MSG (ret) Mike Cline, Official Executive Bryan Birch, Head of Staff.

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Enrolled Relationship of the National Watchman of the United States "EANGUS 101" MSG (ret) Mike Cline, Official Executive Bryan Birch, Head of Staff Who We Are Biggest Enrolled Save Segment affiliation
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Enrolled Association of the National Guard of the United States “EANGUS 101” MSG (ret) Mike Cline, Executive Director Bryan Birch, Chief of Staff

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Who We Are Largest Enlisted Reserve Component affiliation Created in 1970 by a gathering of senior Noncommissioned officers from MS and SD Incorporated in Jackson, Mississippi in 1972 Created to give a voice on Capitol Hill for enrolled National Guard issues Represent more than 414,000 enrolled National Guard men & ladies, and their families, and retirees Longstanding Member of The Military Coalition (TMC)

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Where We Are National Headquarters is situated at 3133 Mount Vernon Ave, Alexandria Virginia 5 minutes to NGB 15 minutes to Capitol Hill

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Categories of Membership Annual – individual from NG, pay your levy consistently, expenses graduated in view of rank Associate – not individual from NG, pay your contribution consistently, set charge Retired – resigned NG, pay your duty consistently, set charge Life – installment of set expense in addition to extra for every year of age under age 50 (one time charge paid forever) Honorary – gave by EANGUS pioneers  Payment incorporates national and state dues—must be a national part to be a state part

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Organizational Structure Officers and Appointees President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Past President Executive Director Parliamentarian Sergeant At Arms Chaplain Historian Memorial Book Chairman State Presidents Area Chairmen Area Directors COMMITTEES Air National Guard Army National Guard Awards Building Fund By-Laws Conference Coordinator Continuity and Retiree Affairs Credentials and Rules Distinguished Guests Emergency Relief Fund Finance Junior Enlisted Legislation Membership Nominations Publications Public Relations Resolutions Scholarship Strategic Planning & Oversight Time & Place Veterans Against Drugs Ways and Means “We Care For America” Foundation

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Auxiliary Structure Committees Awards Constitution Distinguished Guests Family Affairs Finance Fund Raising Legislative/Philanthropic Life Membership Nominations Public Relations Resolutions Scholarship Ways and Means (Silent Auctions) Officers and Appointees President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Past President Sergeant At Arms Chaplain Historian Webmaster Area Directors

Slide 8 Formed to chip away at pay and advantages issues for servicemembers and veterans, and their families Speaks with one capable voice to legislators 35 part affiliations, speaking to more than 5.5 million individuals EANGUS Executive Director Mike Cline is President of TMC and co-seats the Guard-Reserve Subcommittee

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Guard Caucus House Guard and Reserve Caucus (185 individuals) Senate Guard Caucus (96 individuals) Steve Buyer (R-IN) Gene Taylor (D-MS) Kit Bond (R-MO) Pat Leahy (D-VT)

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Legislative Goals Each year, EANGUS meets expectations administrative issues to advantage National Guard individuals. Authoritative objectives originate from the enrollment. Authoritative objectives, point papers can be found on our site.

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I’m considering joining EANGUS however why would it be advisable for me to? Pay! 3.9% increase in salary, despite the fact that the Administration requested 3.4% More cash! Perilous obligation pay raised from $150 to $1,500 month to month More cash! $300 every weekend for IDT go (with conditions) More instruction! New GI Bill with stipends and better advantages More moderate! Held TRICARE expenses at today’s level, not 350% expansion More human services! Develops VA care from 2 years to 5 More retirement focuses! Was 90 every year, now 130 every year Earlier retirement! Organization time means prior retirement

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In 2009… Pay! 3.9% salary increase, despite the fact that the Administration requested 3.5% More full time individuals! Extra AGRs and Mil Techs—readiness! More securities! Hold TRICARE expenses at current level Longer reup periods! Reenlist for up to 8 years, not topped at 6 More for your life partner! Educational cost help program for life partners Sabbatical! Turn off dynamic status for up to 3 years, then return More gear! Over a billion dollars put resources into your security

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What Your State Accomplishes through the State Association Some or these are State advantages made conceivable from EANGUS enrollment Education grants and educational cost waivers or repayments State pay assessment favorable circumstances Group disaster protection Distinctive vehicle tags Low cost home advances State reward for battle zone administration Free drivers permit Monetary honor for selection referrals Credit union participation Free toll goes on extensions and parkways Exemption from capture while going to/from obligation Interest free crisis advances State retirement wage for NG administration Reduced or free chasing/angling licenses Limited exception of property duties Exemption from jury obligation Burial rights in state graveyards

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Member Benefits MILITARY CHECKS INC 800-VET-CHEX Term Life Insurance

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Scholarships  CSM VIRGIL R. WILLIAMS SCHOLARSHIP $2,000 granted to two victors every year The accompanying persons are qualified: 1. EANGUS individuals 2. Unmarried children and little girls of EANGUS individuals 3. Life partners of EANGUS individuals 4. Unmarried mates and unmarried ward children and little girls of expired EANGUS individuals who were in great remaining at the season of their demise.  EANGUS AUXILIARY SCHOLARSHIP The accompanying persons are qualified: 1. EANGUS Auxiliary individuals 2. Unmarried, subordinate children and little girls of EANGUS Auxiliary individuals 3. Life partners of EANGUS Auxiliary individuals

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“We Care for America” Foundation Scholarships Awards Program Veterans Against Drugs Program 501(c)(3) beneficent association Emergency gifts for ANG/ARNG because of monetary hardship Over 400 stipends have been sanction since Hurricane Katrina, totaling more than $250,000

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EANGUS Events 38 th Annual Conference August 9-12, 2009 Rochester, MN (register on our site)

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WEB PAGE on the Internet (Site enrollment obliged) 1-800-234-EANG For the cost of a few motion picture tickets…

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Senior Leader Involvement CSM David Ray Hudson Senior Enlisted Advisor National Guard Bureau Life Member of EANGUS CSM John Gipe Command Sergeant Major Army National Guard Life Member of EANGUS CCM Dick Smith Command Chief Air National Guard Life Member of EANGUS

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Join Today! The main affiliation that has two things in the same manner as YOU : - National Guard - Enlisted Shouldn’t you and every one of your troops be an EANGUS part today?

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