Muhammad and the Development of Islam.

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Muhammad and the Development of Islam Lesson 10-3 The Prophet Muhammad Conceived in Mecca on the Middle Eastern promontory Raised by relatives after his guardians kicked the bucket; turned into a dealer Had a disclosure or vision from Allah (God) letting him know he would be his prophet
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Muhammad and the Growth of Islam Lesson 10-3

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The Prophet Muhammad Born in Mecca on the Arabian landmass Raised by relatives after his guardians passed on; turned into a merchant Had a disclosure or vision from Allah (God) letting him know he would be his prophet Islam , ( “submitting to God’s will”) a religion in light of the disclosures given to Muhammad grows A Muslim , or devotee of Islam, trusts that the Qur’an is God’s word and Muhammad is his ambassador.

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The Holy Quran Muslims trust the Qur’an is the immediate expression of Allah uncovered to Muhammad The Quran is composed and read in Arabic and speaks the truth the length of the Christian New Testament.

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Mecca and Medina In 622 Muhammad goes to Medina and sets up the first Muslim group. Muhammad’s voyage to Medina is known as the Hijrah 622 is the begin of the Muslim date-book Mecca is a heavenly city for Muslims everywhere throughout the world today.

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The Five Pillars of Islam Testimony of Faith There is no god yet God or Allah , and Muhammad is His delivery person or prophet. Day by day Prayer Pray 5x every day toward the blessed city of Mecca. Philanthropy Give cash to poor people. Fasting No nourishment or beverage from day break until nightfall amid the heavenly month of Ramadan - the 9 th month of the Muslim timetable. Journey Travel to the heavenly city of Mecca in any event once amid one’s lifetime.

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Hajj Muslims make an otherworldly trip called a journey (or hajj) to visit the Kaaba in Mecca. As indicated by the Quran, the Kaaba (dark solid shape) was made by Abraham .

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Death of the Prophet Muhammad kicked the bucket in 632 and rose into paradise from a heavenly shake where Jews trust Abraham arranged the penance of his child, Isaac in Jerusalem. On this site Muslims constructed a mosque called the Rock\'s Dome . Arch OF THE ROCK, Jerusalem

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Spread of Islam

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The Muslim World Major gatherings of Muslims: Sunnis and Shi’ites Most Muslims are Sunnis (85%) Shi’ites are the greater part in Iraq and Iran

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Sunnis versus Shi’ites Sunnis (85%) The caliph (Muslim pioneer) may be chosen from the Muslim group. Shi’ites (Shia) (15%) The caliph (Muslim pioneer) must be a family\'s relative of Muhammad This fundamental conviction has created numerous contradictions between the Sunnis and Shi’ites for a long time.

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A Muslim Mosque Muslims had an in number enthusiasm for craftsmanship . A mosque , or Muslim place of love is viewed as a gem. They are regularly beautified with geometric plans and verses from the Qur’an .

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Muslim Architecture The towers of a mosque are the place the call to request to God is heard every day.

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Jerusalem – A Holy City Jews, Christians, and Muslims think about Jerusalem as a blessed city. Abrahamic Tradtion All three gatherings follow their monotheistic legacy to Abraham. Jews implore at the Western Wall ; the final mass of the old Jewish sanctuary. Muslims visit the Rock\'s Dome (Site of Muhammad’s excursion to paradise and penance of Isaac. Christians visit the Holy\'s Church Sepulcher , based on the site where Jesus was executed and covered. Today, Jerusalem is the country\'s capital of Israel.

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The Ottoman Empire In 1453 Muslim Turks, the Ottomans , caught Constantinople finishing the Byzantine Empire. The Ottomans then vanquished a significant part of the domain held by the Byzantines. The Ottoman\'s standard Empire united a significant part of the Muslim wo

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