Midterm-Exam PSYC100.

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Instructional exercise & Study Tips. Midterm-Exam. Covers Chapters 1,2,3 of the course reading & the related ... What to examine? The substance of exam. The addresses. Materials that don't ...
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Midterm-Exam PSYC100 Tutorial & Study Tips

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Midterm-Exam Covers Chapters 1,2,3 of the reading material & t he related addresses Duration: 50 minutes Location: In class Weight: 15% of the course stamp

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Questions 41 various decision One is a reward question Each: ( 0.25) point Sum: 10.25 focuses 8 short answer questions Between two of them , c hoose & answer ONLY one If you answer them two, ONLY the first will be checked. Aggregate: 5 focuses

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Instructions-I Try to be in the class no less than 5-10 minutes before the exam Bring your understudy Identification Card Before exam, put your packs and course reading before the class Put your name, date of the exam, & understudy number both on the scantron-card and on your exam questions

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Instructions-II You won\'t be punished for your wrong responses For the various decision questions, just your Scantron-card will be checked Scantron-card are reviewed by a Scantron machine The Scantron machine will dismiss answer-cards that are disgracefully finished. You should utilize just a dim (HB) pencil to record your answers in the scantron-card

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Instructions-III The numerous decision part and the short answer inquiries will be checked independently So you have to make a point to put your name on the space given to you on Scantron-card Answer sheet (different decision part) Top of the page comprising short answer questions

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What to concentrate on? The substance of exam The addresses Materials that don\'t exist in your txt-book Materials that exist in your course reading The course book Materials that I did & did not cover in the addresses In-class illustrations, questions & tests, video cuts, and so on. Attempt the materials on this site: www.wwnorton.com/psychsci

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How to think about? Learn by Examples Reasoning Use dynamic systems of Learning in dept (e.g., the similitudes and contrasts) At the end, have a sorted out photo of the entire materials in your psyche

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Midterm-Exam Finally: Any sort of correspondence with your schoolmates amid the exam: Unacceptable I Wish You Luck in Your Exam

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