Microsoft ® Framework Center Design Administrator 2007 SP1 with R2.

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Microsoft ® Framework Center Arrangement Administrator 2007 SP1 with R2 Foundation Arranging and Plan Arrangement What Is IPD? Arranging and outline direction that intends to illuminate and streamline the arranging and plan process for Microsoft ® framework innovations IPD: Characterizes choice stream
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Microsoft ® System Center Configuration Manager 2007 SP1 with R2 Infrastructure Planning and Design Series

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What Is IPD? Arranging and outline direction that expects to illuminate and streamline the arranging and configuration process for Microsoft ® framework advancements IPD: Defines choice stream Describes choices to be settled on Relates choices and alternatives for the business Frames extra inquiries for business understanding

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Getting Started Microsoft ® framework focus setup supervisor 2007 Sp1 with r2

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Purpose and Agenda Purpose To help with the choice procedure to arrange an effective Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager SP1 with R2 usage Agenda Define the undertaking extension Determine which parts will be conveyed Determine the quantity of destinations obliged Design the locales Determine the quantity of progressions obliged Design every order

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What Is Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager 2007 SP1 with R2? Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (ConfigMgr) 2007 SP1 with R2 is a design administration arrangement that: Contributes to a more powerful IT office by empowering secure and versatile working framework and application organization and craved setup administration. Gives complete resource administration of servers, desktops, and cell phones.

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Applicable Scenarios The aide addresses the needs of: Organizations with no setup administration arrangement that need to utilize ConfigMgr. Associations that in the blink of an eye use another setup administration arrangement and are wanting to move to ConfigMgr. Associations with multi-woodland situations where ConfigMgr will be utilized to oversee frameworks that compass Active Directory timberland limits. Associations that have dispersed situations with frameworks isolated by wide region system (WAN) joins. Associations with cell phones, for example, cell phones, that work past firewalls however must be overseen halfway.

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Example of ConfigMgr Architecture

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ConfigMgr Design Flow

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Step 1. Characterize Project Scope Answer the accompanying inquiries to adjust objectives to business inspiration: Will venture include whole undertaking? Which components will venture address? What is the customer populace to be overseen? What are the organization’s administration desires?

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Step 2. Figure out Which Roles Will Be Deployed Establishing which site parts are obliged and where they are found decides site outline and measuring, system estimating, and if the ConfigMgr customer will be sent.

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Step 3. Focus the Number of Sites Required Start with one webpage, and after that include more as needed by the accompanying: Scale Privacy concerns Internet-joined customers Active Directory woodlands Network area International dialects Organization

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Step 4. Outline the Sites Task 1: Plan the parts that are constantly obliged Task 2: Plan the parts that are discretionary Task 3: Plan the parts that are highlight particular Task 4: Determine where to place chain of command parts Task 5: Determine where to place essential and auxiliary destinations and branch circulation focuses Task 6: Determine if local mode is obliged – the two alternatives are local mode and blended mode

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Step 4, Task 6. Alternative 1: Native Mode Benefits: Higher level of security by incorporating with an open key base (PKI) to cause ensure customer to-server correspondence. Empowers the administration of customers that are joined with the Internet, for example, tablets utilized by portable laborers, PCs utilized from an employee’s home, and cell phones. Challenges: PKI foundation is needed. Evaluated local mode site operations are 10-15 percent slower in general execution contrasted with destinations designed to work in blended mode because of included heap of encryption and marking. Can\'t interoperate with SMS 2003. All guardian areas up to and including the focal site must be in local mode.

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Step 4. Undertaking 6. Alternative 2: Mixed Mode Benefit: Enables incorporation with SMS 2003. Challenge: Additional outline may be obliged to guarantee the security of associations past the organization’s firewalls.

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Step 4. Plan the Sites - proceeded with Task 7: Assign Clients to Sites Task 8: Design limits of secured circulation point frameworks Task 9: Design the site frameworks Task 10: Determine the Fault-Tolerance Approach

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Step 5. Focus Number of Hierarchies Required Start with one progression and include more, if needed. Some conceivable situations obliging extra chain of importance are: Size Central site is blended mode and local mode is obliged Isolated systems Politics Regulatory necessities

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Step 6. Outline Each Hierarchy Task 1: Determine where to place focal site Task 2: Plan the site chain of importance

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Summary and Conclusion The aide compressed the discriminating configuration choices, exercises, and assignments needed to empower an effective outline of ConfigMgr. It concentrated on choices including: Which ConfigMgr parts will be obliged The server parts, part position, databases, and availability of the ConfigMgr foundation The quantity of ConfigMgr chains of importance needed, and what number of locales are needed inside of every pecking order Provide input to

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Find More Information Download the full report and other IPD guides: http:/ Contact the IPD group: The Microsoft Solution Accelerators Web webpage: .:tslides

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