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Motivation. Deepwater HistoryContract Philosophy/Structure/FlexibilityIntegrated Product Team StructureRequirement
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PEO/SYSCOM Conference Brief System Requirements and Acquisition Integration CDR Carl Alam Aviation Project Manager United States Coast Guard Mr. Hurl Greco Aviation Project Manager Integrated Coast Guard Systems

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Agenda Deepwater History Contract Philosophy/Structure/Flexibility Integrated Product Team Structure Requirement "Stream Down" Process "Stream Down" Systems Engineering Questions

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U.S. Drift Guard Missions Maritime Safety Maritime Mobility Search and Rescue International Ice Patrol Lightering Zone Enforcement Foreign Vessel Inspection Maritime Security National Defense Drug Interdiction General Enforcement of Laws and Treaties Alien Migrant Interdiction Homeland Security General Defense Operations Maritime Interception Operations Military Environmental Defense Operations Port Operations, Security, & Defense Peacetime Military Engagement Coastal Sea Control Protection of Natural Resources Marine Pollution Enforcement & Response Living Marine Resource Enforcement

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Current Coast Guard Capabilities Positive: Effective multi-mission capacity Record cocaine seizures 3 years running Innovative endgame activities Negative: Missed open doors – can\'t react to all accessible intel Huge scope crevices exacerbated by complex cases Insufficient C4ISR to moderate asset holes 1984 - 2004 1985 - 2005 18 yrs 17 yrs 1972 - 1997 1965 - 2008 30 yrs 37 yrs 1964 - 2007 1990 - 2005 38 yrs 12 yrs 1982 - 2002 1982 - 2013 20 yrs 28 yrs Expiration of Planned Service Life Year First Commissioned

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Why Deepwater? Secures the Homeland by giving enhanced Maritime Security and Safety Enables the Coast Guard to Maintain solid nearness in key sea districts to stop potential dangers to U.S. sway Right approach to accomplish complex objectives through open – private association Provides Nation best national security, military, law requirement, and pursuit & protect ability for citizen\'s dollar Ensures USCG stays best CG on the planet – military, multimission, sea, portable, spry and adaptable Vision Statement: "Keeping the U.S. Drift Guard the world\'s ideal… legitimately prepared and completely arranged to meet each oceanic test of the 21 st Century."

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Solution: Integrated Deepwater System Performance Based: Focus on abilities not resources Acquisition Strategy: Partner with framework integrator Acquire coordinated arrangement of surface, air, C4ISR, and coordinations frameworks Overarching Objective: Maximize Operational Effectiveness while Minimizing Total Ownership Costs Mission Statement: Be the best at what we do. Set a standard of greatness for all to imitate as we create, get, send, and support an operationally viable and reasonable Integrated Deepwater System.

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Performance Based Acquisition Operational Effectiveness Value Surveillance, Detection, Classification, Identification, Prosecution, (SDCIP) Total Ownership Cost Government Performance Results Act Chief Financial Officer Act System Performance Specification, Productivity Efficiency Effectiveness Operational Effectiveness Value SDCIP

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Notional Delivery/Task Order Schedule FY01 FY02 FY03 FY04 FY05 FY06 FY07 IDS Concept & Tech Development IDS Production & Deployment IDS System Development & Demonstration Jun 2001 Sep 2001 Award Jun 2002 PHASE 2 Proposal Evaluation Phase 2 Proposal Prep PHASE 1 IDS Engineering, Integration, and Management LOGISTICS Asset Task Delivery Order C4ISR Concept & Technology Development AVIATION System Development & Demonstration Production & Deployment Operations & Support SURFACE Disposal

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Contract Philosophy "The front-end building of institutional game plans and key frameworks is a far more prominent determinant of the achievement or disappointment of Large Engineering Projects than are the more unmistakable parts of venture designing and administration… .Projects get to be distinctly fruitful not on the grounds that they have been ideally chosen, but rather on the grounds that patrons and accomplices focus on sharing dangers, forming decisions in turbulent situations, and grasping vulnerabilities." Miller and Lesard, The Strategic Management of Large Engineering Projects: Shaping Institutions, Risks and Governance.

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Contract Structure A Performance Based Acquisition Specifications, items and program achievement judged on framework (bad habit resource) execution Operational Effectiveness Total Ownership Cost Partnering with a solitary Integrated Deepwater System (IDS) contractual worker - the Systems Integrator - who will: Upgrade as well as supplant boats, flying machine, coordinations frameworks, and C4ISR through its group of subcontractors Integrate the whole arrangement of boats, air ship, coordinations frameworks, and C4ISR. Five-year base honor with choice to grant up to five extra five-year grant terms. Conveyance Order/Task Order Contract will break yearly financing into usable sections as per A-11. Contract fuses numerous securing changes, advancements and current prescribed procedures, and is built to give adaptability to adjust to: Budget variances  Technology refreshment Legislative orders  Mission development

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Award Term Contract 2009 2011 2008 2027 2012 2015 2018 2020 2021 2025 2028 2005 2007 2019 2024 2030 2002 2006 2013 2014 2017 2026 2003 2010 2016 2022 2004 2023 2029 2031 2032 5 Years FIRM PRICING BASIC TERM Decision on Award Term #1 (4 years information) Expected execution in taking after zones Operational Effectiveness (OE) Total Ownership Cost (TOC) Competition gave at Subcontract Level Project Management OFF RAMP YR1 YR2 YR3 YR4 YR5 TERM Guaranteed Minimum $ = first Year Funding (can end at whatever time subsequent to meeting least) Project Management & Technical Quarterly Reviews Annual Performance Reviews YR3 Award Term Proposal Submission YR4 Award Term Evaluation Negotiate any descending conformity to Award Term #1 - not to surpass costs got amid FY02 Competition

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System Integrator Monitoring 2009 2011 2008 2027 2012 2015 2018 2020 2021 2025 2028 2005 2007 2019 2024 2030 2002 2006 2013 2014 2017 2026 2003 2010 2016 2022 2004 2023 2029 2031 2032 Decision on Award Term 1 (4 years information) BASIC TERM Off Ramp Negotiate Award Term 1 Decision on Award Term 2 (5 years information) AWARD TERM 1 Off Ramp Negotiate Award Term 2 Decision on Award Term 3 (5 years information) AWARD TERM 2 Off Ramp Negotiate Award Term 3 Decision on Award Term 4 (5 years information) YR1 YR2 YR3 YR4 YR5 AWARD TERM 3 Off Ramp Negotiate Award Term 4 Decision on Award Term (5 years information) TERM AWARD TERM 4 Off Ramp Negotiate Award Term 5 Project Management & Technical Quarterly Reviews Annual Performance Reviews YR3 Award Term Proposal Submission YR4 Award Term Evaluation AWARD TERM 5 Off Ramp

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Asset Capability Force Composition Force Structure Contract Flexibility Flexible Design & Procurement Strategy for Changing Requirements System Integration prerequisites include: Modularity and Commonality Integrated CONOPS & CONLOG Systems Engineering including innovation invigorate C4ISR Architecture improvement at both resource & framework level Developmental testing IDS Performance/Cost Analysis

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Innovation: Partnership Public and Private Partnership – Effectiveness Support Internal Organization Collocation at the System Integrated Program Office (SIPO) Integrated Product Teams Higher plane of trust and coordination – no concealed motivation Commitment to higher nature of administration – Long term Genuine cost-sharing Incentives

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USCG/ICGS IPT Structure C/CV/CCS Advice OIPT ICGS BOD Guidance PEO Advice IIPT Communications Guidance Co-Chair Co-Chair DRM DTM DPM PMT ICGS PM SEIT System Architects Sys Eng, Process Lead Surface PM Air PM C4ISR PM ILS PM NSC MPA Comms LIMS USCG ICGS Joint Organizational Position or Functional Team Integrated Product or Process Team 123\' MCH C2 LEM 1 SRP VUAV Integration LEM 2 Requirement Flowdown Process Flowdown … Legacy Upgrade Intel Shore … Legacy Upgrade …

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Requirements \'Stream down"

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Process \'Stream down" IDS Plans & Processes Project Management Plan (PMP) Integrated Master Schedule (IMS) Risk Management Plan (RMP) Requirements Management Plan Configuration Management (CM) Plan Data Management (DM) Plan Test and Evaluation Program Plan (TEPP) Quality Assurance (QA) Plan C4ISR Systems Engineering Management Plan (C4ISR SEMP) Software Development Plan (SDP) System Safety Plan (SSP) Integrated Support Plan (ISP) ICGS Contractor Work Breakdown Structure (CWBS) Integrated Product and Process Development (IPPD) Interface Requirements Documents (IRDS) Concept Of Operations (CONOPS) Key Performance Parameters (KPPs) Measures of Performance (MOP) Analysis of Alternatives (AoA) Measures of Effectiveness (MOEs) Required Operational Capabilities (ROC) Simulation Test and Evaluation Process (STEP) Earned Value Management System (EVMS) Data Management Plan (DMP) Contractor Deliverable Requirements List (CDRL) Technical Performance Measures (TPM) Design Reference Missions (DRM) Integrated Management Plan (IMP) Reliability, Maintainability, and Availability (RMA) Plan System Training Plan System Level of Repair Analysis (LORA) Plan Support and Test Equipment (S&TE) Plan Technology Obsolescence Prevention (TOP) Plan

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System Engineering

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PEO/SYSCOM Conference Brief Questions? CDR Carl Alam Aviation Project Manager United States Coast Guard Work: (571) 218-3291 Cell: (202) 528-6684 Mr. Throw Greco Aviation Project Manager Integrated Coast Guard Systems Work: (571) 218-3292 Cell: (856) 912-4608

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