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Financial DOWNTURN SARS An Analysis of the Nutrition Value of Typical White Collar Meals Presenter: Ms Priscilla Lau Nutrition Consultant and Registered Dietician June 26, 2003

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White Collars Have Higher Expectation For Healthy Food Worry continuous eating-out will prompt elevated cholesterol level and overweight issues 60% consider there is insufficient decisions for solid sustenance when eating out eateries, particularly neighborhood tea eateries (cha-chan-teng and fast food stores) ought to give more decisions to sound nourishment

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Lack Of Healthy Choices Will Lead To Heart Problem Breakfast with stuffed bread (like wiener bun ), sandwich, canned meat, seared eggs, and Lunch with high fat meat ( save rib, hamburger brisket, chicken wing) , all contain high immersed fat and will raise cholesterol level other than putting on weight, it will likewise expands the possibility of contracting coronary illness, hypertension and diabetes Other nourishment in-take is low in fiber White collars in Hong Kong at times work out, the shot of getting to be overweight and getting elevated cholesterol level will increment with regular admission of high fat low fiber nourishment

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Case Study – White-Collar Female The Person: Miss Chan Occupation: Secretary Exercise Level : Infrequent Height/Weight: 158 cm/55 kg Energy Needed: About 1,650 cal

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Case Study – White-Collar Male The Person: Mr Chan Occupation: Marketing Manager Exercise Level: Infrequent Height/Weight: 168 cm/81 kg Energy Needed: About 2,025 cal

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How To Eat Healthily And Economically? Rich in sustenance content  Healthy over-sustenance will prompt wellbeing issue Eating steadily does not mean spending a great deal Eat practical sustenance for breakfast and lunch

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Examples Of Functional Food Tomato Prevent prostate tumor Broccoli Prevent colorectal growth Low-fat/Skimmed Dairy Products Prevent osteoporosis Oats Prevent heart infections

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Functional Food – Oats Scientific studies have affirmed that eating oats nourishment can avert coronary illness How it functions: Soluble oats (Beta-glucan) assimilate cholesterol-filled particles in the digestion systems Such cholesterol won\'t be "reused" again Cholesterol level will be decreased Quantity required 3 grams of solvent fiber every day, around 70 grams of oats

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Healthy Breakfast Options Choose breakfast sustenance that are low in fat and high in fiber Low-fat Prevent overweight and elevated cholesterol level High-fiber Prevent obstruction Promote satiety, which stays away from over-eating Soluble fiber can diminish cholesterol level Oats, entire grain bread, natural products, unpolished rice, cocoa rice

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Suggestions For Packed Lunch Avoid chicken wings, or pick drumsticks rather; evacuate the skin Slice or ground the meat Fruits as sweet Eat as per the solid feast extent

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1/6 Meat 1/3 Vegetables ½ Grains Healthy Breakfast/Lunch Proportion

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Suggestions For Cha-chan-teng Offer "solid decisions" in menu "Snappy wash" meat in hot bubbling water rather than oil Do not sprinkle oil on nourishment to make it look shiny Less creature fat, egg spread, let the client apply oil themselves Meet clients\' needs give "skimmed vanished drain" or "low fat milk" in beverages less oil in cooking

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Suggestions For Cooking At Home Remove fat, expel chicken skin Use skimmed drain or low fat milk Remove oil on top of soup; get ready soup with chicken with skin expelled or incline meat Steam, stew and stew; utilize simple to-clean wok Eat close to 3 eggs for each week Grocery shopping as indicated by sound sustenance extent: grain > organic product & vegetable > meat Choose fixings that can lessen cholesterol organic product vegetable oats

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At Home Low fat cheddar sandwich (entire grained bread , some margarine) + crisply crushed natural product juice Lean meat, vegetable, chestnut rice noodle + plain tea Oats in milk + wheat bun Oat congee with incline meat + soya bean milk Cha-chan-teng/Fast Food Store Congee with corn and mushroom + steamed rice move noodle ( no oil) Rice noodle with chicken cuts and mushroom + wheat cut ( apply margarine yourself) + hot tea with milk ( less drain/utilize low fat milk ) Ham and egg sandwich (poached egg, wheat bun; no margarine/a little margarine) Pasta with ham and blended vegetable + hot espresso ( less drain/utilize low fat milk ) Healthy Breakfast – An Example * recommendation to cha-chan-teng * proposal for cooking at home

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Packed Lunch Spaghetti with ground meat (include mushroom + red bean + oats ) + blended vegetable Stewed drumstick with mushroom + broccoli + chestnut rice Stir-broiled bamboo shoots, mushroom and dried bean curd + bubbled vegetable + chestnut rice Cha-chan-teng/Fast Food Store Rice with incline broil pork + vegetable ( no oil) Japanese-styled noodle with dish pork + vegetable plate of mixed greens ( vinegar/low fat serving of mixed greens dressing ) + green tea Congee with incline pork + vegetable ( no oil) Fried rice with tomato and ground meat (little oil) Healthy Lunch – An Example * proposal for get ready high fiber low fat dinners at home * recommendation to cha-chan-teng

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