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SBI3U Evolution Test Review--School Reach Questions. # Question Answer . 1 A scientific statement must be able to be this? Falsifiable (proven false) . 2 How do the fossils found deeper in the rocks compare with respect to complexity and age? Less complex and older .
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SBI3U Evolution Test Review- - School Reach Questions

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# Question Answer

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1 A logical articulation must have the capacity to be this? Falsifiable (demonstrated false)

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2 How do the fossils discovered further in the stones contrast with deference with multifaceted nature and age? Less complex and older

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3 What is the investigation of fossils called? Paleontology

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4 If a feline has 21 contrasts in DNA in a protein when contrasted with a human and a puppy has 12 contrasts, which is all the more firmly identified with humans? dog

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5 A gathering of islands are close to the shoreline of a mainland. Which of the gathering would be occupied the longest? Closest island to the mainland

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Name one instructor who is resigning from Nelson this year?

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6 How does embryology give confirmation to evolution? More comparable the developing lives the all the more nearly related

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7 What did Thomas Malthus add to Darwin\'s theory Populations become exponentially if no stretch put upon them

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8 What is a species? Populations that can interbreed and have rich offspring

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9 A change in the allele frequencies in a populace depicts which term? Microevolution (acknowledge evolution)

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10 How old is the earth? (inside 500 million years) 4.54 billion years old

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11 If two species that are not related create comparative structures as they are adjusting to comparable situations, (for example, streamlined bodies in fish and warm blooded creatures), what sort of development is occurring? Convergent evolution

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12 If blossoms have contrasting blooming times so they don\'t interbreed, which kind of regenerative segregating component is this alluding to? Temporal

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13 What does the expression "fit" allude to in "survival of the fittest"? How numerous posterity are produced

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What is Nelson\'s High School Mascot?

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14 A quick populace diminish alludes to what term? Bottleneck

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15 What happens to assorted qualities of a populace after a bottleneck? Decreases

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16 What is the development of alleles from one populace to another? migration

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17 What is the essential drive of advancement… what changes? The environment

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18 Competition is required for development to happen. Name 3 things that creatures could contend for. Food, shield, mates, daylight, space, water

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19 Give a case of homologous structures and characterize the term Structures that originated from a typical precursor yet are adjusted for various environments

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20 What kind of advancement results in homologous structures? Divergent evolution

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21 Name the procedure that depicts how life emerges spontaneously. Abiogenesis

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22 Name one of the researchers who begat the expression "punctuated equilibrium" Stephan Jay Gould and Niles Eldredge (name one)

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23 What is a minimal structure? Structure that had a capacity in the past yet no longer

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Name the celebrated craftsman that has unique workmanship (not prints) in the front office and built the wall painting most of the way up the stairs from the office? Robert Bateman

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24 Name the sort of speciation where the populaces live in similar territory however turn out to be reproductively detached with the end goal that they can no longer interbreed successfully. Sympatric speciation

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25 In allopatric speciation, what is expected to isolate the species (or give an example) Geographic hindrance, for example, a mountain, stream etc.

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26 A giraffe\'s neck bit by bit got longer more than a few eras of vieing for sustenance high in the trees. Name the sort of selection. Directional selection

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27 Name the kind of determination which can bring about speciation. Disruptive selection

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28 If a populace is in Hardy-Weinberg balance, what does this mean in developmental terms? It is not evolving.

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29 What are the 5 necessities for Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium? NMMR +

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30 Name the kind of choice where people select qualities to create new breeds. Artificial selection

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31 State a weakness of manufactured selection. Reduces hereditary variability

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32 When a couple of individuals from a populace leave and shape their own populace in this way diminishing the hereditary differing qualities of the first population. Founder effect

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For which renowned fight lorded Horatio Nelson lead in 1805? Battle of Trafalgar

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33 Founder impact and bottleneck impact are both cases of hereditary float. What\'s the difference? Bottleneck comes about because of a characteristic catastrophe or human interference

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34 Define hereditary drift Changes in allele frequencies of a quality pool because of chance events.

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35 Theory that eukaryotes advanced from the ingestion of a prokaryote by another bacterium Endosymbiosis theory

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36 What is huge about the surrounded composed letter composed by Lord Nelson that is in the front office? Written by the hand that he lost in fight so it was composed preceding that

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37 Name the sort of determination that favors one extreme. Directional

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38 Courtship presentations are a case of this kind of selection. Sexual

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39 Evolution in which comparable attributes emerge in irrelevant species because of comparative natural choice pressures. Convergent evolution

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40 A change in the quality pool because of arbitrary chance Genetic drift

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41 What is the main wellspring of new genes? mutation

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42 On which particle can a transformation take place? DNA

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43 In a dirtied situation, would dim or light moths be in more noteworthy numbers? Dark

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44 If one species duplicates another animal types in appearance or conduct, what term does this describe? Mimicry

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45 If a butterfly resembles an owl, which is the copy and which is the model? Owl—demonstrate; butterfly- - mimic

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46 What is the name of Darwin\'s renowned book. On the Origin of Species

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What is room 117 in the school? Science office

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47 What year was On the Origin of Species published? 1859

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48 If an egg is prepared and kicks the bucket after a couple cell divisions, what kind of conceptive separating component is this alluding to? Zygote mortality

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49 Theory of a consistent rate of evolution Gradualism

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50 Differential survival and regenerative success Natural choice/evolution

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51 Selection that favors against varieties that digress from the average Stabilizing selection

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52 Theory of the improvement of the eukaryotic cell by the advantageous interaction of prokaryotic cells Endosymbiosis or endosymbiotic theory

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53 Give a case of cross breed infertility Horse and jackass—mule

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54 Can you develop? Why or why not No—just happens at the level of the population

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