Microsoft Trade: Web Mail Administration and SMTP Vincent Valdez Bolster Proficient Chief Bolster Division Microsoft Org.

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Microsoft Trade: Web Mail Administration and SMTP Vincent Valdez Bolster Proficient Head Bolster Division Microsoft Enterprise Motivation What is Straightforward Mail Exchange Convention (SMTP)? What is the Web Mail Administration? Fundamental setup Basic issues
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Microsoft Exchange: Internet Mail Service and SMTP Vincent Valdez Support Professional Premier Support Department Microsoft Corporation

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Agenda What is Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP)? What is the Internet Mail Service? Essential arrangement Common issues Review late Knowledge Base articles Advanced setup Best practices Test your insight Q & A

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What Is SMTP? RFCs 821 The envelope and stamp 822 The body (genuine message) Extensions Jonathan B. Postel (originator of SMTP)

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821 and 822 – SMTP Message Envelope From: Bob To: Actual Message From: Bob To:; George Subject: Test Hello!

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What Is the Internet Mail Service? Microsoft Exchange SMTP Provider Internet Mail Service = Exchange 5.5 Internet Mail Service with SP3 Relationship to other Microsoft programming NTOP (Mail Enable Web Applications) MCIS (Built for ISPs)

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MTS-Out Folder Outbound MAPI Outbound SMTP IMC information Out Reroute mail Internet Store Internet Mail Service MTS-In Folder Inbound MAPI Inbound SMTP IMC information In What Is the Internet Mail Service? (proceeded with) Design Queues Importance of the data store Q233353 – OLE connections are supplanted with <<...>> when sent

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Internet Mail Tab Q201072 – Postmaster @ Q245041 – Postmaster erroneously gets SMTP messages Q251006 – HTML pages sent outside association Q243822 – UI issue with email areas catch Q216397 –Auto Forward may bring about a circle

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Dial-up Connections Tab Q236910 – Cannot open Internet Mail Service Dial-Up Connections Tab on Windows 2000

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Connections Tab Q238719 – Inbound just, lines active mail Q245465 – How to arrange message separating

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Routing Tab Q174351 – How to make a virtual auxiliary SMTP address Q190710 – How to utilize Internet Mail Service to reroute messages Q243045 – UI...Problem/directing limitations are empowered, however are diminished Q254214 – Routing confinements don\'t work with some antivirus arrangements

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Address Space Tab Q229961 – Syntax and location space Q239228 – Internet Mail Service that has confinements does not work Q152471 – Difference in the middle of SMTP:* and SMTP: location space

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How to Disable Relay Step 1 Before After

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How to Disable Relay Step 2

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How to Disable Relay Step 3 By selecting Hosts and customers with these IP addresses , the Internet Mail Service is arranged to permit just IP addresses in the case to transfer. This implies nobody is permitted to transfer.

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How to Disable Relay Step 4 Attempting to transfer to another SMTP space

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Server Considerations Four Queues: Queues tab in Internet Mail Service Perfmon View

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Server Considerations (proceeded) After Exchange Server 4.0 SP4, the most well-known issue we resolve is an adulterated message issue: Reason : The change from MDBEF to SMTP happens as the message is moved to and from the store (MTS-IN and MTS-OUT). Best Practice : For big business systems, don\'t put an Internet Mail Service on a post box server.

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Ping Name determination and layer 3 Nslookup DNS reports Telnet Application layer tests PathPing* Router tests Netmon What is truly going on? Perfmon Set cautions for issues Tools of the Job * PathPing is a Windows 2000 charge line utility

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Tools of the Job Nslookup My Input

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Tools of the Job Telnet

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Tools of the Job Telnet (proceeded with) My Commands: helo mail from: rcpt to: Data <CRLF> <CRLF> <PERIOD> <CRLF> quit

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Tools of the Job PathPing

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Address Space (Space versus Star) Slow X.400 Connectors Fast Site Connectors Site 1 Site 2 Site 5 New Internet Mail Service Address space of SPACE Address space of STAR The Internet

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LDAP Configuration Closing LDAP for Anonymous – Step 1

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LDAP Configuration Closing LDAP for Anonymous – Step 2 Direct reports Fax number Home telephone number Manager Mobile number Pager number SMTP address Data that can be gathered by a mysterious client naturally with LDAP

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LDAP Configuration Closing LDAP for Anonymous – Step 3 Check box is chosen as a matter of course.

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Hardware - Performance I/O Recommendations RAID 5 with however many axles as could reasonably be expected Logs and databases on distinctive physical circles

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Network - Performance Disable Reverse Lookups Speed builds yet logs are harder to unravel.

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1. Test your Knowledge How would I limit a particular user’s mail from coming into the Internet Mail Service? Answers toward the end.

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2. Test your Knowledge What might the location space be if you need this Internet Mail Service to administration mail for ? 1. * 2. *@* 3. <blank> 4. * 5. 6. Answers toward the end.

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Where do you design all mail for a sure space to go to a sure host? 3. Test Your Knowledge Connections tab Answers toward the end. Directing tab

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4. Test Your Knowledge What do the accompanying SMTP mistakes (answer codes) mean? 442 552 550 454 Answers toward the end.

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5. Test Your Knowledge What can NTLM be utilized for on an Exchange-to-Exchange Internet Mail Service association? Confirmation Encryption Both Answers toward the end.

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Test Your Knowledge: Answers: 1. Utilize the Message Filtering catch on the Connections tab. See article Q245465 for more data. 2. The answer is number 6. The nom de plume would just permit mail for to experience. Numbers 1-4 would all be legitimate for the client called “someone,” yet Number 5 would not be substantial for any location. 3. For uncommon steering for a sure area, utilize the Connections tab – E-Mail Domains catch. 4. Answer Codes 4 xx implies makeshift issue 5 xx implies lasting issue x 4 x implies framework issue x 5 x Means mail issue 5. The answer Both . NTLM can give RC4 level encryption.

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References White paper: “Inside Exchange Internet Mail Service” How to Replicate Exchange Server Directories Using the Internet Mail Service Security Fix for Routing Vulnerability

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References (proceeded with) Windows NT Magazine: Is Your Exchange Server Relay-Secure? Chapter 10 from Exchange Server 24Seven , distributed by Sybex Inc. - Exchange Internet Interoperability http://www.micr

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