Microsoft Treats for Instructors.

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Microsoft Treats for Instructors. Teresa Lightle Innovation Facilitator, Butte Area Office of Instruction. Windows . Number cruncher Motion picture Creator XP Word Cushion Numerous Dialect Settings Photograph Editorial manager Project similarity XP. Microsoft Word Highlights. Auto Content Remarks Following Changes
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Microsoft Goodies for Teachers Teresa Lightle Technology Coordinator, Butte County Office of Education

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Windows Calculator Movie Maker-XP Word Pad Multiple Language Settings Photo Editor Program similarity XP

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Microsoft Word Features Auto Text Comments Tracking Changes Saving in adaptations Objects Equation Editor Organization diagram

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More MS Word Drop Caps Reveal Codes Macros Clip Art on the web Key hyperlinks for guided assets Customizing toolbars

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Excel is Easy Using Excel as an information base Filtering Sorting Writing Formulas Web webpage Organizer

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PowerPoint Classroom principles Subject presentation Objectives and desires Use auto clock Post to site Drawing Tablet-XP Pack and Go Free Backgrounds Sonia Coleman Brainy Betty Presenters University PowerPoint for Teachers Word is not generally the best choice

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Outlook Contacts Parent Information Student discipline Documentation Calendar Events Email Parent association

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Favorites Files Working logged off with data Viewing history records Great sites Internet Explorer

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Office Integration Using Excel to oversee sites Mail Merge class records from Excel or Outlook Paste Special to upgrade data

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Office on the Web Clip workmanship Templates and Wizards Assistance Training

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Assistance on the Web Tips and Tricks Office Quizzes Office talk segment Take a voyage through the website

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Downloads and Add ins Add Ins and Viewers Free Programs MS Producer Updates Converters

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Templates on the Web Browse by subject

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Office Marketplace Convert PDF Documents to Word 3 rd gathering pictures Online preparing

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Microsoft in Education Tutorials Lesson Plans How to Educational Programs Encarta and MSN online

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Teaching and Learning CD Templates In and Out of the Classroom Clip Art Teacher Tools

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