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Convenient programming construction modeling means items work crosswise over working frameworks and stages. ... at handheld gadgets, compact and PDAs, electronic toys and the sky is the limit from there, in ...
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Mobileer ME-Series Product Overview Audio Engines for the Mobile Experience Mobileer Proprietary & Confidential

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ME-Series – A Quick Look High quality, high esteem, polyphonic ringtone motor for PDAs, cell telephones, PDAs, toys and more … Mobileer Proprietary & Confidential

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ME-Series – Functional Blocks Mobileer Proprietary & Confidential

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ME-Series - Key Features Highly versatile programming item. Intended for handheld gadgets: cell telephones, PDAs, toys, minimal effort musical instruments. Plays standard MIDI documents (SMF). Bolsters full General MIDI instrument set. Underpins Scalable Polyphonic MIDI (SP-MIDI) standard. Inserts into settled point number 32-bit CPU plans (ARM or MIPS). Mobileer Proprietary & Confidential

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ME-Series - Benefits to Manufacturer Higher quality sound with ultra-low memory impression Combines Mathematical and Wavetable Synthesis Clean plan improves coordination; a few customers have incorporated in under a hour Saves advancement time and cost Configurable from a base 14Kbyte symphony Custom ensemble gave to match client needs Mobileer Proprietary & Confidential

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ME-Series - Benefits to End User Meet Market Needs Meets prerequisites for standard polyphonic ringtones. Cross breed blend for rich, superb sounds. Utilizes either scientific or wavetable combination, whichever is ideal for sort of instrument. ME3000 underpins Mobile XMF ringtone guidelines for custom sounds Mobileer Proprietary & Confidential

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ME1000 – Low Memory Footprint ME1000 is intended to utilize almost no memory. 14 KB Data ROM for Instrument definitions & tables. 20-30 KB Code ROM, contingent upon compiler settings. 20-30 KB RAM for voices and cushions 8 KB Cache or on-chip RAM for time-basic code Mobileer Proprietary & Confidential

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ME2000 – Synthesis and Wavetables ME2000 is intended for adaptability in enhancing sound with a blend of union and wavetables 64KB - 100 MB Data ROM for Instrument definitions & tables, depending upon craved sound quality. 20-30 KB Code ROM, contingent upon compiler settings. 20-30 KB RAM for voices and cushions 8 KB Cache or on-chip RAM for time-basic code Mobileer Proprietary & Confidential

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ME3000 – Synthesis, Wavetables and Mobile XMF ME3000 every one of the components of the ME2000 in addition to bolster for Mobile XMF MXMF is another ringtone standard that joins Standard MIDI Files (SMF) with custom Downloadable Sound (DLS). Consolidates General MIDI and custom instruments SongPlayer API auto-distinguishes ringtone sort (SMF or MXMF) Mobileer Proprietary & Confidential

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Mobile XMF (MXMF) "Augmented Media Format" Mobile XMF – Next Step in Polyphonic Audio Wrapper position for MIDI, Downloadable Sounds (DLS), and WAVE waveform information Typically 10-20 KB WAV sounds in A-Law, 8 bit or 16 bit 2 DAHDSR envelopes, LFO, discretionary channel "Areas" for console and speed zones "Explanations" for settings and controllers Minimum of 5 voices, 8000 Hz Minimum uncompressed information 7KB (15KB) Mobileer Proprietary & Confidential

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Jukebox for Interactive Audio Designed for intuitive applications, amusements. Diversion state and occasions control sound. Charges sent to foundation sound motor. Can play MIDI melodies in a line. Can plan MIDI occasions utilizing timestamps. Plan short song then leave. Mobileer Proprietary & Confidential

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ME-Series - Performance ME-Series conveys ideal execution Optimized for little inserted 32-bit CPUs. 8-16 voice polyphony on ARM7 at 22050 Hz 32+ voice polyphony on ARM9 at 22050 Hz Sample rate can be changed in accordance with exchange voices for quality. Up to 64 voices can be bolstered Mobileer Proprietary & Confidential

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ME-Series - Standards Support ME-Series underpins industry gauges for ringtones. SMF – Standard MIDI File polyphonic tune group General MIDI Lite – instruments and summons Scaleable-Polyphony – organizes voices in a melody Portable "C" – for simple mix Mobile XMF – joins SMF and Downloadable Sound (DLS) Mobileer Proprietary & Confidential

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ME-Series – Sound Quality Complete arrangement of General MIDI Instruments Synthesizer utilizes different oscillators, envelopes, LFO, & a full channel to create sensible sounds. Waveform against associating for smoother manufactured sounds. Astounding wavetable library incorporates a Bosendorfer 290 "Head" piano. Mobileer Proprietary & Confidential

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ME-Series - Integration Support Mobileer\'s ME-Series items include: Applications to test & exhibit player highlights. Scripts to make executable double documents. Documentation for incorporating, utilizing, & interfacing to the player. Standard MIDI Files to test & exhibit highlights. Specialized backing by telephone or email. Mobileer Proprietary & Confidential

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ME-Series - OEM Support Portable programming engineering implies items work crosswise over working frameworks and stages. Pointed decisively at handheld gadgets, compact and mobile phones, electronic toys and the sky is the limit from there, in which high devotion and steady stable tones are required. Mobileer engineers have involvement with chip and equipment plan. Our designers can be accessible for specialized backing both on location and off contingent upon your requirements. Mobileer Proprietary & Confidential

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What Others Say "We are extremely satisfied with the sound quality, execution and little impression of the SP-MIDI union programming. Mobileer has an awesome answer for low-fueled versatile devices." Mitch Allen, Director of Software Handspring (now Palm) Mobileer Proprietary & Confidential

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Customer Satisfaction "ME2000 has high caliber and execution as a ring tone motor, and it is additionally simple to be ported to a code as inserted programming for communication products." Masa Makino, Manager of Network Solutions Engineering SAXA Mobileer Proprietary & Confidential

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Smart Phones Mobileer\'s product plays the polyphonic ringtones for Palm\'s honor winning Treo 600 and 650 Smartphones Mobileer Proprietary & Confidential

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Communication Systems Mobileer\'s MIDI player gives ringtone and music-on-hold capacities for Saxa\'s Actys key phone framework that incorporates VoIP and switch capacities Mobileer Proprietary & Confidential

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Musical Devices The ME2000 gives the MIDI record player used to tryout tunes on the well known Music Pad Pro from FreeHand Systems. Mobileer Proprietary & Confidential

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Summary … Memory sparing ... Prevalent sound … Lower costs Mobileer conveys progressing answers for your MIDI prerequisites Mobileer Proprietary & Confidential

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Mobileer, Inc. - The Company Provider of inventive polyphonic ringtone programming and sound motors for implanted handheld gadgets, for example, cellular telephones, PDAs, toys. Secretly held organization situated in San Rafael, CA. Turn out from sound innovation exploration and brooding association, SoftSynth. Mobileer Proprietary & Confidential

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For More Information Visit our website: Phone us: +1-415-453-4320 Email us: info@m o Audio Engines for the Mobile Experience Mobileer Proprietary & Confidential

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