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MSA Vital Arranging 03-04 Walk 2009 1 The FIM chose to set out on a Vital Arranging process towards the last a portion of 2007
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1 The FIM chose to set out on a Strategic Planning procedure towards the last piece of 2007 To guarantee that its Plan would be proficient as well as would incorporate all partners included in motorcycling, the FIM designated Mrs Joan Duncan from JDI Consulting, Canada for this reason. Mrs Duncan has practical experience in Strategic Planning for game alliances, and her customers incorporate numerous national and global game leagues and olympic and ward amusements relationship around the globe as far as the FIM’s Strategic Plan, the FIM imagines to be ‘where it needs to be” by 2020. This undertaking has advanced to a great degree well since it started and has officially entered the “implementation” stage.

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2 As it would clearly be incomprehensible for the lion\'s share of National Federations and Continental Unions to utilize the administrations of expert specialists for comparative Strategic Plans, the FIM urged Federations and CONUs to embrace the Plan concocted for the FIM by JDI Consulting, and masterminded representatives from the different Federations and CONUs to get the vital preparing to empower them to direct their own Strategic Plans. MSA is the first National Federation subsidiary to the FIM to set out on this Strategic Planning procedure. MSA wishes to record its true thankfulness to the FIM – and to JDI Consulting for having made this procedure feasible for us. Despite the fact that the MSA Strategic Planning procedure arrangement will clearly additionally incorporate autos and karting, the real Plan and procedure took after, will be indistinguishable to the FIM Plan.

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3 WORKING TOGETHER Terminology Volume Pace

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4 “The meaning of craziness is doing likewise again and again and expecting distinctive results.” Albert Einstein

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5 STRATEGIC PLAN Tool utilized as a part of Strategic Management Road guide, compass that will direct MSA, keep it centered, on course: Decisions Resource Allocation Priorities Doesn’t enhance execution on the off chance that it is not utilized and kept up, right measured, key

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8 WORKING TOGETHER Provides the chance to: Reflect on the past Learn about each others’ needs Discuss issues and concerns Reach basic comprehension Design our favored future Building proprietorship for the arrangement Build our arranging limit

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10 STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT CYCLE Analysis Where is MSA now? Key Framework Where/What do we need MSA to be? Observing & Evaluation Are we arriving? Execution How would we arrive? “Action Plan”

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11 ANALYSIS Status Report Where have we been ? Where are we now ? Natural Scan Political Economic Social Sport Environment Technology Regional

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12 ANALYSIS SWOT Analysis MSA’s Strengths and Weaknesses External Opportunities and Threats Stakeholder Input and Analysis Build on S trengths Improve on W eaknesses Capitalize on O pportunites Eliminate/Neutralise T hreats

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13 SWOT POINTS What is the greatest advantage of having a place with/being included in MSA? ( S ) What does MSA need to enhance? ( W ) What opportunities ought to MSA be exploiting? ( O ) What might you want to see MSA finish as an aftereffect of the Strategic Planning Process? ( T )

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14 STRATEGIC FRAMEWORK Mission Vision Values Areas of Focus Strategic Priorities Goals Key Performance Indicators

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15 IMPLEMENTATION Business Plan Align Roles and Responsibilities Align Budget Review Policies and Procedures Decisions Based on Strategic Framework Implement Strategies Stakeholder Management

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16 MONITORING AND EVALUATION Benchmarks Milestones Targets Did we perform? What of it? Great quality?

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17 STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT CYCLE Analysis Where is MSA now? Key Framework Where/What do we need MSA to be? Observing & Evaluation Are we arriving? Execution How would we arrive? “Action Plan”

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18 Staff/Volunteer Team Ongoing Scanning Framework Based Decisions Critical Thinking + Monitoring & Adjustment Strategic Management .:tslidesep

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