Microsoft Office XML Positions.

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Office 2007 clients can change the default record position if craved ... Rehydrates handicapped Office 2007-specifc content (for upheld highlights just) ...
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Microsoft Office XML Formats

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Agenda The part of XML in Microsoft Office Transitioning to open record groups Benefits of the Microsoft Office XML Formats File position similarity and arrangement Resources and extra data

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The Role of XML in Office Built –by design– for Interoperability Achieve industry arrangement utilizing institutionalized advancements Enable information interoperability between archives, applications and frameworks Capture and reuse data to and from numerous information sources Build insightful applications that enhance information setting and quality Shared administration situated engineering (fx http, XML, SOAP, WSDL, UDDI) Documents

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The Role of XML in Office Evolving Customer Scenarios

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The Role of XML Example Customer Solutions Using Office 2003 and XML

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The Role of XML Example Customer Solutions – Office 2003

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Transitioning to Open document positions Advocating client decision for record group utilization Broad exhibit of open record configurations are required to address the aggregate need Broad cluster of open document positions grows coordination open doors Utilize current wide utilize document forms notwithstanding creating principles Migrating existing reports to XML-based report organizes Potentially impacts billions of archives in the course of the last 10 - 20 years Support crosswise over numerous applications and frameworks must be empowered Layout, presentation and information uprightness are obligatory amid transformations Maintaining the basics XML movement ought not give up execution, record size, or security Conversion devices accessible for clients and for changing over legacy archives

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Microsoft Office XML Formats another, XML-based record form for Word, Excel and PowerPoint Open, straightforward document designs enhance interoperability Ecma Open XML Formats on track for institutionalization Office XML Formats give XML-based organizations to layouts, include ins, full scale empowered records and more sans royalty form licenses empower mix by any innovation supplier Compact, vigorous record design ZIP pressure of the configuration lessens document sizes Segmented information stockpiling enhances information recuperation and the capacity for engineers access to document substance automatically Full backing for similarity, relocation and sending New document arrangements are currently default document designs Backward perfect to Office 2000 with expansion of similarity pack Bulk transformation devices accessible

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New Word, PowerPoint, Excel Formats Open XML Formats File designs submitted to Ecma International for documentation and institutionalization Macro-empowered Formats Separates reports that are permitted to execute implanted macros/VBA ventures Excel Binary Workbook New, Excel parallel record form streamlined for substantial exercise manuals ALL record positions accessible by means of sovereignty free permit program

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Office XML Formats Architecture Modular arrangement enhances designer abilities with negligible client sway Office "document" Operates indistinguishably to whatever other Windows desktop document. Client sees and collaborates with the desktop record precisely as they do with today. Inward operation Different sorts of information inside every record put away as attentive, ZIP-compacted XML segments Users would not see these segments unless they un-ZIP the document to see the archive parts Applications and frameworks could alter and separate individual parts without utilizing Office applications The defilement or nonappearance of any part would not preclude the document from being opened

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Improved Integration Enabling access to report substance through XML engineering ZIP Container packs report substance Easier automatic cross examination and evacuation of undesirable substance. Custom XML information store has content put away in exceptionally characterized compositions; isolates content from presentation. Separate substance stockpiling empowers disentangled access and automatic control of report substance.

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Compact File Format File size lessening because of ZIP pressure Dramatic record size enhancements * Additional PowerPoint document size upgrades made arrangements for Office 12

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Robust File Format Enabling more secure reports and enhanced defilement recuperation Modular engineering enhances recuperation of degenerate documents A harmed protest no more devastates the whole document Making archives more secure Easily filtered for particular substance Format design empowers automatic identification and evacuation of any by and by identifiable data, remarks, followed changes No VBA code in reports naturally; Optional arrangement position bolsters VBA Migration to new configuration without Object model changes

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sans royalty File Format Licensing Office File Format Licensing sans royalty permit for XML document groups sans royalty permit for Binary record positions Fundamentals of Office document design authorizing The specialized documentation is accessible for anybody The blueprints depend on the W3C XML standard The permit is sans eminence The permit is ceaseless The permit is extremely short and accessible to everybody

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Ecma Open XML Formats Standardizing Office XML Formats The objective of the Ecma Committee is to deliver a formal standard for office efficiency applications which is completely perfect with the Office Open XML Formats. The point is to empower the execution of the Office Open XML Formats by a wide arrangement of instruments and stages keeping in mind the end goal to encourage interoperability crosswise over office profitability applications and with line-of-business frameworks. Ecma will likewise be in charge of the continuous upkeep and development of the standard.

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Ecma Open XML Formats Co-Sponsors Apple Barclays Capital BP British Library Essilor Intel Corporation Microsoft Corporation NextPage Inc. Statoil ASA Toshiba

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Building Open Communities Formed to give Open XML Formats designers with a gathering for the free trade of thoughts, tips and apparatuses identified with Open XML Formats improvement Open to anybody for nothing out of pocket to empower wide cooperation and advancement of arrangements utilizing the Open XML Formats on any stage

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File Format Compatibility Ensuring Free Document Exchange With Prior Office Releases Office 2000, XP, 2003 will open, alter and spare new Office organizations Will perceive new Word, Excel and PowerPoint record position expansions Will spare back to the new configuration when a document is altered Office 2007 clients can change the default document group if coveted Current .doc, .xls, .ppt record arrangements will be upheld in Office 12 Default document arrangement can be set by clients amid sending or after

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Enforcing "Similarity Mode" Artwork, Charts, Diagrams use Office 2000-2003 arrangement Office 2007 elements refused by Office 2007 interface Compatibility Checker distinguishes contrary components Enabled for Office 2003 AND Office 2007 configurations File Format Compatibility Office 2007 Office 2003, XP, 2000 Enabling "Full Functionality Mode" Enables full Office 2007 usefulness Rehydrates impaired Office 2007-specifc content (for bolstered highlights just) Office 2007 Downgrade to Compatibility Mode Office 2007 elements downsize to Office 2003 elements Compatibility Checker helps with minimization handle Some work of art is rasterized (can be \'rehydrated\') Some basic data lost (XML Bindings, Building piece data) Office 2007 Office 2003, XP, 2000

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File Format Deployment Office File Conversion Tool Unleash information through XML Office Migration Planning Manager Proactively Identify File Format Issues "Light Scan" recognizes archive age to organize transformations "Deep Scan" recognizes and organizes issues found with every report Customizable seriousness levels Examples of similarity difficulties: Loss of rendition history Change in rendering or format Calculation change because of formulae changes Uses yield from the Microsoft Office Migration Planning Manager Not a necessity for Office 2007 sending Converts old records to the new Office XML forms Runs archives through an open-and-spare as procedure. Application Customization Options Controllable record design defaults (Office XML Formats or 97-2003 Binaries or others) Automatic authorization of Compatibility Mode

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