that oversee information to and from social databases inside the .net structure ADO.NET has classes that empower software engineers to interface and question an extensive variety of databases including: Oracle, Sybase, Informix, DB2, Microsoft SQL Server 2000, Ingres, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Yard-SQL, mSQL, and all ODBC perfect databases. Support for information access over HTTP

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C# New programming dialect presented by Microsoft contained in its .net innovation Uses a number of the best components of C++, Java, Visual Basic, and other OO dialects. Little expectation to absorb information from either C++ or Java Some essential elements include: All writes in a C# project are presently of sort item Millions of lines of C# code officially accessible in .Net structure libraries First Component situated dialect in C/C++ family

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Why use Microsoft .net? Best reason is a result of the Common Language Runtime (CLR) Promotes profound cross-dialect interoperability, practicality, and code compactness On-going backing and enhancements from Microsoft to the .net system. (For whatever length of time that you don\'t have the scholarly form!) .Net engineering gives basic libraries to all dialects, so there is no compelling reason to learn numerous API\'s Smart Device Capabilities for items, for example, Cell Phones, PDA\'s, and different Microsoft items

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Why use Microsoft .net? (Cont) Designed and characterized by Web Standards to take care of web/web advancement issues and fabricate better arrangements. More versatile and adjustable GUI creation through and Windows Forms. Included security over web administrations and conventions. A Standard for Database administration through, making the Database administration process less demanding.

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How is Microsoft .Net relevant to Software Engineering? .Net Supports the System Development and Software Evolution Stages Development - > Design Debugging - > Validation Maintenance - > Evolution Brings developers together who have diverse programming foundations, which makes venture administration more adaptable. More quality, trustworthiness, execution, and security in Web-Based applications. Programming movability advanced through CLR

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Conclusion Microsoft .NET is another and inventive item that has a wide assortment of employments. These reach from interfaces for Smart Devices, to database administration, to Language interoperability and different employments. .Net is an earth shattering stage in the domain of web applications and web administrations. Despite the fact that .net has a muddled foundation, it\'s CLR and .net system libraries guarantee to bring Software Engineers and IT experts together under a typical Standard

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Microsoft .net assets – Microsoft\'s data/bolster page for visual studio .net - depicts the new dialect incorporated into .net, which is C# (called c sharp). - Microsoft\'s authentic site portraying the .net structure – This site has .net asset pages with illustration code and instructional exercises on utilizing all parts of the .net system. The webpage offers downloads, an extraordinary "understudy seciton" for new .net clients and a customized site for every clients inclinations. - Large source I found of .net source code on the net. The greater part of the dialects bolstered by Visual Studio .net are incorporated

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Sources ( and msdn library particularly) Algonquin Studios

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