Money related Getting ready for Sending.

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Arranging an outing/excursion after organization? The amount of will you have to ... House/Apartment. Leases. Will it terminate? Installment game plans. By what means will you pay? Subletting ...
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Budgetary Planning for Deployment Fleet and Family Support Center

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Deployment Planning Deployment Planning Increases Spending Power How might you like a 10% raise? Wipes out Stress Difficult to oversee money related issues adrift Prepares You for the Future

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Important Documents Powers of Attorney General Easy to exploit this write Specific Limits power Medical Needed for kids and wards of single guardians or double military couples

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Important Documents Will Important for both single and wedded Service Record Page 2 Update crisis contact data DEERS and ID Cards Check to check whether ID cards will terminate amid organization SGLI Beneficiaries/TSP Beneficiaries Keep your recipients a la mode

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Managing your Finances Monitor LES (the vast majority take a gander at two things) Savings (is it staying in reserve funds)/TSP Factor in Pay Changes (FSA) Combat Overspending Wants versus Needs

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Spending Plan Spending Plan will give you that 10% raise. What amount can be spent while in port? Be practical (can\'t take everything ceaselessly) 70/20/10 Good correspondence with life partner, what is normal, what amount might you want to have spared toward the end of sending? Arranging an outing/excursion after organization? What amount of will you have to secure for that?

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Financial Management Tools Allotments Easy approach to pay charges Set up 60 days ahead of time Split Pay/Navy Cash Card Divide pay between essential record and shipboard record Online Banking Consider programmed exchanges

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Credit Management During Deployment Credit Reports Obtain duplicates and check for exactness ( ) Missed installments/late installments – 7 Years Credit Score Good Time to Establish Credit Use May be the most ideal approach to make buys abroad Exchange rate is normally great What is your arrangement for paying the bills while sent? Singles and additionally couples need to talk about and have an arrangement that will work.

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Property Management During Deployment House/Apartment Leases Will it lapse? Installment game plans. In what manner will you pay? Subletting Thoroughly look at potential inhabitants Routine upkeep Be certain life partner or occupant knows who to contact Insurance Insure substance of house or loft

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Vehicles Keep protection, labels and assessment ebb and flow Research stockpiling choices Check protection for decreased rates if the vehicle is away

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Communication Phone Budget for calls Use telephone cards Regular Mail Slow yet cheap E-mail Access might be restricted Content may not be private Emergency Communication Be certain your family knows how to get in touch with you in a crisis

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CLASSES/COUNSELING SERVICES OFFERED FOR FREE Million Dollar Sailor (2-day class) Million Dollar Spouse (1 day) Savings and Investment Basics Car Buying TSP Classes Financial Counseling (classified)/planning/Mastercards/reserve funds, and so on) DIVO Financial Leadership Seminar

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Sources of Help Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society American Red Cross Fleet and Family Support Center Command Financial Specialist Command Ombudsman

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Good Luck! Complete Important Documents Create your Financial Plan Protect your Property Have a sheltered and prosperous arrangement!

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