Motivation 议程.

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Building up a Win-Win Organization - AIAG to Bolster China Car Store network 创造双赢局面 - 美国汽车工业行动集团支持中国汽车工业供应链 Dr.Yilong Chen, General Executive – Asia Pacific and Boss Agent in China, AIAG 陈以龙博士 , AIAG 亚太地区事务总监 兼驻中国首席代表 June 26-27,2006, Beijing Plan 议程
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Setting up a Win-Win Partnership - AIAG to Support China Automotive Supply Chain 创造双赢局面 - 美国汽车工业行动集团支持中国汽车工业供应链 Dr.Yilong Chen, General Director – Asia Pacific & Chief Representative in China, AIAG 陈以龙博士 , AIAG 亚太地区事务总监 兼驻中国首席代表 June 26-27,2006, Beijing

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Agenda 议程 I. Industry pattern - Global assembling; 行业发展趋势 - 全球制造 II. Opportunity and Challenges for Chinese car industry 中国汽车工业的机遇和挑战 III. Key elements for a fruitful worldwide assembling and sourcing in China; 成功的重要因ç\'  IV. AIAG part companies’ necessity on quality and material administration; AIAG 成员公司对è\'¨é‡å’Œç‰©æµç®¡ç†è¦æ±‚ V. AIAG resolved to bolster car store network in China. AIAG 承诺支持中国汽车工业供应链

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Supply base is changing 供应商体系在变化 GM diminished its 3700 worldwide supply base by 500 suppliers in 2005. 通用汽车全球 3700 全球供应商体系在 2005 å¹\'精减了 500 家 Ford has declared it will move from 2500 to 800 suppliers. 福特汽车宣称供应商将会由 2500 家精减至 800 家 Delphi is moving from almost 4,000 suppliers to 700 to 900 suppliers in the following couple of years. Delphi 在未来的几å¹\'将会由将近 4000 家供应商精减至 700 到 900 家 Go Global 全球化 Global Manufacturing 全球制造 Global sourcing 全球采è\'­ China car industry assumes more imperative part 中国汽车业增长迅速 I. Car Industry Trend 汽车业发展趋势

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China car industry: Growing quick ! 中国汽车业增长迅速 Vehicle Production Volume in China 中国汽车产量 Vehicle Vol. (M) Production volume came to 5.71 M. 汽车产量达到 571 万辆 . Complete deals in 2005 came to 5.76 M 2005 å¹\'销售总量达到 576 万 . Year

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1984: $5.9M 590 万美元 1997: $540M 5.4 亿美元 2003: $4.3B 43 亿美元 2005: $15.2B, 75% development contrasted with 2004. what\'s more, turned into the fifth biggest automobile parts supply to US. 2005:152 亿美元 , 对比 2004 å¹\'增长了 75%, 已成为美国第五大供应商 . It is evaluated that the yearly development rate of automobile parts market in China may reach 35% amid the 11 th Five-Year Plan period. 据估计 , 在第 11 个五å¹\'计划期é—\'中国汽车零部件市场可能会达到 35% 的å¹\'增长率 . Automobile part fare may reach $40 B in 2010. 2010 å¹\'汽车零部件出口额将会达到 400 亿美元 . 机遇 - 中国汽车零部件出口增长迅速 China Automotive Parts Export: Growing Fast! Incredible Opportunity Ahead !!

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Cost of crude material increments. 原材料成本增加了 Industry encountering for the most part lower overall revenues because of harder rivalry. 由于同行激烈的竞争 , 中国汽车工业总体è¯\'来利润降低 Lack of imaginative, high esteem parts to separate item 缺乏自主创新技术,附加产值低 Appreciation of Chinese coin has contrarily affected fare benefits. 人民币的增值给出口利润带来è\'Ÿé¢å½±å“ Most vehicle part suppliers are in little scale. 多数汽车零部件供应商规模不大 Difficult to meet Quality necessity 尚难满足è\'¨é‡è¦æ±‚ Difficult to meet Deliver In Time prerequisite 尚难满足客户及时交è\'§è¦æ±‚ Challenges 面对的挑战

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How to understand a reasonable develop? 如何实现可持续的增长 How to expand send out? 如何增加出口 Cost 成本 Purchase Order 服务/交è\'§åŠæ—¶ è\'¨é‡ Quality Service/Deliver in Time Key Factors 拿到定单的关键因数 for car parts suppliers to get buy request from their clients

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GM ’ s Expectation on Suppliers 通用汽车对供应商的期望 Program Management 项目管理 Supply Chain 供应链 Quality/Launch è\'¨é‡/启动 Current/Future Business 当前/未来商务 Global Logistics Capability to Support Global Footprint 全球后勤力支持能力 Parts at Station on Time 零部件及时送达 Logistics Cost 降低后勤成本 Flawless Launch Execution 完美的项目启动 Reduce Spills 减少外部原因引起的生产中断 Reduce Warranty 降低保修成本 PPAP on Time 生产件能及时得到批准 Launch New Programs @ Right Quality, Right Time, Right Cost 高è\'¨ , 及时 , 低成本地启动新项目 Best Landed Cost Globally 降低全球化成本 Material Cost Target 物料低成本达标 Sustainable Supplier Footprint 可持续的供应商基地 Effective Supplier Alignment 有效的供应商协作 . Remedial activities in the right zones to enhance execution 于合适的领域采取纠正举措来改善性能

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FORD Sourcing Objectives 福特汽车公司的采è\'­ç›®æ ‡ Sourcing for Quality: To recognize generally safe assembling suppliers. 采è\'­è\'¨é‡ï¼šé‰\'定低风险的制造供应商 Development/Launch: To create Robust Quality Operating System through Lean/6 Sigma execution and to Launch suppliers’ items perfectly through APQP. 发展/市场投放:通过 精益/6 Sigma 执行计划来发展强健的è\'¨é‡æ“ä½œä½“系,通过 APQP 来完美地投放使用供应商的产品 On-Going Improvement: To achieve Q1 and to persistently take out Waste altogether Value Chain. 正在进行的改进:获得 Q1 认证å

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