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NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS. then again property, unshakable separation, ... in their attempts, so that the Corporation reflects national assorted qualities. ...
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MSETM 5110 – Ethics for Technology Managers What Constitutes Ethical Behavior?

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MSETM 5110 – Ethics for Technology Managers "Make the best choice"

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MSETM 5110 – Ethics for Technology Managers Recap of Session 3 Continued the Ethics Journey More Ethics Issues "In the News" The Relevancy Scale The Tylenol Story The Business Value of Ethics/Integrity Assignment 2: The Final Voyage of the Challenger

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MSETM 5110 -  Ethics for Technology Managers Are There Dueling Agendas ? Aggressive versus Moral Conduct Flexibility/Adaptability versus Sound Business Practice Binary versus Degrees of ("Bend But Don\'t Break") Company/Organizational Values versus Individual Value System Defining Right versus Practical

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MSETM 5110 - Ethics for Technology Managers Credibility Principle Centered Reputation Relationship

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MSETM 5110 - Ethics for Technology Managers Discipline and Commitment

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MSETM 5110 - Ethics for Technology Managers Strict Adherence versus Soul and Intent True North versus Attractive North

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MSETM 5110 - Ethics for Technology Managers More Examples of Codes of Conduct and Values Statements

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MSETM 5110 – Ethics for Technology Managers Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice of the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS ® Effective January 1, 2002 Preamble… Under all is the land. Upon its insightful usage and generally apportioned proprietorship depend the survival and development of free establishments and of our human advancement. Real estate agents ® ought to perceive that the interests of the country and its residents require the most astounding and best utilization of the land and the vastest circulation of land possession. They require the making of satisfactory lodging, the working of working urban communities, the improvement of gainful businesses and ranches, and the conservation of an energizing domain. Such interests force commitments past those of standard trade. They force grave social obligation and a devoted obligation to which

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MSETM 5110 – Ethics for Technology Managers Preamble … (cont\'d.) NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS ought to commit themselves, and for which they ought to be persistent in setting themselves up. Real estate brokers, in this way, are passionate to keep up and enhance the principles of their calling and impart to their kindred REALTORS a typical obligation regarding its uprightness and respect. In acknowledgment and energy about the commitments to customers, clients, the general population, and each other, REALTORS ceaselessly endeavor to wind up and stay educated on issued influencing land and, as proficient experts, they enthusiastically share the product of their experience and study with others. They distinguish and make strides, through authorization of this Code of Ethics and by helping proper administrative bodies, to kill hones which may harm the general population or which may ruin or convey shame to the land calling. Real estate brokers having direct individual learning of lead that may damage the Code of Ethics including misappropriation of customer or client stores

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MSETM 5110 – Ethics for Technology Managers Preamble … (cont\'d.) NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS or property, resolute segregation, or misrepresentation bringing about generous financial mischief, convey such matters to the consideration of the fitting Board of Association of REALTORS. (Revised 1/00) Realizing the collaboration with other land experts advances the best advantages of the individuals who use their administrations, REALTORS encourage restrictive representation of customers; don\'t endeavor to increase any out of line preferred standpoint over their rivals; and they forgo making spontaneous remarks about different specialists. In cases where their supposition is looked for, or where REALTORS trust that remark is important, their sentiment is offered in a goal, proficient way, uninfluenced by any individual inspiration or potential favorable position or pick up. The term REATORS has come to indicate competency, decency, and high respectability coming about because of adherence to a grandiose perfect of good direct in

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MSETM 5110 – Ethics for Technology Managers Preamble … (cont\'d.) NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS Business relations. No incitement of benefit and no direction from customers ever can legitimize takeoff from this perfect. In the translation of this commitment, REALTORS can take no more secure guide than that which has been passed on as the centuries progressed, epitomized in the Golden Rule, "At all ye would that others ought to do to you, do ye even so to them." Accepting this standard as their own, REALTORS promise to watch its soul in the greater part of their exercises and to lead their business as per the principles put forward underneath. (Obligations to Clients and Customers)

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MSETM 5110 – Ethics for Technology Managers Wal-Mart THE WAL-MART CULTURE The standards and practices utilized by Sam Walton are as yet being utilized today. The mystery of our way of life to achievement and development: Sam Walton\'s 3 Basic Beliefs: Respect for the Individual Service to Our Customers Strive for Excellence Exceeding Customer Expectations Helping People Make A Difference

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MSETM 5110 – Ethics for Technology Managers Wal-Mart (cont\'d.) THE WAL-MART CULTURE (cont\'d.) Rules for Building A Business Sundown Rule Ten Foot Rule Pricing Philosophy The Mart Cheer

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MSETM 5110 - Ethics for Technology Managers Communication. Regard. Honesty. Magnificence. Enron Values Statement 2000 Annual Report

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MSETM 5110 - Ethics for Technology Managers General Electric VALUES Unyielding Integrity, Commitment to Performance and Thirst for Change

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MSETM 5110 - Ethics for Technology Managers Phillip Morris Companies Listening, Learning and Changing: The Path to Corporate Responsibility at Phillip Morris Companies (Rotary Club of Fresno - July 15, 2002) David P. Nicoli Vice President, Corporate Affairs Strategy and Social Responsibility Phillip Morris Management Corporation - - - Phillip Morris Companies is really a holding organization whose organizations make up the world\'s biggest buyer bundled merchandise organization. We possess Phillip Morris U.S.A., the country\'s biggest cigarette maker; Phillip Morris International, one of the biggest

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MSETM 5110 - Ethics for Technology Managers Phillip Morris Companies (cont\'d.) ( cont\'d.) universal cigarette makers; and Kraft Foods, the country\'s biggest nourishment organization, and the second biggest on the planet. We are a Fortune 10 worldwide organization with 169,000 workers worldwide and operations in around 100 nations. To begin with, we are attempting to make a qualities based culture ; one in which we exhibit respectability, trustworthiness, regard and resistance. To do it right, we need to hardwire honesty into our sustenance and tobacco organizations at each level so that every person, from our CEO to our assembly line laborers, assumes liability of making the best decision.

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MSETM 5110 - Ethics for Technology Managers Phillip Morris Companies (cont\'d.) Last year, Phillip Morris Companies delegated a Chief Compliance Officer. His occupation is to ensure that each representative worldwide has the data, preparing and devices to experience our dedication to dependable conduct. Not long from now, he will lead the pack in presenting an extended Corporate Code of Conduct endeavor wide.

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MSETM 5110 - Ethics for Technology Managers Phillip Morris Companies (cont\'d.) But to go past consistence and drive honesty into all that we do, he is strengthening that code by helping administration and representatives concentrate on four key inquiries before settling on a noteworthy business choice: Is it legitimate? Is it steady with organization approach? Is it right? What\'s more, how might it look to the outside world?

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MSETM 5110 - Ethics for Technology Managers Biogen Biology has entered the "post-genomics" period. We trust the hugeness of the mapping of the human genome will outperform that of the first hereditary building upset of the 1970s. This will prompt more effective distinguishing proof of leap forward organic atoms and focused on medication plan from which the up and coming era of biopharmaceutical medications will rise. As of now, researchers comprehend the capacity and significance of just around 10 percent of the qualities in the human genome. Amid the following decade, we foresee a phenomenal measure of new data will get to be accessible.

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MSETM 5110 - Ethics for Technology Managers Biogen (cont\'d.) We trust that Biogen, with its uncommon profundity of involvement in Biological research, is extraordinarily situated to be among the organizations that make sense of which qualities are remedially helpful and monetarily profitable. Our center research quality is the quick disclosure of new medication applicants by benefiting from our science aptitude to quicken the explanation of quality capacity.

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MSETM 5110 - Ethics for Technology Managers Biogen (cont\'d.) OUR VISION & VALUES Vision We commit ourselves every day to enhancing the lives of individuals around the globe. Our creative ability and our energy for science drive us to find. We will open the privileged insights of human science—discovering answers that guarantee new trust in mankind\'s mission to anticipate and cure sickness. Our assurance and train convey comes about. We will convey achievement meds that change the act of individuals can lead longer, more advantageous, more joyful lives. Our prosperity has no restrictions . We will construct a maintainable undertaking by ceaselessly conveying better esteem than patients, clients, shareholders, representatives, business accomplices, and the groups where we work and live.

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MSETM 5110 - Ethics for Technology Managers Biogen (cont\'d.) OUR VISION & VALUES Shared Values These mutual qualities depict our C

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