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Microsoft Viewpoint Preparing Jeffrey S. Hatcher Innovation Executive Presentation Microsoft Trade, our new email framework Replaces existing Novell Groupwise Two methods for getting to my email Plan Diagram Terms I have to know Microsoft Web Standpoint Microsoft Viewpoint Utilizing Logbooks
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Microsoft Outlook Training Jeffrey S. Hatcher Technology Director Microsoft Exchange

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Introduction Microsoft Exchange, our new email framework Replaces existing Novell Groupwise Two methods for getting to my email Microsoft Exchange

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Agenda Overview Terms I have to know Microsoft Web Outlook Microsoft Outlook Using Calendars Requesting Technical Help Microsoft Exchange

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Overview What is Microsoft Exchange? Why do I require it? Microsoft Exchange

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Vocabulary Exchange: Our new email server. Web Outlook: The project used to check my email from the web. Can be utilized anyplace. Viewpoint: A Microsoft program for checking my email on a solitary pc. Microsoft Exchange

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Microsoft Web Outlook Bring up the web utilizing Internet Explorer. Go to Microsoft Exchange

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Microsoft Web Outlook Click on Check E-mail Microsoft Exchange

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Microsoft Web Outlook Type your client name and secret key. In the event that asked, space is Miller. Microsoft Exchange

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Microsoft Web Outlook Microsoft Exchange

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Changing Password Click on the choices catch on the left. Look until you see Change Password. Click on catch. On the off chance that asked, click YES on Security Warning. Sort current secret word and new watchword in spaces. New secret key must be 6 or more characters. Microsoft Exchange

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Checking E-mail You start in the Inbox. Messages naturally appear in the Preview Pane. Click on different messages to view them. Microsoft Exchange

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Deleting E-mail Click on message you need to erase. Click the X catch in the menu bar. Don’t neglect to purge your junk! Microsoft Exchange

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Sending Mail Click New in the Menu Bar. Microsoft Exchange

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Sending Mail Type email addresses in the squares. Microsoft Exchange

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Sending Mail Click the To… catch to inquiry location book. Microsoft Exchange

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Sending Mail Click the Check Names catch to fill in locations. Microsoft Exchange

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Sending E-mail Helpful Hints Type the first or last name of a man in the square and snap Check Names to have it fill in the location. Use ; to independent different locations. Utilize the Save catch to spare an email for some other time. It will be spared in the Draft organizer. Microsoft Exchange

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Reply and forward Click the bolts in the menu bar for answers or to forward a message. Microsoft Exchange

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Using Folders Right Click on the Inbox Folder. Pick New Folder. Name it. Drag any mail you need to spare to the new envelope you made. Microsoft Exchange

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Logging out Click the Log Off catch to close your session. Verify you close Internet Explorer! Microsoft Exchange

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Microsoft Outlook Program for getting to email from a solitary PC. Must be arranged. Permits you to click any “mail to” joins on a site page. Extended usefulness. Microsoft Exchange

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Outlook Pros Looks like Microsoft Web Outlook. Can be designed to check different post boxes. Give you access to the capacity to click an email address on the web. Gives extra propelled capacities. Microsoft Exchange

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Outlook Cons Must utilize a present form of Outlook. Must be utilized inside of the educational system. Clients must at present work with Web Outlook from home. Microsoft Exchange

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Calendars Allows you to timetable gatherings. Will send messages to different participants requesting that they go to. Disposes of those lost “sticky notes.” You can print your date-book. Microsoft Exchange

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Summary How to utilize Web Outlook. Instructions to make new messages. The most effective method to utilize the location book. Instructions to Reply/Forward. Step by step instructions to utilize organizers. The most effective method to utilize the Calendar. Contrasts between Web Outlook & Outlook. Microsoft Exchange

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Where to Get More Information Use the Help catch to get to instructional exercises. Ask different educators. Email solicitations to: Jeff Hatcher Microsoft Exchange .:tslides

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