Minnesota's CRM Client Bunch.

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Minnesota's CRM Client Bunch Microsoft Elements CRM – Advertising Robotization Ryan Toenies – Inetium Motivation General Declarations Microsoft Flow CRM Showcasing Mechanization questions and answers New Business Division Pioneer
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Minnesota\'s CRM User Group Microsoft Dynamics CRM – Marketing Automation Ryan Toenies – Inetium

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Agenda General Announcements Microsoft Dynamics CRM Marketing Automation Q&A

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New Business Division Leader Stephen Elop President, Microsoft Business Division http://www.microsoft.com/presspass/executive/elop/default.mspx Information Worker Microsoft Business Solutions Unified Communications Stephen replaces Jeff Raikes Kirill Tatarinov – Reports to Stephen Elop Corporate Vice President, Microsoft Business Solutions http://www.microsoft.com/presspass/executive/kirill/default.mspx

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM Roadmap Customer-driven development End client profitability and productivity CRM augmentations Application stage adaptability Microsoft Dynamics “CRM 5” Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online “R4” Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online “R3” Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online “R2” Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online “R1” Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 New Microsoft Dynamics CRM 5 abilities Multi-dialect and more AdCenter Integration and more “Open Access” scale-out 2008 2009

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Microsoft adCenter Integration (Online Marketing)

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Licensing Models - Overview Volume Licensing BRL/DPL On-reason Partner Based S+S CRM Online CRM Online SPLA Service Provider Licensing Agreement

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What’s New in CRM Pricing and Licensing Device CALs Great for multi-movement contact focus permitting Limited-Use CALs Give read-just access to analysts, administrators, … Enterprise Server Enable intra-endeavor multi-inhabitant arrangement Support for External Connections in SPLA No requirement for External connector in SPLA – secured by SAL

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SKU Design (Example for VL/BRL/DPL) Device CAL User CAL External Connector External Connector External Parties External Parties Server 1 Server 2

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User CALs and Device CALS Dynamics CRM 4.0 will offer both client CALs and gadget CALs With client CALs , every client may utilize different customer interfaces With gadget CALs , every gadget may be shared by various clients after some time (as in a call focus) User and gadget CALs may be blended in an organization Customers overhauling from CRM 3.0 can decide to change over from User CAL to Device CAL if obliged User CAL Device CAL

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Full CALs and Limited-Use CALS Dynamics CRM 4.0 will offer both full CALs and constrained utilization CALs With full CALs , every client has full perused compose access to all capacities With restricted utilization CALs , a client has perused just get to, e.g., for reports Full and constrained utilization CALs may be blended inside of a domain Full CAL read/compose Limited CAL read-just

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CRM 4.0: On-Premise SKUs and Pricing Prices are “base prices” in US Dollars (USD) used to trigger waterfall framework costs. Particular costs by project and geology will be accessible December 1, 2007. New ! New ! New ! Lower EC Price New !

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CRM 4.0: On-Demand SKUs and Pricing Prices are base rundown costs in US Dollars (USD)

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On-Premise Upgrade & Migration Path Dynamics CRM v3 Customers on SA Microsoft Dynamics CRM 3.0 Professional Edition Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 1 Named User CAL 1 Named User CAL or 1 Device CAL 1 Server 1 Professional Server or 2 Enterprise Servers * 1 External Connector 1 External Connector * SA at reestablishment will be ascertained taking into account CRM 4.0 rundown costs. Microsoft Dynamics CRM 3.0 Small Business Edition Microsoft Dynamics CRM Workgroup Edition

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Licensing Options What’s the right answer for you? On-Premise Own the licenses Own the framework Unlimited abilities CRM Online Lease the licenses Lease the base Limited capacities Partner Hosted Lease the licenses Lease the base Unlimited abilities

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License Keys CRM 4.0 permit keys are found on the media Most clients should request the CRM 4.0 media to get the keys Volume permitting clients who have entry to their media online can download the product and the key will be incorporated in that document Be arranged before you move up to see how this procedure functions

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Microsoft Online Services Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online (30-Day Trial Offers) Microsoft Exchange Online Microsoft SharePoint Online Microsoft Office Communications Online Microsoft Office Live Meeting Microsoft Exchange Hosted Service

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CRM Resources Blog Sites blogs.msdn.com/crm blogs.msdn.com/dynamicscrmonline blogs.inetium.com/crm CustomerSource https://mbs.microsoft.com/customersource (Existing CRM client webpage) CRM Downloads download.microsoft.com Search Fo

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