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Lesson 1 . WHAT IS SCHIZOPHRENIA AND HOW IT IS MANIFESTED . Step 1:Introduction. The subject of Schizophrenia engross the general public and draws in the Media. Lamentably what is said or composed is frequently off base and make false impressions, which, in their turn, hinder the more productive treatment of this major issue. .
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Module Two SCHIZOPHRENIA Lesson 1 : What is schizophrenia and it\'s identity showed Lesson 2 : How the patient himself encounters Schizophrenia Lesson 3 : What are the reasons for Schizophrenia Lesson 4 : Ways of treatment for Schizophrenia Lesson 5 : Schizophrenia and Family Lesson 6 : Other crazy issue

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Step 1 : Introduction The subject of Schizophrenia distract the general public and draws in the Media. Shockingly what is said or composed is regularly off base and make false impressions, which, in their turn, hinder the more proficient treatment of this difficult issue.

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Step 2 The individual that experiences Schizophrenia lacks "split personality" or "double identity" He is not "dotty", "nutty", "broke" or "crazy" and so forth these terms are not utilized as a part of Psychiatry. He is no a criminal or vicious. His malady is not a discipline for his or his folks sins. This didn\'t happen in view of his ill-advised sexual conduct The way that there is no treatment is mixed up.

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Step 2 ( proceeded with ) Schizophrenia is: A genuine mental issue It has a place with crazy issue. Impacts the route in which the individual think, feels and acts. It is generally showed to youthful people yet once in a while can likewise be showed to middles-matured, or even elderly. From this issue endure around one each hundred people.

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Step 3 : Slide projection Slide 2.1.1: Symptoms of Schizophrenia POSITIVE SYMPTOMS Aberrant thoughts (visualizations) Delusions Disorganized discourse Abnormal conduct NEGATIVE SYMPTOMS Reduction of feelings Poor substance of however and discourse Lack of yearning and delight

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Step 3 ( proceeded with ) Slide 2.1.2: distinct sorts of Schizophrenia Paranoid Catatonic Disorganized Undifferentiated Residual

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Step 4 Slide 2.1.4: Factors that impact contrarily the advancement of Schizophrenia? Tricky flare-up Onset in early age Isolation before the sign of the turmoil Male sexual orientation Απουσία εκλυτικών γεγονότων Absence of enthusiastic components Long span of intense stage

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Step 4 ( proceeded with ) Important usefulness diminish Many residuary components Coexistence of neurological illnesses Existence of family history retreat from reality(?) Substance use

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Step 5 : Questions and Comments

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Step 1 : Introduction It is truly vital to attempt to see how precisely thinks and feels a man who is under the impact of daydreaming issue and sound-related dreams and why his conduct is disarranged.

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Step 2 : Slide Projection Slide 2.2.1: Fields of human usefulness that may be affected from Schizophrenia Biological : Sleep Nutrition Mobility Function of digestion systems and sores Physical wellbeing

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Step 2 ( proceeded with ) Psychological : Perception of other individuals, objects and the earth. State of mind and passionate responses The possibility of himself, capacity of self-examination and self regard Concentration, thinking and learning Adaptability

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Step 2 ( proceeded with ) Social : Communication with other individuals (verbal or not verbal) Personal connections Manifestation of sexuality Employment Entertainment

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Step 3 : Questions and remarks

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Step 1 : Introduction as a general rule, we don\'t know yet the reasons for Schizophrenia. Researchers have concentrated on a wide range of elements who could clarify the motivation behind why individuals show Schizophrenia. At present we have not found a solid causal variable. In any case, as it shows up there are bounty figures that contribute mix with each other to its indication.

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Step 2 : Slide Projection Slide 2.3.1: Causal elements of Schizophrenia · Genetic · Neurochemical · Neurodevelopmental · Environmental

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Step 3 : Slide Projection Slide 2.3.1: Possibility of sign of Schizophrenia to relatives Monozygotic twins (indistinguishable twins) 45% (100% comparable hereditary material ) Immediate family association - guardians , kin , youngsters - 10% (half comparable hereditary material ) Non close family association – uncle, nephew - 3% (25% comparable hereditary material ) Probability of the indication of the malady to the overall public is assessed to 1%.

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Step 4 : Questions and Comments (10΄)

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Factors influencing treatment: Symptoms Problems that happen from the span of the sickness Biological outcomes to the individual Psychological results Social challenges

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Step 2 : Slide projection and Discussion Slide 2.4.1: Therapeutical intercessions utilized as a part of Schizophrenia Antipsychotic pharmaceutical Trust connection with the restorative gathering Complete constant help Intervention in the family Intervention in the earth Supporting treatment

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Step 2 ( proceeded with ) Group treatment Learning of social abilities Cognitive treatment Professional training Work recovery Home guaranteeing Entertainment

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Step 3 Legends spread in regards to antipsychotic prescription : The psychiatric medicine is all the same, famous and we ought to abstain from taking it Psychiatric solution is medications that one can be dependent on . They may be helpful for a patient, yet they ought to stop the drug when the manifestations die down.

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Step 3 ( proceeded with ) The prescription should dependably be brought in admiration with the specialist\'s guidelines. Ceasing them for reasons unknown expands the conceivable outcomes of backslide . Backslides may be likewise appeared while the patient is under the medicine yet are normally more tender.

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Step 3 ( proceeded with ) The patients ordinarily need to stop their pharmaceutical because of one of the accompanying reasons: Because they can\'t endure the reactions. Since its helps them to remember their illness, Perhaps in light of the fact that the manifestations have not thoroughly die down despite the fact that they are taking drugs , or in light of the fact that they can\'t drink liquor, as their specialist have prescribed.

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Step 4 : Slide projection Slide 2.4.2: Common antipsychotic drugs Conventional Chlorpromazine ( Largactil ) Thiriodazine ( Melleril ) Triflupromazine ( Stelazine ) Haloperidol ( Aloperidin ) Loxapine ( Loxapac ) offbeat Clozapine ( Leponex ) risperidone ( Risperdal ) Olanzapine ( Zyprexa ) Quetiapine (Seroquel)

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Step 4 ( proceeded with ) Slide 2.4.3: Side impacts of antipsychotic medications Parkinsonism . Nervousness low circulatory strain fretfulness muscle firmness milk emission sexual brokenness dry mouth , or obstruction or obscured vision Photosensitivity Malignant sybdrom weight pick up

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Step 5 : Questions and remarks (10΄)

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Step 1 : Can the family cause Schizophrenia? In the past numerous speculations were raised that put duty to the family for the onset of schizophrenia. ( Lidz : " split and skew ", Bateson : " twofold tie ") Today it is ordinarily satisfactory that the family don\'t bring about Schizophrenia, yet opposite can have a noteworthy part to the effectiveness of the treatment.

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Step 2 : Theory presentation The importance of Expressed Emotion (EE): The advancement of Schizophrenia may be influenced by a way the family communicates its feelings towards the patient.

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Step 2 ( proceeded with ) Three variables are nearly connected with the backslides of the malady. These are the accompanying: negative remarks towards the patient aggressive conduct towards him. In families where these elements show up unnecessarily, are called family with high Expressed Emotion and the threat of backsliding the infection, in the event that they have a schizophrenic part, are to a great degree high.

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Step 2 ( proceeded with ) This hypothesis has been demonstrated by exploration thinks about in which were utilized exceptional assessment research apparatuses for the correspondence of the family and the relationship of their individuals. The high passionate articulation of the family impacts adversely the development of other mental issue not just Schizophrenia\'s. It is a component that builds stress and thusly bothers the circumstance of the patient.

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Step 3 : hypothesis presentation (10΄) The charge of the family Even however the enthusiasm of Psychiatry is fundamentally centered around the family\'s impact to the infection, the most recent years it is acknowledged that the groups of schizophrenic people are likewise under incredible weight, which has contrary impacts to every one of the individuals from the family, incorporated the schizophrenic individual.

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Step 3 ( proceeded with ) The groups of the people that show schizophrenia at first can\'t comprehend it and later decline to acknowledge it. They generally think about whether it was their shortcoming or if another individual from the family may show the malady and need to know which will be its advancement. They require help and data from authorities. The family charge is more essential when the indications of the patient are more serious (successive).

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Step 4 : Theory Presentation Most of the psychiatric administrations that are treating schizophrenic people arrange these days a system of helpful treatment that incorporates the relatives. There are likewise specific projects of Family Therapy for diminishing the strain in the family environment and supporting the family. A critical element to these is preparing the family in schizophrenia and improving the correspondence between its individuals.

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Step 5: Questions and remarks (10΄)

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Step 1 : Slid

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