Mission: An unnatural weather change.

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Experience Camp and Workshop. Judenburg 2010. Continuation of Global Warming Project ... Sports and Adventure Camp. sport a high nature exercises. solid ...
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Mission: Global Warming Adventure Camp & Workshop

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Judenburg 2010 Continuation of Global Warming Project substance in view of venture advance and accessibility of reasonable attractions close Judenburg workshops and journeys Sports & Adventure Camp game an elevated nature exercises solid social program

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The Base Camp Alpine Chalet „Winterleitenhütte" claimed by the City of Judenburg

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„Mission Briefing" Target Group dynamic youth matured 16+ persuaded and liberal Activities & Participants half day exercises & entire day outings multicultural groups every day base camp blaze

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Global Warming Topics Full-Day Excursion Dachstein ice sheet Workshops & Lectures

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Sports & Nature Activities Mountain Biking Tours cycling along the waterway Mur Rock Climbing by mountain officer Nature-Trail-Hike Adventure Sightseeing Cultural Program Austrian Cooking & Barbecue "Schwammerlsuchen"

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