Minister Bruce and Lena's Hawaiian Experience.

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December 2006, HABC amazed Pastor Bruce and Lena with a 25th Wedding Anniversary Reception that incorporated a trek to Hawaii.January 2007, Pastor Bruce gets to be ill.February 2007, PneumoniaMarch 2007, Diagnosed with Post-Viral Neurostegnia, a type of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome firmly identified with the Epstein-Barr Virus.
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Minister Bruce and Lena\'s Hawaiian Adventure October 20 – November 18, 2007

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December 2006, HABC astonished Pastor Bruce and Lena with a 25 th Wedding Anniversary Reception that incorporated an excursion to Hawaii. January 2007, Pastor Bruce turns out to be sick. February 2007, Pneumonia March 2007, Diagnosed with Post-Viral Neurostegnia, a type of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome firmly identified with the Epstein-Barr Virus

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March – May 2007, Pastor Bruce is restricted to the wiped out bed June 2007, some change Sunday, July 29, 2007, Pastor Bruce lectures without precedent for 5 months September 2007, Continued Improvement October 20, 2007, Pastor Bruce and Lena fly direct from Anchorage to Honolulu

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The accompanying presentation was intended for the majority of our companions and friends and family who have appealed to God for us and energized us through this trial . . .

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Lena with our entertainer, Sandi Fields Honolulu, HI

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Sightseeing in Honolulu

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With Pastor and Mrs. Wayne Surface, Ohana Baptist Church, Honolulu

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Sunday AM Baptism at Ohana Baptist Church

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Pastor Bruce lecturing, Sunday PM, Ohana Baptist

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On Waikiki Beach in Honululu

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After resting 3 days in Honolulu, we traveled to Kona . . .

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Kona Koffee ! ! !

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Sunset "on the Water"

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Dining on the Beach

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4-Wheelin\' to the Green Sand Beach !

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We then flew out to Na\'alehu (South Point) where we lived for the following 3 weeks . . .

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The Lord furnished us with the wonderful home of Bob and Nalani Stevenson

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Our breakfast home base

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Our supper home base

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Across from Black Sand Beach was an unmarked earth street . . .

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We drove up the street . . .

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… and found the stone church remembrance to Henry Opukahaia

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Henry was the primary Hawaiian proselyte to Christianity. He was directed to Christ by the President of Yale College in the mid 1800\'s.

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As he was being taught, he built up an incredible weight for his own kin and made an interpretation of the New Testament into a composed dialect that he himself produced for the Hawaiian individuals.

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However, before he could come back to Hawaii and lecture the Gospel to his own kin, he passed on of a fever.

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But God utilized Henry\'s diaries to blend the hearts of numerous youngsters, who then went to Hawaii in Henry\'s place.

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By the mid-1800\'s, 95% of the Hawaiian Islands were changed over to Christianity! Also, the biggest church on the planet, with a participation of more than 7,000, was situated in Hilo, Hawaii!

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"Master, give us more youngsters willing to take the Gospel to the lost."

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Time to rest . . . . . .furthermore, ponder

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Some of the wonderful blooms and view of Hawaii . . .

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Coffee Beans !

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Wild Rams

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Good thing Tim\'s not a demigod . . .

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We called this the \'trinity tree\'

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Pastor Bruce chased the Parker Ranch . . .

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. . . with chasing executive and aide, Pat Fisher.

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Ringneck and Hawaiian Blue Pheasants!

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Turkey chasing . . . on the other hand turkey resting?

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My turkey guide, Jack Ku

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My chasing mate, Pastor Rodney Chai

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On the 4 th endeavor, achievement!

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Thank you, Jack!

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Pig chasing with Pastor Elmer Ash, Weimia, Hawaii

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Now it\'s Lena\'s turn . . . Ouch!

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Welcome to shopping paradise!

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Too huge . . . Will we go now?

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Pastor Rodney Chai and Family, Grace Baptist Church Hilo, Hawaii

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Preaching at GBC

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Some of the men of GBC

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Preaching at Lighthouse Baptist Church, Na\'alehu, Hawaii

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Some of the dedicated men of Lighthouse Baptist Church gathering for supplication early Sunday AM

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Interim Pastor, Harry McIntosh Lighthouse Baptist Church

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Preaching at Aloha Baptist Church, Waimea, Hawaii

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The Mirandas Family, Faithful individuals from Lighthouse Baptist Church

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Dining with Dr. what\'s more, Mrs. Phil Bin

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Fellowshipping with my Filipino minister companions

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A Hawaiian family we saw to on the shoreline

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A couple we welcomed to chapel at the insect market

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Homeward Bound!

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We closed our adventure lecturing at Heritage Baptist Fellowship Anchorage, Alaska

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Our little girl church is developing!

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Pastor Bruce\'s visualization: I am just about 1 year into a 5 year recuperation. As indicated by the specialists, I have increased around 60% of my quality back. I ought to pick up an extra 10% every year for the following 4 years. In a matter of seconds, I feel solid and sound for around 3 hours on end. I then need to rest for 1-2 hours. This cycle proceeds for the duration of the day. I thank the Lord for permitting this into my life.

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"We need to thank every one of you for your adoring and dependable supplications this previous year!" - Pastor Bruce and Lena Hamilton

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