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Quick Reference Guide. Can’t find what you’re looking for?. Need Help? Contact the Service Center at (866) 588-1824 or your local P&O Department. Mpower Associate Portal. Try using the Table of Contents , which can be found on the Home Tab , under My Information and Tools .
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Brisk Reference Guide Can\'t discover what you\'re searching for? Require Help? Contact the Service Center at (866) 588-1824 or your nearby P&O Department. Mpower Associate Portal Try utilizing the Table of Contents , which can be found on the Home Tab , under My Information and Tools . This will open as an Excel spreadsheet. To look inside the spreadsheet, hold down the Ctrl catch on your console and hit the F key - sort in a catchphrase to hunt down the thing. Your one-stop-look for: Associate-related data Self-benefit devices for review and redesigning your own data Global data, including seek ability Information important to YOU . + Feedback is incredibly refreshing! The connection for the input shape is situated underneath the Tabs. +

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What\'s Under the Tabs? What\'s Under the Tabs? What? Tabs Life Event (i.e. Marriage, Birth, Address) and Personal Information (i.e. Telephone Number, Emergency Contacts) Changes Headcount Databases Room Reservations Databases Mars Shopping Network Links General Announcements Link to World of Learning Database L&D Course Calendar L&D Tools Links to Online Training Forms - PDP and Tuition Reimbursement Mars Effectiveness Competencies Menu Categories MEI Global Information Functional Websites (i.e. R&D, S&F, Sales) Mars, Inc. Activities Links (i.e. Have the Effect, Mars Museum, Ombudsman, Gallup, Five Principles) Summary of Health Care Benefits Beneficiary Changes Health Care and Investment Provider Site Links Link to Benefits Forms Alerts Fitness Center (Red\'s Gym) Application Travel Advisory Services Links Health, Safety, and Wellness Information, Links, and Activities Direct Deposit, W-4, and Schedule Changes Banked Vacation Reports Holiday Schedule Pay Plan ROTA Website Link Mars, Inc. Connects New Items Service Center Contact Info Forms - OAP and Change of Status Mars Effectiveness Competencies Information for Obtaining a Travel Visa Job Opportunities Global Policies Link to WCR Site-Specific Policies Information about Policy Changes Relocation Information Expansion of the Tabs (My Information and Tools, Useful Links, Reports and Statistics, Standards and Guidelines) Company Announcements and News

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