Microsoft Office Framework SharePoint Entry Server 2003.

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Microsoft Office SharePoint Portal Server. Gives a focal center point to sort out and empower access to data, applications, individuals and groups ...
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Pursuit and Metadata Microsoft Office System SharePoint Portal Server 2003 Alex D. Swim Program Manager Information Worker Solutions Group Microsoft Corp.

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Agenda Internal Environmental at Microsoft What we have done to date SharePoint Products & Technologies Windows SharePoint Services Lists & Schemas SharePoint Portal Server Search Interface Property Mapping Query Modification

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Internal Environmental Heterogeneity of Content & Metadata Volume & area of substance Definition of pursuit items Where Metadata "lives" Transitivity & Temporality of Content Is Lifecycle data just metadata, or Does connected metadata have its own lifecycle Local versus Worldwide requirements Language Granularity Controlled Vocabularies Search Interface is not by any means the only Entry Point

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Internal Solutions What we have done inside Query investigation devices Core metadata pattern Metadata Management System Core Schema administration Associated vocabularies Both extensible Integration w/existing CMS & DM situations Exposure by means of Web Services

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SharePoint Products and Technologies Windows SharePoint Services (WSS) Provides workspaces for groups to share data and work together Microsoft Office SharePoint Portal Server Provides a focal center point to compose and empower access to data, applications, individuals and groups SharePoint Portal Server expands on top of Windows SharePoint Services Provides both gateway locales and additionally the spot to make, arrange and upgrade individual and group destinations

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Lists Links Tasks Surveys Events Image Libraries Document Libraries more … Views Calendar Survey comes about diagrams Filters Grouping Sorting more … SharePoint Lists

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Custom Lists & Views Create records w/custom properties Data-writing Manage query records Mappable Queryable Custom Views Group Web Service available

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Search Interface First-arrange objects for: Lists People (w/Presence data) Categories Group-by highlight Author Site Date Category

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Property Mapping View filed properties Grouped by namespace Remove from file Map to different properties Expose in indexed lists Expose in handled hunt

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Property Mapping

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mapped to Creator DC.CREATOR associated as Property Mapping Analyst Architect Auther Author-Corporate Author.Corporate Author2 Authors CMAuthor CreatedBy Creator ContentAuthor DocAuthor … Video_Creator Web_Author ZD_Author

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Query Modification Keyword "Best Bets" Rank Promotion Synonym Support Query Term Replacement Misspellings Highly controlled substance sets Query Term Expansion Synonym Sets for FT Search "Goal" comparability

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More Information Table in the entryway D. Swim

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