Mind-mapping and overseeing data.

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Where does your critical data live? Scattered crosswise over messages, ... Arranging composed work and presentations. Having thoughts. Connecting thoughts. Memorisation ...
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Mind-mapping and overseeing data Chris Dillon Faculty Information Support Officer for Arts & Humanities and Laws www.ucl.ac.uk/isd/staff/fiso/ah/presentations

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Information over-burden TreePad The UCL Wiki Mind-mapping/Brainstorming Online bookmarks with delicious.com Overview

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Information over-burden Where does your vital data live? Scattered crosswise over messages, Word records and so forth.? Can you discover it rapidly/by any stretch of the imagination? Wouldn\'t it be great in the event that you could unite it in one spot!

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What is TreePad? With TreePad you can! TreePad is note-taking programming. Make a progressive system of notes. Simple to duplicate information into and out of TreePad.

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Applications of TreePad Ordering thoughts for composing Notes on exploration To do and work records Notes on programming And numerous, some more

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The UCL Wiki Use a wiki to share takes note of Every individual from UCL has an individual wiki space: www.ucl.ac.uk/wiki A wiki is a basic site With great access control.

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Applications of psyche mapping Planning composed work and presentations Having thoughts Linking thoughts Memorisation

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Brainstorm/Memorizing Remember to make utilization of e.g. shading, pictures and size — they help you to recollect. Change over psyche guide to a presentation with: File | Save As | Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation PowerPoint might be utilized as a memorisation device.

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Keeping your bookmarks on delicious.com Got 50 bookmarks in four diverse web programs? delicious.com can unite them on the web.

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Setting up a delicious.com account Accounts are set up and got to at delicious.com. Modules for Firefox and Internet Explorer permit your program to talk straightforwardly to delicious.com.

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Notes These straightforward projects may change the way you work. They make you more efficient and innovative.

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Further data on TreePad Manuals on WTS at Start | Software | Programs S-Z | TreePad www.ucl.ac.uk/isd/regular/assets www.treepad.com Apple Mac form: http://jreepad.sourceforge.net

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Further data on the UCL Wiki www.ucl.ac.uk/wiki Click Help at the base. www.ucl.ac.uk/isd/staff/fiso/courses/wiki.doc

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Further data on brain mapping Mind-mapping: Books by Tony Buzan www.mindmapping.org Mind Genius: Tutorial inside the system at Help | Tutorial

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