Molly Lynde Godwin Secondary School Henrico, Va 23238.

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You and your understudies can without much of a stretch make Wordles at ... Transfer pictures, presentations, reports, pictures. Remark. Offer - pick duplicate and after that ...
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Metropolitan Educational Research Consortium October 15, 2009 Using Great Collaboration Practices In Your Classroom Molly Lynde Godwin High School Henrico, Va 23238

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When understudies of tomorrow sit in classrooms of yesterday

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But why WEB coordinated effort? Left Brain Answer Right Brain Answer aggregate knowledge coordinated effort straightforward - i nstant delight non-progressive just potential for energy - proprietorship open to open genuine acknowledgment perpetual quality searchable assets NOTE: You and your understudies can undoubtedly make Wordles at

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But why WEB cooperation? Left Brain Answer Right Brain Answer

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We Collaborate To Learn!

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Collaboration The why is replied it\'s more compelling however the by what method can be testing

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ideally, individuals gain from course readings yet individuals gain more from each other. zebra.paperclip.jpg

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Schools must be the guardian/awful person We can\'t utilize any (most) communitarian applications that don\'t permit balance by the educator: No Google Docs No Wallwisher No SimplyBox No Utube No Twitter No Facebook

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When there are impediments - simply recollect the mantra, "Innovation is my friend...."

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Don\'t Byte the Ram That Feeds Ya\'

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One Collaborative Idea Sort of a "visual blogging" webpage

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What do you do with Voicethread? Post records (Word, PDF), recordings, PowerPoints, pictures, and so forth Student make/remark on own bit of task then remark on another gathering\'s bit of a venture Cross curricular joint effort Interstate cooperation World wide coordinated effort!

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1. Have understudies sign a Voicethread Do and Don\'t worksheet 2. Have understudies register with VoiceThread. They will require an email account (Gaggle for in-school utilize) 3. They will make a (symbol) simply as they do in Facebook. 4. You can allot coded numbers to recognize understudies. 5. Make a sandbox/play Voicethread so they can get use to the methods included.

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How would you make your own particular Voicethread?

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Video from presentation is not accessible on this PowerPoint To make your own VoiceThread Register in an educator k12 account Choose make Upload pictures, presentations, records, pictures Comment Share - pick duplicate and after that glue the extraordinary distinguishing join on an archive or insert in a wiki/blog Publishing alternatives permits you to pick open, private, moderate

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But hold up, there is more! under a Creative Commons attribution-share alike permit. slide origina lly made by Bill Ferriter

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Cover It Live!

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Video presentation is not accessible on this PowerPoint To make a Cover It Live Event for your classroom: Register Create new (confirm time and date) A created HTML code is delivered - duplicate and glue in a web journal or wiki that is interested in general society (not secured) Take an ideal opportunity to make messages, surveys, url joins, and so forth in the Show Prep Folder (numbering in an arranged request use is useful) Launch your occasion. Send Welcome message. When understudies enter remarks you will need to "permit" or you may send back private messages with the end goal it should be presented on the web journal/wiki for understudies to see Double tap on any show prep things for moment posting from your arbitrator seat. Extraordinary for use in Paideia or Socratic courses or for abnormal state understudies to abridge the lessons.

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The "Lord Daddy" Google Docs

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Where Do I Find These Sites?

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For more data and joint effort

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Excellent Publications

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For more data on innovation and coordinated effort

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For more data on innovation and cooperation

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For more data and coordinated effort

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