Money saving advantage Examination of Intuitive Betting Act 2001.

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Money saving advantage Analysis of Interactive Gambling Act 2001. Displayed By: Josephine Chuk & Paul You. What is Interactive Gambling Act 2001?. Gone on 28 June, 2001 Objective of Act:
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Money saving advantage Analysis of Interactive Gambling Act 2001 Presented By: Josephine Chuk & Paul You

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What is Interactive Gambling Act 2001? Gone on 28 June, 2001 Objective of Act: To address the issue that intelligent betting may give a " quantum jump " in access and an expanded danger of issue betting. Substance of Act: Prohibits online gambling clubs from taking wagers from Australian Internet clients however permits the arrangement of intelligent games wagering and betting administrations.

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Growth in Australian Gambling Expenditure 1987/88: $45 B 1997/98: $115 B 256%

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Expenditure by Type of Gambling Activity Gaming machine & club offers 72% of aggregate, develop by 190%

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IGA2001 Benefit-Cost Analysis Framework CBA of IGA2001 "Without" Path "With" Path Opportunity Cost of IGA2001 Externalities of IGA2001 Benefit of IGA2001 Cost to Implement IGA2001 Other Externalities Social Impact of IGA2001 Implementation in & outside Gambling Industries "With" Case "Without " Case Positive Impact Negative Impact Net Social Impact Net Benefit or Cost of IGA2001 in 2003 Net Benefit/expense of IGA2001 in Perspective

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Net Impact Measurement Framework Positive Impact E A C Negative Impact D F B ABCD: Gambling Industry CDEF: Internet Industry CD: Internet Gambling What we need to quantify: C – D How we measure: C – D = (A+C-A) – (B+D-B) A+C-A: Positive Impact A+C: "Without" Case A: "With" Case B+D-B: Negative Impact B+D: "Without" Case B: "With" Case

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Positive Social Impacts of IGA2001 Implementation Consumer Surplus Taxation Effect Adjustment for Problem Gamblers Adjustment for Problem Gamblers with Taxation

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Negative Social Impact of IGA2001 Implementation Tangible Cost - money related costs (chapter 11) efficiency misfortune work change misfortune (salary, work substitution) wrongdoing and legitimate cost (police, court, correctional facility sentences) Problem card sharks treatment costs loss of web betting income extra lawful expense on unlawful site Intangible expenses – Personal and family cost (trouble, relationship separation, sorrow, and so on) Diminish individuals " s happiness benefits

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The Result …

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