Microsoft ® Visual FoxPro ® Guide Sedna.

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Microsoft ® Visual FoxPro ® Guide Sedna. June 2005. Motivation. Condition of the Visual FoxPro union Microsoft Stage diagram Visual FoxPro Guide review Sedna outline Visual FoxPro 9.0 demos VFP 9.0 with Versus 2005 interop demos Sedna early see demos Visual FoxPro assets Synopsis.
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Microsoft ® Visual FoxPro ® Roadmap Sedna June 2005

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Agenda State of the Visual FoxPro union Microsoft Platform diagram Visual FoxPro Roadmap review Sedna outline Visual FoxPro 9.0 demos VFP 9.0 with VS 2005 interop demos Sedna early see demos Visual FoxPro assets Summary

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State of the VFP Union 5600+ took part in April 2005 VFP Survey online 51% have utilized VFP more than 10 years 33% are presently utilizing VFP 9.0 80% little organization, 68% fair size, 27% venture 71% looking after applications, 69% new applications, 25% web applications 89% DBFs, 55% SQL Server, 22% MSDE 75% incorporate Office with VFP applications 11% applications 1000+ clients, 43% 100+, 30% under 25 26% VS.NET, 21% XML WS, 25% ASP/ASP.NET, 35% COM 20% VB6, 13% VB.NET, 12% C#, 10% Java, 8% C++ 31% arrangement to utilize VS.NET inside next 2 years 98% arrangement to utilizing VFP inside next 12 months

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Visual FoxPro 9.0 Overview Data Handling and Interoperability .NET interop – XML and XML Web Services SQL Server interop – sorts and dialect Extensible Developer Productivity Reports, structures, controls, IntelliSense, IDE Property sheet customization Flexibility for All Types of Solutions Smart customer to Tablet PC applications

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VFP 9.0 Reporting System Goals Protect existing FRX speculations Open building design Better reuse story Design-time enhancements Access to report objects at runtime More adaptability with Report Chaining New yield sorts (e.g., XML, HTML) Report preparing occasions

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Service Pack 1 for Visual FoxPro 9.0 VFP 9.0 is extremely steady today Scheduled close end of 2005

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Sedna = Extensibility and Interoperability .NET (Framework, Visual Studio 2005, more) SQL Server 2005 (counting Express form) Longhorn (next Windows working framework) Office 12 (next rendition of Microsoft Office) Add extensibility utilizing extensibility New C++ based DLLs New and enhanced Xbase segments .NET wrapper classes for utilization inside VFP Limited center item redesigns Sedna item points of interest amid improvement

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ERP & Billing Plant Operations .NET Vision Users Any gadget, Any spot, Any time Roles/Experiences Get the right information To the right client At the perfect time Sales Supply Customer Engineering Operations XML Web Services Integrate and coordinate business applications and procedures Scheduling Authentication Notification Back Office Heterogeneous application and server foundation Customer Service

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Extending the .NET Framework

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Leverage existing advancement abilities Integration with Visual Studio Multiple dialects: T-SQL, VB.NET, C#… Works incredible with Visual FoxPro 9.0! Offer information over any stage Native backing for XML, Web administrations Interoperability with any stage, application Supports 64-bit Windows working framework Extensibility Native XML information sort, client characterized information sorts New dispersed application structure: Server Broker

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SQL Server 2005 Express Free light form of SQL Server 2005 Replaces MSDE with more elements XCopy No throttling Easier to introduce Silent mode introduce alternative Downloadable scripts to make databases Add-on Express Manager Breaks the 2GB hindrance with new 4GB cutoff Works incredible with Visual FoxPro 9.0!

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A Look Ahead to Avalon Unified way to deal with UI, reports, and media Integration as a component of advancement and experience Integrated, vector-based arrangement motor Utilizing the force of the PC all through the illustrations stack Ease of sending Allowing heads to convey and oversee applications safely

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.NET Roadmap Developer Perspective WinFX = Avalon + Indigo Native to Longhorn Add-on for WinXP Sedna VFP + .NET 1 st half 2007 Yukon = SQL Server 2005 Whidbey = Visual Studio 2005

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Visual FoxPro Roadmap With the late arrival of Visual FoxPro 9.0, the Visual FoxPro group at Microsoft is currently taking a shot at another venture, code-named Sedna, that exploits upgrades in Visual FoxPro 9.0. The essential objective of Sedna is to develop the capacity of Visual FoxPro-based answers for better incorporate with other Microsoft items and innovations. Highlights in Sedna will target Visual FoxPro interoperability with application parts made by utilizing Visual Studio 2005, the .NET Framework 2.0, and SQL Server 2005. Sedna will likewise help enhance the capacity for Visual FoxPro 9.0 answers for be effectively conveyed on the up and coming new Windows working framework Microsoft ® Windows ® Code Name "Longhorn." Sedna is as of now booked to be discharged in the first 50% of 2007 and will require Visual FoxPro 9.0. As showed in former open proclamations, Microsoft does not plan to blend Visual FoxPro into Visual Studio .NET, nor arrive arrangements to make another Visual FoxPro .NET programming dialect. Visual FoxPro will remain solitary Win32 based, and will keep running on 64-bit Windows in 32-bit similarity mode. For sending Visual FoxPro arrangements that utilization parts taking into account Microsoft .NET, Sedna will give changes to those segments utilizing COM and .NET interoperability. To help designers who right now utilize or plan to program on the .NET stage, individuals from the Visual FoxPro group are likewise taking a shot at information programming for the Microsoft .NET stage. For more data about Visual FoxPro, including responses to Visual FoxPro FAQ, go to the Visual FoxPro Developer Center Web website at

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Sedna – Features for VS/SQL All elements early thoughts, subject to change .NET Leverage .NET Framework 2.0 by means of interop Provide nonexclusive .NET interop administrations through VFP COM wrapper classes that handle Intellisense and interop overhauling. Augmented interop support for helpful .NET classes including Web Services, XML, etc… SQL Server 2005 Revise Upsizing Wizard – SQL 2005 just Data Explorer enhancements for SQL 2005 SQL Reporting Services coordinated with VFP reporting (RDL)

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Sedna – Features for Platform All elements early thoughts, subject to change Longhorn/WinFX Better Longhorn experience (as obliged) Output to Avalon XAML Indigo interop Windows/Longhorn shell reconciliation Developer Experience Office 12 XML and interop (Xbase) Misc Xbase – IntelliSense Scripts, XML Docs, RSS TaskPane, reporting parts, etc…

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Visual FoxPro 9.0 Visual FoxPro 9.0 with Visual Studio 2005 Sedna ( early review )

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Visual FoxPro Resources VFP site on News, whitepapers, and tests .NET assets for VFP designers VFP colleague websites Product bolster Community assets More MSDN Developer Centers Channel 9 on MSDN

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Additional VFP Resources Book: New in Nine: VFP’s Latest Hits Book: .NET for VFP Developers (online free) (new Sedna segment) FoxPro Advisor Magazine FoxTalk 2.0 CoDe Focus for VFP 9.0 VFP 9.0 retail costs same as VFP 8.0 MSDN Subscriptions

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Summary Upgrade to Visual FoxPro 9.0 VFP 9.0 works incredible with VS 2005 VFP 9.0 works better with SQL Server VS 2005 + SQL 2005 dispatch: Nov 7 th 2005 VFP 9.0 contextual analyses to advertise VFP Chat about VFP 9.0 online with others Work with the VFP group on Sedna Have fun here at

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