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Motion picture Plate Portable Developing the 'Brand Impression' past the Plate A Presentation by NetInformer 2005 - NetInformer - Restrictive and Private MovieTray gets intelligent we augment the Brand Impression from in-venue to home
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Motion picture Tray Mobile Extending the ‘Brand Impression’ past the Tray A Presentation by NetInformer 2005 - NetInformer - Proprietary and Confidential

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MovieTray gets intuitive we develop the Brand Impression from in-venue to home Message stays on the customer’s cell telephone for delayed introduction. Gives an intuitive publicizing knowledge utilizing two intense mediums. Can include client with TXT Trivia, Instant Win Games, and Mobile Coupon Offers. Drive client to support site or retail store. Home + Internet Retail See the Brand Message and Play Experience the Brand Take the Brand with you

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3 MovieTray Mobile Packages Are Available Promo Tray Designed to coordinate with existing advancements Provides fundamental level of intelligence for brand All informing included Drives activity to site, retail, stand, and so forth. Moment Win Tray Turn-key Program. Supporter sets chances of moment win. Makes desperation for association with brand. Non-champs given littler coupon Text Trivia Tray Turn-key Program. Most extreme brand collaboration time (3+ Minutes) 3 Questions for each player Prizes/Coupons Given for Correct Answers

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Example: MovieTRAY Sponsor: Tylenol (McNeil-PPC) Tylenol Trivia teaser and directions imprinted on Stadium Tray.

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Text Message Text Message To: 55555 To: 55555 Congrats! U know UR Movies! U likewise know,then, that Tylenol can make a taxing day at the theater more agreeable. U Win $2 off any Tylenol item. Go to: and enter code: 19457 Tylenol Example: MovieTray - How it lives up to expectations 1 2 Fan is cautioned to intelligent Tylenol Trivia on the MovieTray. On the cell telephone, Fan sends: Tylenol to 55555. 3 4 Fan is sent back a Tylenol Trivia question. Fan sends “C” and gets coupon code + site address Text Message From: 55555 TYLENOL TRIVIA: In Citizen Kane, what is Kane’s last word? A. Run! B. Peace C. Rosebud D. Starlight

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Example: Mobile Coupon Redemption - Web Redemption: A Coupon Landing and Validation Page (Coupon Validation is discretionary) NetInformer gives the accompanying organizations to the coupon experience: Hosted Webpage: - HTML Code for Existing Site - - Embedded HTML Code approaches NetInformer Server to approve coupon No Validation - A non specific coupon code which meets expectations for all clients. Then again no code by any means.

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Example: The Mobile Coupon System A Mobile Coupon System is incorporated with the Stadium Tray Mobile and can be utilized as a part of two routes: Redemption of the Coupon at Sponsor Location. For this situation an interesting coupon code is sent to every champ. This code can be approved by any PC with web access through a coupon reclamation page gave by NetInformer. A few customers may not oblige acceptance (Ex: A $1 off coupon given to each member and appeared to a retail agent on the cell telephone). Reclamation of the Coupon from Sponsor Website NetInformer gives a coupon point of arrival marked to the supporter. This is all included with a standard battle. Coupon Code and Mobile Number are entered, and accepted by NetInformer. Distinctive coupon codes can take client to diverse coupons.

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Text Message Text Message To: 12345 From: 12345 J44 UR Seat Number isn’t the drivers. In any case, for playing, take an additional $500 off any new GM. Go to and enter code: 3S2 Instant Win Games are additionally accessible Instant Win Tray Provides most motivator for immediate connection. Perfect for moment area redemption. Each non-champ can receive a coupon. Full turn-key advancement. How it Works The Tray surrenders the set and guidelines for entering the Instant Win Game. The Sponsor decides the chances of winning, and NetInformer’s framework executes win/lose reactions taking into account these chances. Up to 3 Prizes can be set up. Ex: Small Prize with 1:10 chances. Med with 1:1,000, Large with 1:100,000 Teaser and Instructions on Tray Fan sends in Seat Number Win/Lose Response Drive Customer to Website or In-Venue Booth

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Text Message Text Message To: 12345 From: 12345 Lemons UR Snapple Lemons ‘R Lucky Code is: 231. Enter the code at to check whether UR a victor! MovieTray can coordinate with current promos Promo Tray Complements existing advancements. Gives essential level intuitiveness Creates a prompt method of section into a current contest or advancement. How it Works The Tray surrenders the set and guidelines for entering Snapple’s current Lemons ‘R Lucky advancement. The arrival message gives the strategy for passage - for this situation, a 3-digit code to enter at the site. Consistently coordinates with any advancement with an electronic section model. Teaser and Instructions on Tray Fan sends in “Lemons” Promotional Message Drive Customer to Website or Retail Location.

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Each MovieTray Includes Everything You Need Text Trivia Promotional Instant Win Short Code Rental for span of crusade. Short Code Rental for span of battle. Short Code Rental for length of time of crusade. Versatile Coupon System Mobile Coupon System Mobile Coupon System Full Campaign Statistics report. Essential Campaign Statistics report. Full Campaign Statistics report. Up to 8 Text Messages for every client. Up to 4 Text Messages for every client. Up to 4 Text Messages for each client. Turn-key Text Trivia for greatest brand cooperation length. Turn-key Instant Win Game

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Benefits of MovieTray Mobile Extend the brand\'s life message. Include the more youthful demographic with content informing. Go past a static commercial with intelligence. Drive members to sites or retail stores. High portable coupon reclamation rates can drive deals.

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2005 - NetInformer - Proprietary and C

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