Motivation for 10-22 and 10-25.

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Draw a photo of yourself as the star in your most recent motion picture. ... Excellent. Parody. Narrative. Show. Ghastliness. Secret. Sentiment. Noiseless/Golden Era. Anticipation ...
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Plan for 10-22 and 10-25 1. Snappy Write/Sketch - (compose the date!) Imagine that you are a motion picture star… what kind of motion pictures would you star in? Activity? Dramatization? Drama? Why did you picked this kind of type? Draw a photo of yourself as the star in your most recent motion picture.

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Movie Genres Action Adventure Classic Comedy Documentary Drama Horror Mystery Romance Silent/Golden Era Suspense Western

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Creation of "Film Self" To start, conceptualize about the qualities you have which you might want to focus on for your CINEMA SELF character. In your sketchbook, take some an opportunity to consider this. Thought of 4 diverse "Silver screen Self" conceivable outcomes . Utilize this organization: CINEMA SELF #1 A. Trademark to concentrate on How it will be underscored in the silver screen self? In one sentence, portray this silver screen self? What sort (type) of motion picture will this character be in? Film SELF #2, #3 and #4 (same as above)

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Agenda for now: • Clean out your documents. The main things in your home envelope ought to be: Photoshop Practice documents Color Study (adaptations w/and w/o layers) Self Portrait (forms w/and w/o layers) Complete the worksheet/film proposition for now Decide upon the motion picture type Create and pick fundamental character (Cinema Self) Decide upon maybe a couple other principle characters Figure out your intended interest group Write a synopsis of your motion picture plot Thumbnail drawings Movie Proposal Due Next Class before you start designing!

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