Morals Awareness Managing for an Ethical Workplace .

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Ethics Awareness Managing for an Ethical Workplace. OGE Energy Fall 2009. Andrew L. Urich Puterbaugh Professor of Ethics & Legal Studies Spears School of Business Oklahoma State University Ethics Awareness. I am NOT here to moralize.
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Morals Awareness Managing for an Ethical Workplace OGE Energy Fall 2009 Andrew L. Urich Puterbaugh Professor of Ethics & Legal Studies Spears School of Business Oklahoma State University

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Ethics Awareness I am NOT here to lecture. "Mindfulness" changes human conduct.

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Who Am I to Discuss Ethics? I am a wolf in sheep\'s clothing. I play top choices. I translate tenets to my advantage. I have been known not decides that get in my direction. I prefer not to concede I am wrong even in those uncommon circumstances when it would seem that I may be. I am significantly more prone to trust things that advantage me. I like my thoughts better since they\'re mine.

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Who Am I to Discuss Ethics? Infrequently I believe it\'s amusing to say "no" in light of the fact that I have the ability to do as such. Here is the means by which I decide: I choose what I need the response to be– and afterward make up the consistent motivations to bolster my choice. I tend to judge myself by my goals as opposed to my activities. I tend to judge others by their activities as opposed to their goals.

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Key Points to Remember Human nature is not normally moral. Morals is gray– not highly contrasting. (At the end of the day, you can\'t simply say you\'re a moral person–and it\'s just as simple as that) is hard to be moral constantly.

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Ethical Lapses in the News Enron swelled profit by $586 million—financial specialists lost $60 billion. Adelphia author utilized corporate resources as guarantee for $3.1 billion in individual advances—organization went bankrupt. WorldCom exaggerated benefits by $7.1 billion—17,000 specialists laid off. Barings Bank\'s Nick Leeson brought about his manager\'s breakdown in 1995 in the wake of losing US$1.3 billion in unapproved subordinates exchanging.

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The Tyco Party Tyco CEO plundered organization of $600 million

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Management cares!! What are we doing here today?

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Because our notoriety is justified, despite all the trouble! If it\'s not too much trouble recall Enron\'s genuine issue! What are we doing here today?

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Why are we here today? Times are changing in the public arena and at OG&E! Do morals change with the times??? Morals, as a piece of OGE\'s "Corporate Culture," gives you an argument and an "out."

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Case Problem 1 The Thrifty V.P.

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Case Problem 1 The Thrifty V.P. Simply taking after requests Ethics and youngsters Entrapment

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Discussion Question What do you use as a moral rule? As it were, how would you choose what\'s moral? Should moral choices be founded on "gut impulse" or "still, small voice?"

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Examining Unethical Behavior Overview of Topics It\'s less demanding not to be moral. Convictions about the morals of others Attitudes toward the organization Self-daydream (Rationalization)

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1. It\'s Easier Not To Be Ethical Easier to do what\'s helpful Easier to adjust with the standards Easier to do what\'s gainful Easier to win on the off chance that you cheat It is extremely hard to defeat the difficulties of human instinct. Basic THINKING

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It\'s Easier Not To Be Ethical But It\'s Worth the Trouble Ethics is the way to administration and impact. "An untruth can travel most of the way around the globe while truly putting on its shoes." Mark Twain

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Case Problem 2 Just Trying to Help

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Beliefs About the Ethics of Others Everyone thinks like me. Individuals take after the pioneer. Distinctive morals for various circumstances? Do you utilize the same standard of morals in all parts of your life? For instance, is your standard the same with your family, at chapel, at work, with private issue, and so on?

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3. States of mind Toward the Company Do supervisors try to do they say others should do? (The observation tallies) "The fish spoils starting from the head." ~Sir Andrew Louis Employees need to "even things out." Authority is OUT — Influence is IN.

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4. Self-dream Rationalization: Polite expression for self-daydream "The best of all deficiencies, I ought to say, is to be aware of none." ~ Thomas Carlyle (1795 – 1881) Scottish essayist "An absurd consistency is the ogre of little personalities." ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

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The Secret to Happiness Self-hallucination Hypocrisy Ignorance

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The Secret to Happiness Ignorance is Bliss "Individuals who do things severely are remarkably sure about their capacities—more sure, truth be told, than individuals who do things well. Not just do they achieve wrong conclusions and settle on terrible decisions, yet their inadequacy denies them of the capacity to acknowledge it." Dunning, David Journal of Personality and Social Psychology December 1999.

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4. Self-hallucination

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Case Problem 3 Bedlam Football

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Guideline for Ethical Decision Making 1. Is there a relevant law or OGE arrangement? 2. Should I get some information about this before acting? 3. Have I required significant investment to think painstakingly before acting? 4. Would I reveal my choice to my boss, CEO, mother, and so on.? (Imagine a scenario where everybody discovered?)

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Guideline for Ethical Decision Making 5. Am I maintaining a strategic distance from the presence of shamefulness? 6. Am I characterizing the issue effectively? 7. Am I think? 8. Finally, if all else fails, do I know who to contact?

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Training Opportunities at OGE Andrew Urich Influence Skills: Authority is Out– Influence is in Negotiation Skills Professional Image

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Thank You I value your time and consideration. Questions?

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