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More noteworthy HYDERABAD City Company. June 2011. Off Site Ongoing Checking Framework (OSRT) 'whenever anyplace'. Thought Germination. Trouble in observing community exercises more than 625 range, 80lakh populace, 50 wards, 5 zones and 18 circles
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More noteworthy HYDERABAD MUNICIPAL CORPORATION June 2011 Off Site Real Time Monitoring System (OSRT) \'at whatever time anyplace\'

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Idea Germination Difficulty in observing city exercises more than 625 zone, 80lakh populace, 50 wards, 5 zones and 18 circles To give 360-degree responsibility in conveyance of metropolitan actitivities, depending on the little utilized camera of the pervasive, simple to-utilize cell phone as the instrument of responsibility. Create constant off-site pictures of metropolitan exercises esteemed by subjects Making the GHMC supervisors more responsive and mindful 2

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Goal Citizen strengthening Leverage IT for community administrations To build up a 360-degree responsibility instrument Provide bona fide at whatever time anyplace data on different municipal exercises Ensure compelling observing and arranging

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Road-outline concretised in April - May, 2010 POC done in June\' 2010 Pilot started in August\' 2010 Tender brought in September, 2010 Vendor settled in November, 2010 4

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Strategy SWOT investigation of GHMC opposite activity Initiated basis in April\' 2010 sharpening all partners clear investigation of existing authoritative and checking frameworks Gradual scaling up of the activity Strict measures against refractory authorities 5

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Uniqueness of the Initiative Innovativeness of the OSRT component is established on the incorporation of responsibility apparatuses and procedures by depending on the eye of the cell phone Availability of continuous reports/information/pictures out in the open space Utilizing the simple to-utilize cell phone eye (camera) for city administration Reviews in light of reports produced with 2 seconds inertness Auto s.m.s. to endless supply of grievance (through cell phone) and after redressal. Status confirmation of grievance through site Making metropolitan troughs more responsive and mindful and making nationals dependable Single point accessibility of different community exercises and yields openly space Usage of GPS/GPRS Satellite caught Latitude/Longitude and date/time stamp on all pictures Utilizing Photo correlation and border restricting advances Transparency in organization OSRT is in broad daylight area and subjects have entry to every one of its components like any GHMC official. 6

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Technical Specifications Technology (Hardware, Software, Platform) NOKIA , C++, Symbian , J2EE Feature List Goe and Time stamped Real time Snapshots Data pressure and decompression, Image handling, Integrated with GIS revealing instruments Hosting Cloud Computing with WTLS encryption and enlisted cell phones just User name and Password for each TXN Integration component (with various cell phones) Any versatile with GPRS and GPS highlights Coverage territory Entire 625 GHMC range Installation strategy/Technical Requirements of the item/extend Need just Mobile telephone with GPRS highlight and Connectivity and GPS Client appli can be down stacked and pushed to Solution is accessible openly area and can be gotten to at 7

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Status Being utilized for checking dumper containers & participation , road lighting, Town Planning, Anti-larval operations, Parks, 3p, Works Real time pictures transferred through PDAs by field staff with scope, longitude, date and time stamp Received energy about natives, media, non-authorities, authorities Representatives from Tamilnadu, Karnataka, Odissa, Madhya Pradesh, J&K, Chattisgarh, Rajasthan, Andaman & Nicobar and Bhutan valued the activity 8

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Achievements OSRT has come to stay and operational for almost 11 months and met partner acknowledgment Building authorizations issued inside four days without investigation which are approved through pictures of site conditions captured through OSRT inside 15 days of building arrangements discharge Attained earn back the original investment status in the primary year of operation 9

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Benefit & Costs Ease of observing w.r.t. town arranging, road lighting, parks, 3p Workforce participation enhanced from 85% to 98% Dumper container lifting enhanced from 76% to 98% Rs.76lakhs consumption caused on the venture till May, 2011 Rs.73lakhs recuperated till May, 2011 from temporary workers because of Service Level Agreement infringement, for example, unpredictable participation, non lifting of receptacles, disgraceful clearing of streets and so on and wireless cost and month to month rentals Contd… 10

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Benefit & Costs 50 un-authorised structures annihilated 90 criminal bodies of evidence documented against property proprietors for developing structures without consent Substantial lessening in native grumblings on sanitation and road lighting in daily papers, E mail and paper grievances receipts System produced continuous reports Information access to nationals and non-authorities 11

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Outcome Heralding in an IT empowered period of responsibility, answerability and straightforwardness Initiative picked up partners certainty – not a solitary case disparaging/censuring the activity revealed so far Availability of constant and real information over all levels of organization Perceptible effect on participation of workforce and dumper canister clearing Reduction in protests on general wellbeing and non-shining road lights De-perplexity of town arranging exercises Information access to all partners 12

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OSRT - Comments Comment of Dr. Isher Judge Ahluwalia famous financial specialist in an unexpected visit to Hyderabad in February, 2011 who had seen in field the catching of pictures through cell phones utilizing OSRT. "Indeed, even as the wrongdoings in the telecom division produce outrage and overwhelm, Hyderabad\'s city administration activity utilizing cell phones gives a much needed refresher on what the telecom unrest can accomplish for India. The Off-Site Real Time Monitoring (OSRT) framework is a one of a kind however straightforward versatile based IT activity which utilizes a blend of GPS (Global Positioning System) and GPRS (General Packet Radio Services) advances through PDAs for overseeing municipal civilities in the city in a straightforward and productive way." 13

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Replicability Availability of more than 70crore portable associations in India OSRT is a shoddy and financially savvy arrangement Simple innovation Easy – to utilize cell phones with GPS/GPRS network Complete and solid data on metro exercises and yields accessible openly area at a solitary point Upward and descending responsibility 14

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Challenges Attitude of urban supervisors Non Officials Governance strategies Workforce Unions 15

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