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2. Indigenous Cultural Awareness/Cultural Safety Training for Health Professionals Marlene Drysdale Isabel Ellender February 2009. . 3. 3. Destinations. To investigate society
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Monash University Department of Rural & Indigenous Health Indigenous Health Unit

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Indigenous Cultural Awareness/Cultural Safety Training for Health Professionals Marlene Drysdale Isabel Ellender February 2009

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Objectives To e xplore culture & social fitness, Examine why social capability is an alluring aptitude for wellbeing experts, Examine occasions & approaches that needed social security & now affect on Indigenous wellbeing, Reflect on y our own particular qualities & viewpoints to wind up a socially skillful expert. 3

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Culture – why find out about it? Each of us is a piece of some culture or societies. Affectability & interest to fabricate capability aptitudes To give better social insurance conveyance. Value

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Culture … .. Convictions Behaviors Attitudes Practices … all scholarly, shared, and passed on by individuals from a gathering 5

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Culture shapes our… .. experience of the world, environment, family life, way of life, work & play life in our groups. 6

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Culture is adjusted through… .. ethnic/racial environment, dialect and training, sexual orientation, age, identity socio/monetary status, most profound sense of being/religion, 7

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Every culture - characterizes wellbeing, decides infection etiology, recommends how misery is characterized & flagged, endorses medicinal & social method for treatment 8

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What is your way of life? Q How might your way of life influence your administration conveyance? Q How do your qualities and standards influence how you see the social practices of others? Q How do culture & wellbeing connect?

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What is Aboriginal Cultural Awareness? Native Cultural Awareness implies having learning and comprehension of Aboriginal individuals\' histories, values, conviction frameworks, experience and ways of life. It is not about turning into a specialist on Aboriginal culture.

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What is Cultural Safety? Social wellbeing is the activity that originates from social mindfulness. Prompts to social security. Acknowledging and understanding distinction and tolerating it.

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Definition of Aboriginality An Aboriginal individual is of Aboriginal plunge who recognizes all things considered and who is acknowledged by the Aboriginal people group with which he or she is related

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SESSION ONE Pre-European Settlement 60,000+ years Indigenous occupation Strong customary Indigenous social orders Complex and organized social association Self-adequacy tuned in to environment

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Dreaming Ungud - Ngarinyin People from NW Australia. Alcheringa - Aranda individuals Tjukurpa - Pitjantjatjara People Wongar - Murngin People NE Arnhem Land. Bugari - Broome Region of West Australia

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What the "Imagining" shows us Our \'envisioning stories\' are not myth and legend but rather are both our over a significant time span. Shows rules for living in the physical and otherworldly universes. Clarifies how the \'soul predecessors made the world

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Teaches us about all parts of life our social structure and connections to each other Dreaming convictions are gone on through story and function Importance of sharing and administering to our surroundings Controls standards of marriage and conduct The "Imagining" is creation, history, our book of scriptures and an outline forever .

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Indigenous Occupation Kinship framework 500 unique dialects and complex communication through signing Highly unpredictable and coordinated profound conviction framework Conservation of land and environment to ensure nourishment and different assets coherence Technology

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Kinship framework

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Language (cont\'d) In Victoria around 10 distinct dialects Over 30 vernacular gatherings e.g. Kulin country of Melbourne and encompassing regions was made of 5 tongue bunches Woiworung, Jajowrong and Taungurong.

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SESSION TWO European Contact 1770 James Cook claims ownership 1788 Captain Phillip raises Union Jack 1799 Aboriginal resistance – Parramatta 1835 Batman Treaty-assessed Aboriginal populace =11,500

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European Contact (cont\'d) 1837 British parliament gets provide details regarding genocide in the states 1838 First Aboriginal protectorate built up 1841 Estimated Aboriginal populace = 2000 1851 Colony of Victoria set up

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European Control 1869 Act for security and administration of Aboriginal locals is passed in Victoria 1908 Pensions for all Australians Except Aborigines 1912 Maternity remittance for all with the exception of Aborigines 1938 Aborigines compelled to "play" re-sanctioning of attack of 1788 1941 Child gift no installments to roaming or "mission" subordinate Aborigines

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Protection, evacuation, isolation Protection approaches 1890-1937 Assimilation strategies –1938 1968

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Protection arrangements 1890-1937 What Happened? Combining of gatherings Start welfare reliance Stringent control of Aboriginal life Loss of land Forbidden to practice culture & talk dialect European nourishment & dress presented Massacres & ailments

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Protection arrangements 1890-1937 ( cont\'d ) Effects Destruction of connection framework Families isolated – loss of parts Loss of soul Loss of culture Loss of lifestyle independence Heavy loss of life Disease pestilences

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Assimilation strategies – 1938 - 1968 What Happened? Kids detracted from families Institutionalized & prepared for humble work Further breakdown of family and tribe

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Assimilation approaches – 1938 - 1968 The Effects Confusion, fear, outrage Cultural dispossession Further loss of association Increased welfare reliance Provision of shoddy work

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Self-assurance/self-administration 1968-90 What happened? 1957 Federal Council for The Advancement of Aboriginals & Torres Strait Islanders set up Aborigines Advancement League built up in Victoria Political activism-national level Re-rise of Aboriginal pioneers

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1967 Referendum sec127 of Constitution to incorporate Aborigines in the Census and sec 51 to empower the Federal Government pass laws for Aboriginal individuals broadly

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Self-assurance/self-administration (cont\'d) The Effects Aboriginal individuals increase new trust Improvement in a few parts of life Aborigines motivate ideal to vote Government responsibility to enhancing monetary status of Aboriginal individuals Department of Aboriginal Affairs

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Reconciliation 1990s ahead What Happened? Regal Commission into Aboriginal passings in care 1991 Council for Aboriginal Reconciliation set up 1992 National Inquiry into the detachment of Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander youngsters from their families 1997

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Reconciliation 1990s ahead Effects National & State projects to decrease passings in authority National acknowledgment of \'Stolen Generations" of Indigenous kids Howard declines to state sorry Community instruction programs presented on Indigenous culture & history Ongoing coordinated effort amongst Indigenous and non-indigenous individuals on compromise

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Aboriginal Health Status Life anticipation: 17 year less Infant Mortality: 3 times higher Diabetes: 20 - 30 times higher Renal Failure: 15 times higher Birthweight: 209 grams less

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Health c ontinued… . Passing by damage : 4 times more noteworthy Hospitalization: rates 55% more noteworthy Cardiovascular Disease: 1 in 3 passings Cancer: 70% higher demise rates among Indigenous ladies

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Issues Today Health conditions equivalent to third world insights 17 year less future No political power – no seats in Government No financial base to work from High youth suicide and so on

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Continued… Domestic brutality Child mishandle Government disregard Loss of character Powerlessness

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Many Indigenous medical problems lie outside the wellbeing division - * social, * social, * spiritual * recorded * economic * physical environment. On the off chance that you don\'t evacuate the cause, you wont impact a cure!

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Good wellbeing requires - proper lodging, Suitable, adequate eating regimen, clean drinking water and clean air arrive free of contamination, nuisance control and waste evacuation wellbeing training, data, transmittable infections control relaxation offices.

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"Wellbeing is not only the physical prosperity of the individual however the social, enthusiastic and social prosperity of the entire group" (NAHS Working Party, 1989:x)

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The Intervention Howard government reaction To dispose of vicious & sexual mishandle of Aboriginal kids & unsuitable expectations for everyday comforts in remote groups. 44

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The $1 billon Intervention 73 remote NT people group gained 99 year leases, scratched off allow framework Enforced the liquor enactment Military taskforce Quarantined half of all welfare installments. 45

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Pro Intervention 9000 tyke checks ascend in school participation drops in betting, drinking & tranquilize taking. extended schools, open lodging 46

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Anti Intervention On-going attack! Political move Land snatch Discriminatory Broader issues dismissed. Undermined human rights. Needed meeting process 47

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Consider … . All children require security! Blaming all remote Indigenous guardians. Mishandle in urban and in addition remote. Opening up shut remote groups - Good or terrible? Beforehand out of the picture, therefore irrelevant. Another digestion and impedance??? 48

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The Apology The Stolen Generations Children of blended plunge, coercively expelled from their families by government welfare or church operators & set in institutional care or with non-Indigenous temporary parents. "Disregard" judged by nearness of neediness, portability, or having couple of belonging.

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